Blogging 101, Day Seventeen: Increase Your Commenting Confidence

Today’s assignment: read six posts written in response to yesterday’s prompt, and leave comments on at least two of them.

Welcome to Blogging U! This course isn't currently active, but you can learn more about what we offer and register for upcoming courses on the BU home page.

Yesterday, you published using the Daily Prompt as a starting point. Today, explore the same prompt through the eyes of dozens of your fellow bloggers.

Today’s assignment: read six posts written in response to yesterday’s prompt, and leave comments on at least two of them.

(Didn’t complete yesterday’s task? No worries: leave two comments anywhere, and write a new post of your own.)

Why do this?

  • Because reading others’ takes on a topic you’ve also tackled is a great way to challenge your own thinking (and writing).
  • Because it’s much easier to enter a conversation when all parties have a shared experience, like responding to a writing prompt.

To find other entries, go back to yesterday’s prompt, scroll down to the list of entries, and pick any six that strike your fancy. You might go for those whose titles sound enticing, or decide to click around arbitrarily. Either way, spread the love — don’t just click on the first six links you see!

Extra credit: if you have a smartphone or tablet, do your browsing and reading there. The WordPress mobile app is available for Apple, Android, and BlackBerry.

As you read, ask yourselves: how did the author approach the prompt? How was the post structured? Was there anything particularly creative or original done that you could take inspiration from? Did they interpret it in a way that would have never occurred to your? Reading and finding inspiration in others’ writing is a foolproof way to preempt writer’s block — and it teaches you new ways to re-imagine prompts.

To comment, note the posts that elicit the strongest reactions from you — is it a post that’s particularly well written, or one that you passionately disagree with? It’s these kinds of posts where it’s easiest to engage the author in a meaningful way. (And remember the basics of commenting etiquette.) For a refresher on writing great comments, refer to Day Eleven’s assignment.

Do you have a few more minutes to spare? Leave more than two comments — especially if you’re enjoying a lively discussion with another blogger! If you feel like posting today, pick the most thoughtful comment you’ve left, and expand it into a blog post. Don’t forget to link back to the original post, and use the zerotohero tag.

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  1. Ooooh! Was not able to do yesterday’s assignment, but will try to catch up on it soon! For now, I will make sure to look at other people’s posts and comment away!


  2. I like how WordPress says that this task “is a great way to challenge your own thinking (and writing)”. Cannot be any truer. Everyone needs some dose of inspiration once in awhile.

    Anyway guys, could ya’ll tag your posts with the “zerotohero” tag. It’s really hard to find and read your posts. Also post it up in the comments here so we can take a look at it 🙂 I’ve a feeling some of ya’ll have been producing top-notch stories/posts in recent days, but it can’t be discovered cause it’s not publicised. So yeap, please tag, and if you’ve written a post based on yesterday’s task, please reply with your link to this comment so I can take a look and comment on yours as well!

    Take care!

    (didn’t really write based on ytd’s prompt, but eh here’s my latest post:


  3. This is a great idea for “the daily” assignment. I will confess I have not been a big reader in my adult life (I like to wait for the movie Lol) but through this blogging experience I have been reading other’s blogs and it has been inspiring both in what I can write and how others see the writing world. I love it!


  4. For the writing prompt thing yesterday I featured my own prompt. You do a short quiz called “Which Poetic Form are you?” and then write a poem using whatever result you got. Here it is if you would like to give it a try:

    I did the challenge myself and my style was “villanelle.” This is the poem I wrote:


  5. Way behind because I was on vacation, but happy to report I have already labored on a post on Traveling While Disabled and published it, and then have already commented on four or five blogs before I read the assignment. yippee. I even remembered the Zero to Hero tag. Looking forward to meeting more of you.


  6. It’s really great that you are encouraging bloggers to comment and like on fellow blogger sites. I always spend time reading and liking/commenting as let’s face it, we all love to know there’s somebody out there appreciating us being us! It’s also good to learn from other styles and content.

    I’m at and if you have the time, I would love to connect with more bloggers x


  7. I’m fairly new to this blog world (only 3.5 months) so the Daily Prompt thing intimidates me a little. I feel like I have 20 regular followers at best whom I’m not sure would actually do the prompt. I worry that the results would be disappointing at this stage. However, I clicked on your link to the commenting etiquette and I dig the idea about following great commenters and their blogs. Love the Daily Post! Thanks for posting this stuff. Invaluable to me!


  8. I am super new to this, and thank you for posting as it is helpful advice. I am happy to have found you! My blog is pics of my 8 month old daughter’s hands touching all sorts of things traveling and at home as she discovers the world, and it has her experiences in her words. 🙂 I am loving it so far.


  9. Yea! I think I am finally catching up. Having been working on this all day. I made some comments on posts for bloggers I don’t usually follow and found some really interesting people.


  10. Okay, so I got a little carried away and looked and commented on a tonne of awesome posts 🙂 This was fun, I am sure many more of you have awesome posts, but I seriously have to stop reading now. I have much to do 🙂
    If you feel like dropping by mine to check out my post from yesterday please do so, I would love to have you over 🙂


  11. Found some lovely stuff whilst doing the assignment today, and only just started looking. I’ve read about “31 Steps”, “25 letters” and a “money-pig”, and I’ve learnt about villanelle style poetry. Nice. Enjoy this one folks.


  12. Ahhh! I’m overwhelmed. I’ve been so busy this past week I’ve fallen behind on the assignments. And it seems that all of them recently have directly built upon the previous day’s challenge. I’m afraid there will be no way to catch up and do all of this when everyone’s already so far past it. 😦
    On another note, I had to come on and write something today, and I feel guilty about it having nothing to do with these challenges, but it just needed to be written. I hope that when I have the time to come back on I will be able to catch up. Zero-to-hero-ers, I have not forgotten about you, and I hope you haven’t forgotten about me!

    If you’d like to read my new post, here it is, and I welcome all feedback:


  13. Commenting is my favourite way of getting to know other bloggers. I think you can really tell a lot about a person from their comments. Positive, short and sweet are my favourite ones to get as well as lovely feedback or constructive criticism. They are all so helpful and encouraging. Happy blogging everyone, TPJ x


  14. A wonderful platform to increase creativity and meet fellow bloggers too I’ll really appreciate your thoughts


  15. No Inspiration for writing a post today, so I will write a prompt in the form of a poem.

    So I will make my own personal prompt.
    -“What’s The Point”

    Whats the point of being free, in a dark and lonely sea
    When you were caged with the happiness and light.
    Whats the point of being blessed with cushions and bed
    When you are so restless and cannot rest
    Whats the point of holding on to the dreams of the past
    When there are chains and shackles that won’t free your mind.
    Where is the boat that will show coast, to your lonely soul
    When you are lost and drowning fast in a very deep hole.
    Whats the point of clinging on, to the torn green kite
    When you have become blind and cannot see any light
    What is the point of sewing wounds, with goodness and love
    When you were abused with poison for being a very pure dove.
    And how will one rise, from the confusion and all the noise
    When there are locks to the happiness that lived within that voice.