Blogging 101: Say Your Name

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline. Make your readers’ first impression a good one!

Welcome to Blogging U! This course isn't currently active, but you can learn more about what we offer and register for upcoming courses on the BU home page.

You set your blog’s address when you registered at, but your blog’s title — what readers see on your site when they visit — can be changed at any time. Today, let’s make sure you love yours.

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline.


  • The title is the first thing most readers will see.
  • Your title and tagline work with elements like like your address and theme to give visitors context and help them decide to stick around.

Your title doesn’t need to be the same as your blog’s URL — there’s no need to call it “maryjanesmith922.” Your title should reflect you.

A title is typically only a few words, so consider adding a tagline — a phrase that appears under your title and helps flesh it out. Think “Burger King: Have It Your Way,” or The Daily Post: The Art and Craft of Blogging.” Look at the post your wrote yesterday. Why are you here? Let us know in your tagline.

Here are the details on editing your title and tagline, along with some accumulated wisdom from other WordPress bloggers. Here’s one of our favorite nuggets of advice:

Try listing adjectives that describe your personality, and play around with the words until you can tweak them into a name that’s catchy but uniquely “you.” Puns always work well. Start with certain common phrases, songs, and literary titles, and then mix the words up. Or use your own name in a clever way.
She’s a Maineiac

If you’re already thrilled with your title or you want to do more, feel free to publish a post, too! Let readers know what inspired your title and tagline, or, If you need want writing inspiration, take a look at today’s prompt.

Need more feedback? Head to The Commons.

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  1. I’m finding this difficult. I haven’t had a tagline the whole time I’ve had my blog, and now I remember why I just ignored it initially! I’m thinking something along the lines of “An Olive Oil Journey”, but it’s not that catchy. There are so many awesome ones around. I’m gonna carry on thinking about this one…


  2. I tweaked my title slightly. My smallness is a defining feature of ‘me’ and my title refers to that. Didn’t have a tagline before so I created one that makes reference to my size and the fact that most of my blog is just my own observations and musings about life. Happy with it for the time being!


  3. I am keeping my title Huskey’s Randomness because that is what my site is all about, my randomness lol. I guess I can go in and add a tagline. Hope you guys come up with some good ideas today!!!!


  4. Hello,
    My blog is entitled “Stinkerbell Says” with the tagline, “you never know what you’re gonna find.” I think the tagline says it all; my blogging is about different topics and I have never been one to write about one particular topic.

    The name came from my best friend of 33 years; she calls me that and whenever I come up with something off the top of my head like a quote, or say something that cracks her up, she always says, “that’s a Stinkerbell moment.” It’s sort of an alternate character for me and the name does not imply anything specific, rather a hodge-podge of things to come.


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  5. I love mine, too. “Viewed from the Outside: Outsider’s Viewpoint on Art and a World where being Creative is a Daily Necessity.” I am, however, open to suggestions for tweaking it to make it better. 🙂

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  6. Done!
    Thank you. I was bothered that my title had no spaces and I couldn’t figure out how to change that. I kept the title the same as the url for consistency, except for added spaces, it looks much better now! I changed the tagline because the original was too long. Although, I feel this is a big improvement, I may change it again later after more thought.
    Thank you, again!
    Feel free to give me feed back and comments!

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    1. I have a friend who would LOVE to have a tiny house and another who went minimal for a while, so I get the concept. I think yo could play with the title and tagline more. Do you need LIVING in the title? I like the contrast between baby steps and a grown-ups life, but it makes me think of a Mummy blog. Which is too bad because I really enjoy the contrast you were going for. I love contrasts and word play. Small footprint for big changes? Wee home for big-hearted souls? Sorry, I am not helping much. Just trying to move the focus more onto your lifestyle that can be seen as radical by some and really cool by others, like me! Feel free to ignore my comments. I just know what it is like to work in a vacuum and hope to get some feedback from others. Once something is thrown into the mix, a new idea might be born. Love your tiny house and i don’t know if I could do it. Might need two of them…

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  7. Hi everyone,
    I would love your feedback on my blog name & tagline. My main objective when I chose the name was that it should be easy to remember and reflect what the blog will be about. I am not 100% satisfied with my choice. It feels a bit impersonal and not so original.
    I like my tagline, but again, it may be a bit impersonal.
    I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you 🙂

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    I like my current blog title. It’s a revision already.

    currently I don’t have a tag line.. And my title looks like a tag line. 😀
    Before it was, blankforfun. meaning blank for anything, I can do for fun. Though my focus is still anything I’m able to do during my free time.
    But then I realized, it doesn’t really always for fun, and blank is a bit weird.
    Though I believe it will naturally come into mind should I revise it again 🙂

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  9. I’ve had my blog title — “Team Wil-Sun” for a while now, though it has changed from our original title “S&W Marathon Training” which, unsurprisingly, followed our progress as we trained for our first marathon. But I decided to use this opportunity to edit the title slightly, and to update the subhead to be more descriptive — when I looked at my old subhead objectively, it only made sense to me. Would love feedback at

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  10. Hi fellow student bloggers 🙂
    My Blog was previously called Talk Therapies as this is the name of my Hypnotherapy practice, but after reading this assignment and rereading what I had written for the first assignment I have changed the name to Happiness, Health and Hypnosis as I think this sounds more inviting…what do you think? I would really love to know 🙂

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      1. Being in Japan is usually part of the conflict I am afraid but I like your idea. Now that I do have the angst of creating a tagline it is much easier to see it with some perspective! Thank you!