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    1. What the cats did was creepy.. The mere thought of that scares me. And regarding the video, I heard Yanny. Will listen again, and see if I can catch Laurel😊

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    1. I too do that sometimes, and it really works for me. Earlier, I was so scared of being alone. But now, I enjoy the alone times, it helps me do whatever I need to do, without any distraction. And I really feel energised.

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    2. I definitely needed this reminder! Great read and a huge congrats on finishing your first year of grad school! 🙂 ~Kelsey

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I’m Kelsey and I run a daily blog where I dabble in British English vernacular. It’s sorta like the dictionary but not; my “examples” are actually stories or poems.

    Has anyone else notice a decline in views and comments? Is it just the time of year?

    Can’t wait to see new and old bloggers. Cheers! 💜💫

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      1. Hmm… it’s been off and on more noticeably since Easter really. Just curious if it was a my blog thing or an overall thing. Thanks for sharing with me!

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    1. Hi, I have random really positive days then quiet days. I thought it was Easter at first. It does seem to depend on whether I’m posting frequently or not. I have mostly the same regulars who comment. My royal wedding posts this week have been very well received, but I’m ready for something a little different now. 🙂

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      1. Hi there! This seems to be turning into a theme; all the same, it’s reassuring to know that it isn’t just me. I was doing pretty well and then all of a sudden I was having a couple lull days. Then it became more common to have slow days than positive days. And now I’m wondering if I need to change how often I post. Oh well; things to contemplate. Thanks for giving me your side of things, I really appreciate it! And I need to catch up on your blog!! 🙂

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      2. I do push sometimes on Facebook, I had a really popular post a couple of weeks ago about my Dad, that went on a one-name study group related to my maiden name. Then obviously others picked up on it outside the group but that is not the norm. sometimes I get a handful of views from Facebook and one or two from Twitter or Reddit. Majority of my views come from the Reader with a good half a dozen posts that can be picked up by search engines. My stats are growing each month but that is through engagement on here and First Friday. I am posting more frequently at the moment but that may change.

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      3. I don’t push much on social media, if only because if I did it outside my personal accounts, it would be hard to join groups. That is not to say I haven’t been offered to join! However, I thought it would be exhausting to promote via social media; so you think it that way? Search engines seem to pick up occasionally on some of my words…still, it grows every day. Perhaps I’m just being picky? I engage more on the community pool; I need to get back into the habit of visiting First Friday!

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      4. I share on Facebook and don’t nag 🙂
        To be honest my limited experience of blogging groups on Facebook has me thinking they are not really worth the effort, most people are out to get extra views without doing the engagement that you get with Community Pool.

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      5. I think the not nagging approach is the best one! Congrats on your improved stats, many they continue to come in the way. And thanks again for giving your thoughts!! 🙂

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    2. My views are increasing but I have decided to put a lot more work into promo this year. I find posting on Pinterest helps a lot. Also I’m using Yoast SEO which helps posts get indexed with Google.

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      1. I’ve attempted Pinterest to no avail; which was mightily shocking to me seeing as how that’s my largest social media following. Maybe I’ll give it another chance. But I don’t think that my blog type is necessarily easy to promote. I’ve never heard of Yoast SEO; you recommend it? Thank you!!

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      2. It’s a WP plugin and it can be a pain as some post types don’t fit well with its rules. But if you get even one or two posts indexed in the top 6 it’s an amazing source of constant traffic.

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      3. Oh, well this is very nice information to have. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it until now. Thank you!! 🙂

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    3. One you have a daily blog: BRAVO!!! I can not write everyday even if I had an focused blog like yours! 🙂

      I love your blog, the fact that you have name and a photo that goes along with it. If I may suggest something, maybe having post excerpts will help your landing page. The excerpt can just be the meaning of the word and then continue reading will give out the full post. It might be too much to do on a daily basis though.

      Also, I can’t say about decline in view or comments, I never had many to begin with 😦

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      1. Thank you! I appreciate it very much. 😊 umm, I do know I have the preview it just doesn’t show a lot. And I rather like it that way. I believe the majority of my readers come through Reader on WP, thus making the preview a bit of a moot point. However, I do understand what you’re saying. Thanks again for reading and the kind words!! 😃

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  2. Just a kind and curious soul….passing through this week’s Community Pool. How is everyone doing today?
    I am hosting a flash fiction writing competition, which is perfect for those who want to hone their writing skills furthermore, here is the link –
    I urge you all to peek into it…..well you know…..and take part in it  ❤ ❤

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    1. This is very interesting. I’m definitely going to take part in some day😅
      I’m mentally preparing myself now that I know about it.
      Thank you for sharing and keep on with the challenges. They’re interesting to read.

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    2. Hi Pia! I haven’t had much time recently to check out your competition; is it going well? I hope it is! 🙂 ~Kelsey

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  3. Hello Everyone,

    I hope you’re all well. I posted this last week. It’s a collection of images showing the best work from this year in the Architecture School where I teach:

    I find it really interesting to look at the work of young talented students, when they’re given the creative freedom to explore their own ideas. I’d love to hear what you think. Many thanks!

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    1. I loved the photos. And I am really glad that someone is sharing their work like that, it might even do to have some kind of contact detail for these photographs for any interested parties as these can come off as a portfolio ( maybe, I am not an architecture student ).

      Great one though

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    1. Oooh!! How exciting! I’m in the “bad habit” of constantly buying more books before I’ve finished the TBR stacks I have. 😬🤫 haha Good luck on dwindling yours! ~Kelsey

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  4. Hey fellow bloggers!

    My most recent post was inspired by a breakup which I’m currently going through. It was a 3 year relationship and I really believed I had found ‘the one’. Not knowing that my low self esteem prior to entering the relationship, disabled me from seeing lots of red flags which eventually led to mental and emotional abuse

    This blog is titled What Even Is Confidence? Confidence is underrated but subconsciously plays a massive part in our lives.

    Check out my post and if you feel inspired to, leave a comment and let me know what you think. I’ll be sure to do the same

    Stay blessed 🌹🌹

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    1. That was a good post. I have a couple of posts on my blog about confidence. Would love to get your viewpoint. One is how to exude confidence, which you briefly mentioned on your post. The other is 30 small ways to practice being yourself and boost your confidence. I hope my posts can also help you. They were meant for people going through situations like yours…with low self esteem or just need a lil confidence boost.

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    1. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. 🙂 Just a quick comment: your images weren’t loading. It might be my browser (Chrome) but I thought I’d mention it so you could check into it.

      Also, maybe just a little more white space/shorter paragraphs to make it easier on the eyes?
      Thanks and good luck!

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      1. Thanks a lot for that feedback. I really appreciate it. The image problem has been happening to several people but it works fine when i load it on chrome. So a bit lost on how to fix it. Thanks a lot for pointing that out 🙂

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    2. Great post! We’re going on about Earth being polluted with plastic and space is becoming polluted, too! I confess I clicked as curious to the photos not loading comment – sadly I can’t see them either, I’m on a MacBook.

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    3. There is an anime/Manga called “Planets” about some space trash collectors who collect junk from orbit so space ships can pass safely….
      I don’t have a point here… Your post just reminded me of it.

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    1. Hi! For some reason when I clicked your name (as your first post had no link) it opened up a different blog (cyberporn & society)? not sure if you want it to do that or not?
      On your blog that you linked below, I’d recommend some featured images on your blog posts – your home page just appears as a scroll of posts so it might make it more appealing?
      Also when I clicked your “…” which I assume is meant to be your menu bar It only showed up with a follow button and search bar. I’d recommend putting those on your home page as a widget so there more accessible if people want to follow you. An “about” page would be great as well so people can see what types of things you write about and maybe a little about you too! 🙂
      Hope this helps! 🙂

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  5. Hello Word Press colleagues!
    Challenging you this Manhood Monday to walk a different path. Topic? Embrace Discomfort (1.5 min read)

    Excerpt: It sounds sounds strange, I know but, when you think about it, embracing discomfort creates the mentality of a winner. Here’s how.

    Live fearless,
    JP Robinson

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  6. Last week, all of my posts were about the TV network upfronts and theor announcements of the new fall schedule. This is the link to my post on the full schedule and what I will watch and the rest of the week is a network by network detail. I also do a “What’s on TV tonight series when the new season starts in the fall. I’m never sure if anyone cares, but there it is.

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    1. I have three different categories of posts that are assigned to days, and then quick daily quotes. That when, anyone following knows when I post longer content.

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    2. Awesome for receiving the Liebster 🙂
      I have a blogging note book where I note down goals, posts, links that help with my blog… In there I write down what posts I’m going to publish & when 🙂

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    3. Congrats! And I think the band “Fun.” is underrated.
      Also, I wrote several different stories and have them all scheduled to release new parts the same day every week. I write a zombie story on Mondays because Monday is OBVIOUSLY zombie day. A sci-fi on Wednesdays because it’s just fun and helps get through the week. And a sci-fi about a video game on Fridays because weekends are for games.

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      1. Did I respond to this already? I thought I responded to this already but I don’t see my response now… Hmm…
        Yoi can also follow; for weekly updates


    1. I am living in Chennai for the past 4 days. We had flood and cyclone Vardha on consecutive years. Last year, when the December was nearing, I was scared, like what else is left? A tsunami, flood, cyclone.. All having a love for the year end. But luckily, nothing happened.

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    1. I’m Canadian so I didn’t know much about Alexander Hamilton before Hamilton got popular. It’s cool that you have a personal interest in the dude. I haven’t seen the musical yet either, but I hope to one day. I’ve listened to the soundtrack many, many times.

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  7. Hi swimmers!!
    So I haven’t been posting much lately. But I did try writing haikus this time to take my poetry a bit further and explore a new realm. I would love feedback on it and also, don’t forget to browse my other poems on the blog. I’ll be sure to return the favour.
    Happy blogging everyone!!
    I’ll try and be more consistent this week with posts.

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  8. Hey friends…
    I’m New to blogging…. Pls go and check my 1st blog as I luv history and very curious to know abt it’s origin… so kindly check the origin of novels ….
    I hope u guys will find interesting becoz it is more of 18th and 19th century…
    Pls do check it …… I hope u all would support… 😊

    Stay healthy and stressless ✌

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  9. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has offered advice and tips on improving the way I post short stories and the very occasional poem. There is clearly a very supportive community out there.
    As a thank you and acknowledgement for all the help and support from other bloggers I published this post at the weekend.
    Please please keep the tips coming…I am entirely new to blogging. I have lots of stories based on lessons learnt to come.

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      1. Just read your story The Predator…so clever…so so clever…I had no idea where that was going.
        Loved it. I will read more of your stories…I need to sleep now though! Long day!


    1. Very nice read, the pictures looked delicious! Your blog name is interesting too. Can’t wait to read more!

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      1. Thank you Monica. There is lots more to come. I need to find a way to tell Caramel’s story…how she was crushed…how she is rebuilding her life…
        But I want to do it in a way that is pleasurable to read…there will be little glimpses of what she has been through occasionally, but only little glimpses. Caramel is all about living…and loving…and loving life and learning about life and love and work.

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      1. Thank you thank you lobounivese….
        I am enjoying the writing…and it is really lovely to receive such kind feedback. I really want to make sure my posts are light-hearted and enjoyable to read but I have a weepie that I am editing and am planning to post once I have “tweaked” it…hoping it will not be too dramatic!


    1. Hi there! Your poetry is delightful to write; complex, yet simplistic; philosophical, yet matters of the heart. I look forward to reading more. All the best, Kelsey 😄

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    1. I like how you accompanied the poem with pictures of your eyes, showcasing your skill with makeup. Though I would suggest using only one picture (in the beginning) so we could also focus on the poem, and then maybe adding a link to a separate post on how you did your makeup. 😉

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    1. Very interesting! Bravo for going that long. I can see how other people might have difficulty since we are such a “now” society.


    1. I loved the series and the whole blog! I was annoyed by the pop ups about sharing the post. Also, I couldn’t find where to click to follow you. I am reading it on my phone so maybe it’s easier on the computer…but still. Anyway, great blog! 😊


  10. Hi, everyone…I hope your day is as sunshiny as it is in this quaint border town in beautiful New Brunswick, Canada 🙂 My latest celebration is chock full of my unique word play, is a whimsical take on personal growth, and a nod to old-school gems. My hope is that I can brighten your day…which will result in you brightening mine…reciprocity at its best 🙂 And, feel free to leave comments if you’d like to deepen our connection even if for a few moments in our day 🙂 I will be sure/delighted to do the same 🙂

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