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  1. Just a kind and curious soul….passing through this week’s First Friday. How is everyone doing today?
    I am going to read your posts, so comment them below and lets have some fun, if you use social media then I would love to follow you guys there too  ❤️

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    1. Don’t be nervous! I enjoyed reading your post and your on the right track for sure! I really enjoy your writing style especially in your “about” section – coffee is always a good idea! Keep going! 😊

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    2. Hey! You write “Welcome to my blog! I recommend that for an extremely pleasant experience, you grab yourself a cup of coffee & something sweet to nibble on. The universe only knows thats how I enjoy my light reading.”

      But the picture on the background communicates something else than light reading! At least to me 😉 That’s either more dreamy, distant, thinking, maybe even gloomy..

      And, in recap, it’s one paragraph… Maybe I’m a nitpicker, and please don’t be offended! It’s just easier to read when a post is divided in several paragraphs.

      But! Good start and all the best with the blog!

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    3. Hey, I absolutely love your about/intro! Writing from the heart is so powerful and I hope you’ll continue to let your thoughts flow through this channel! All the best man 😊

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    4. Welcome to the blogging community! Looks like you’re off to a great start! 🙂 I think my only think would be to maybe separate your writing into smaller paragraphs instead of one huge chunk. It would definitely make reading through your posts a lot smoother! Keep writing! 🙂

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    1. Hey, i just checked out your blog! Your post is a great read! I love posts as such that make you think…
      I noticed your blog doesn’t have an “about” page, this would be useful to add so new visitors to your blog can see what you write about and decide whether to follow or not.
      Also some pictures would be nice in your post too, but great start otherwise!
      Happy blogging! Rosie 🌺

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    1. Lovely first post!
      I noticed you don’t have an “about” page on your blog. I always recommend one so new visitors to your blog can get to know you a little and understand what topics you write about then decide if to follow or not 😊
      Can see you’ve already made use of some widgets too which is great!
      Happy blogging – Rosie

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    2. Hey there, I’m intrigued by your blog already! You have a really creative title that catches the eye and makes readers curious to know more. You might want to add an about page, as readers often like to know more about the person behind the blog, as cheesy as that sounds. 😀 Happy blogging!

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      1. I agree–love the captivating title and am curious to see how your journey has and will continue to unfold. Perhaps incorrectly, I’ve always held the presumption that engineers have an easy time finding work… so I’m deeply curious as to why you’re unemployed. Is it by choice? Is it the “need experience to gain experience” rut? Or something else entirely? This would be a great question to answer, either in an About page or across the life of your blog. Very intriguing!

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    1. Loved your post! I left a comment & like!
      I noticed you don’t have an “ about” page on your blog which you might want to add to introduce yourself &/or your blog to your new visitors ☺️
      Happy blogging! Rosie

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  2.’s Friday – at long last!
    I started posting short stories and the occasional poem within the past few weeks. This is my first experience with blogging or posting anything online. I had some lovely comments last week and some great advice on making it easy to navigate my site. Before it was just a long reel of stories. Now I have a static page and when you press the widget menu all my posts appear under main categories.
    Crushed Caramel is the name of my site. Crushed Caramel (Leaner at Love) and the site contains lessons Caramel has had to learn.
    It seems readers so far have liked “Peanut-Butter Cookies” the most. Also “Wonderful Wisteria” and “Lime & Lemongrass My Way Through This Summer”. My own favourite is my poem “River”…although I have to admit poetry is definitely not my strength!

    I hope you enjoy laughing at Caramel

    I am glad of any advice and tips, because this is all new to me.

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      1. Thank you Sheer Ladybird. I love receiving comments. It is soooooo encouraging! Just had a look at your site. I admire so much the beautiful photos on your site and so many others I have seen. I know that is something mine is missing terribly. I have just begun of course and am not very arty at all, but it is such an inspiration to see other sites and realize how attractive and appealing you can make a site.
        Crushed Caramel…without giving too much away…Caramel has had to overcome a big challenge. She has been crushed and is rebuilding her life with all support and love and advice from family and friends. All the lessons in life she has been taught are helping her to rebuild her life. There will be tiny references to the event that has overturned her life, but this site is going to be about surviving, thriving and making life wonderful again.
        Thank you for your kind comment. Hope you have a lovely day.

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      1. Thank you for your encouragement. I appreciate your kind comments. I have just been reading some of your posts. Your stories are very captivating. You seem to have had a lot of success with writing.
        I was a bit nervous about “Not On The Same Page”. I wrote it because of sentiments inside that I had to express and it all came out a bit higgledy piggledy.
        I know I have a lot of improvements to make, but I am glad of all the support and feedback.

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    1. What a wonderful blog, I look forward to reading more! One thing I noticed was that there’s not an option to leave a comment on a post. Is that intentional? It’s nice to be able to comment if you’ve enjoyed a post 🙂

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      1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I had not realized. I am slowly noticing all the options for different widgets and themes. I will see if I can figure out how to make that change.
        Very grateful for all the tips and kind comments. I am sorry it all looks so amateurish. I will keep trying to learn how I can present the stories I have written to make them look a bit more appealing.
        I love your travel blog. Such glorious locations are featured. Thank you for sharing these amazing places with us.

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      2. I have just had a look at some of the posts on my site. Some have a box right at the bottom of the page for readers/visitors to leave a reply. Whereas the box is not included in some posts. I don’t know why that is, but I will try to figure out what I can change it. I love feedback.
        Thank you for making me aware of it.

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    1. I really like your writing style in your posts! Very captivating!
      I noticed you don’t have anything written in your “about” page, this would be useful to add to. Otherwise your blog looks fab ☺️

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  3. Hey everyone! My first post focuses on normalized conflicts to attain a life worth living. In the future, I see myself blogging short stories, quirky stories, and even some poetry. Your feedback would be great, feel no hesitation to be honest 🙂

    I plan to post every Saturday at noon, so if your interested, come back to my blog for more, and I will do the same for you! Writing has always seem like an academic restricted skill, and I’m glad that I get to join a community that emphasizes freedom in creativity.

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    1. I enjoyed your blog…Intentions of Kiki is a great title. I found your about page good, but am wondering, as you write more blogs and people have plenty of material to look through that you may want to shorten the “about” part, which may encourage people to dig deeper into some of your other posts. Your blog definitely has a nice flow to it and is leaps ahead of mine in that aspect!

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  4. Hello all new bloggers, I hope you all are having an amazing day.
    As a new blogger always remember 3 things –
    Be positive
    Never leave hope
    Be open to positive criticism.


    LOVE P.G

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    1. The name of you blog goes well with the colors and “vibe” of your page. Are you able to add a follow button I had to go to the wordpress platform to follow and could not find a way to on your blog.

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    1. Hi!
      I had a look at your post and blog in general. Looks good!!

      I was wondering why you have such a big menu on your page? Are those you favourite posts? Maybe you could use a dropdown for that (like you did with ‘poems’? Just an idea!

      Happy blogging 🙂

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      1. Oh that! That was a mistake, I was just redesigning my blog and that accidentally happened, then I was too lazy to change it. I’ll change that soon. 😊

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    2. I enjoyed your Poem. Your page as a nice feel to it and once you change the menu title I think your pretty good to go there. I like that you now have a good amount of material…It could be just me but I usually like to read a couple poems at a time so it’s good that people can browse!

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      1. Probably not the correct use of words. Menu Ribbon or drop down at the top of your page, is what I was getting at where every single poem pops up. It still works now, but once you have like a hundred it may be overwhelming 🙂

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    3. Your blog looks good! You may get told not to post on here anymore as your blogs older than a month so to use the community pool but otherwise here’s my feedback!
      I agree with Nina your menu seems too long but I saw your going to change it.😊
      Also when scrolling through your Home back it appears very black & white to me, would love to see some pictures if you have any to add as a featured image to your posts to make them pop a bit on your home page maybe?
      Otherwise doing great! ☺️

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    1. Hi there!
      Good start!
      Maybe as an advice, it might be nice to add an ‘about’ page with a bit more who you are and why you age having this blog.
      And, but that’s more an optical thing, when you post then there is a ‘featured image’ option. Then, for example, people already can see the liquid picture challenge on the front page. Usually posts with pics attract more visitors 🙂
      Have a good one!

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      1. Of course! A well maintained blog will be part of you and everyone is always learning something new and after time all will look better and when you reflect you can see your own progress in your own blog! That’s always nice to see 😉

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    1. Your posts are so heartfelt and touching! You truly write straight from the heart to the reader.
      If I may make a suggestion, you could perhaps shorten your posts on the home page to extracts so that the page doesn’t get too long, and it makes it easier for the reader to scroll and see the headlines.

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      1. I am unsure about this, when I visit other’s sites the follow option pops up on the bottom right as I scroll through their page. I had assumed the same happened on mine. Thank you for making me aware of this, I will look into it.

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    1. Your blog looks good!
      Would be nice to see some pictures, maybe add a featured image to your posts?
      Also on your Home page some bloggers prefer to have there post shown as an excerpt so there Home page isn’t full of writing and makes it easier for new visitors to see what posts you’ve written? That’s a personal preference though and you clearly have a lot of followers already 😊

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    1. Hi!
      This first post would make a good ‘about’ page as it will be on the bottom very soon when you start blogging! And on the homepage is a whole black nothing, which you easily can fill up with an image. When you go to customizer then you can see the option automatically to add any picture to your liking that matches what you want to do with the blog
      Have fun!

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  5. Hey everyone! I just launched my blog and have been playing around with it. I finally feel semi-satisfied with it. It’s still a work in progress. So far I’ve been trying to get my pages up and running. I have a few draft posts I’m working on but write now I’m blogging about my fitness programs. Let me know what you think of the site. I want to make sure it’s user friendly and navigateble.

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    1. Hi!
      Yes, still work in progress such as the T25 page 😉
      I understand from your blog that you are very proud of the progress you made. Maybe you can change the menu item ‘progress’ into ‘my progress’ or ‘what I do’ as, so I assume, you are doing those things, T25 and all, right?

      And, lastly, you do have a nice smile, just, the background is ‘noisy’ which takes the attention away from you 😉

      Good luck!

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      1. I definitely will change my menu name to “my progress.” Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been playing around with menu names for quite some time. Are you refferring to the background photo in my about page? Is it too big? I can change that so that it’s more user friendly. Or are you reffering to the color scheme background in general?

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      2. I don’t know what’s behind your hair! 😂😂 That drags the attention away from you! That’s what I mean 😉 The size of the picture is debatable, on the one hand a large sized pic can be okay, just, consider the purpose of the about page and if the picture meets or blends in that purpose?

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      3. Oh ok!! Haha leaves! It was taken in the fall. I may change the size. I didn’t realize how large it was when I put it on there. I’m still trying to establish myself. I need to get more “fitness” related pictures. It’s hard when I’ve been doing this on my own for so long.

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    2. Hey Shaun, I followed you because I am a fitness addict as well and I also am studying nutrition because I want to be a personal trainer. Check out my page. Your blog looks good! have fun blogging 🙂

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      1. Will do!! Thanks for taking the time! I’m glad to see you studying nutrition. I may share some posts from your because I’m still learning about nutrition as well.

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    3. Hi Shaun! First congrats on getting in shape. Regular exercise does so many amazing things for us, so you should have little problems with material that people will be interested in. Your page was easy to navigate and I think if you can get people interested in your material you’ve got a good thing going.

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      1. thanks!! I’m glad to have a fan! If you have any suggestions or want me to post about something let me know. I want to be a source of inspiration!

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  6. Good morning First Friday Bloggers. I am a former alcoholic of 28 years who suddenly understood myself & my addiction 4 years ago and become suddenly, easily free! I love the word ‘free’! My blog is for those who are still struggling, trapped in thier innocently faulty thinking and unhelpful social conditioning. I am going to make a difference! I will take a look at everyone else’s later today. Have a happy, peaceful day.x

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  7. Hello Peeps, we are a community trying to bring inspirations together from different people. Here’s the link to our first post and yes, you too can be an Inspiranger by sharing your inspiration to the world. Words do have power which a sword hasn’t. Be a part of the change. BE AN INSPIRANGER!

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