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  1. Hello to all the readers and writers out here!

    On my blog, you’ll find my poems, articles, collaborations, bookish stuff, and much more!

    Some moments deserve to be treasured forever. Some moments make me want to live them again. I recently wrote a poem which talks about such wonderful moments. I would be glad to know what you think about it!

    Here’s the link to it:

    Hope you like it!

    With love,

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  2. “What is the definition of procrastination?
    … I’ll tell you later…”

    Ha, get it?

    Hi, community poolers! Most recently I wrote a blog post just to get the ball rolling. This post is different from my others as its main purpose is to literally get me back into blogging regularly.

    I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon for a couple of months due to traveling (and it’s harder to write while traveling than it sounds). I wonder if any of you have had similar experiences? Would love to connect. 🙂

    Feedback very welcome!

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    1. Hi again, I’m using my phone to type which is not always easy as I risk typos. I may have mistakenly mentioned in a comment to your post that I “can’t understand the difficulty juggling things.” Meant to say I CAN understand the difficulties… Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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    2. Unfortunately, I’m not a travel blog, YET! Hope one day I can take so much time to experience the world and blog about it. However, I do stay really busy and finding time to be consistent with my blog is hard.

      I normally start a draft blog when something comes to mind even if it is just a tittle. This helps me come back and write as time permits. Then, I just finish what inspires me and schedule the post. Not sure if this helps.

      Welcome back!

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    3. I’m new to the Community Pool conversation. Do comments posted in the WordPress Reader also get posted to your blog? I ask because I went in to read your new post and saw one comment there, but lots in my Reader.

      When I comment on posts in the Community Pool, should I comment in the Reader or on the blogger’s blog?

      I liked your lead to your post, acknowledging you’d been gone. Once I clicked through, the photo made me want to learn more about Vietnam. And read what you have to say about it. Thanks!

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      1. I’m not sure if I understood your question correctly, so feel free to correct me if I did not.
        Comments that you post here (in the Community Pool) stay in the Community Pool, which is why it’s so important to leave the comments and Likes on people’s blogs.
        In order to write comments in the Reader, you have to be following that specific blog. Those comments DO post to their sites.
        Does that answer it?

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      2. You did answer it. So good job deciphering my question!

        I assume that same protocol applies on the First Friday queries, i.e. if I’m checking out a new blogger and want my comments to show up on their blog, I need to go to their blog. Otherwise, any comments I make on the First Friday “feed” (terminology! Ack!) stays on the feed.

        Your answer makes sense. Thanks so much for answering it.

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    4. Hey Winta

      It’s good you’re getting back into the swing of things. As for blogging consistently I try not to make it a focus but rather focus on posting when I feel like to, which is often thankfully, so I can produce the best content and not force myself to. Let the writer’s lust come naturally I say!

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    5. Hi Winta. The initial blog post is very well written, and makes me want to read more about your travels. 2.5 months in Viet Nam sounds incredible. I loved the picture that accompanied your post. I hope you get back into a regular schedule of posting!

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    6. Hi,

      I do a lot of travelling, but as I only began this blog in January, July will be the first time I will be managing a blog whilst doing so. Thinking ahead, I imagine I will use the schedule function. As I only post once a week, it shouldn’t be too difficult to put enough together for a month away. I know from the past that with the busyness of travelling, I barely get enough time to keep a travel journal, let alone blog posts, plus in July I will be going to some far-out places, camping in the African wilderness/ deserts, so I very much doubt chances of WIFI.

      I hope you had a wonderful time on your travels, Vietnam is an incredible place from the random stacks of Halong Bay to the war stories of Cu Chi Tunnels. I was lucky enough to stay with one of the hill tribes there for a short while. I got completely wellied on the tribe chief’s suspect-looking moonshine :O

      I loved your post about the driving. Yes, they drive quite crazy at times! Did you see some of the ways people transported goods on top of their mopeds? Got some epic pictures whilst there, one guy had three fat, fully-grown pigs tied on top of one another, alive! It was comedy and complete cruelty all at once!

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    7. I did laugh at your procrastination joke 😂 2.5 months of travel gives you memories, experience and inspiration that you can’t get from sitting at home doing your usual routine so I commend you for taking a break and exploring the world 😊

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  3. Hi everyone! I hope y’all had a great weekend. Whew! I can’t believe it’s already April. This week I’m posting about books I’m looking forward to read this month, and all these books I’ve chosen will be released for this month of April. If you have time, please visit my blog and check out my new post and leave a comment. Here’s the direct link to my recent post:

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    1. I’m happy how you didn’t let us know much about the story so as to ruin it, and yet had an intriguing synopsis. Great job! Eagerly waiting to read one of those books. PS – I’m a fantasy junky, too!❤️

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  4. Hi WordPress family!

    Here’s your guide to all-things Israel ~ what things should you know before embarking on your trip to this beautiful country?

    Enjoy! And I hope you have a lovely day 💛

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    1. I’d love to read on this intriguing topic, but the hyperlink isn’t really appearing. Maybe you should try to paste the link again, or watch for any spaces in between the URL.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Oh, yes! I certainly found it Very interesting. Especially the questions at the airport. XD That must’ve felt so….. Peculiar. I read about Israel being a haunt for vegetarians, but this actually helped much more. I really want to go there, now. Actually, I want to go everywhere, depending upon what I read last. 😀
        Oh, it must feel great to travel. I wish I could travel so freely. I will, though. Soon. 🙂
        Loved your blog, btw. If you want cheap things and know haggling thoroughly, you *must* visit India. Just a leaving tip. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Those questions definitely felt peculiar to me 😂 And you should for sure visit!
        One day I hope to visit India ~ it sounds like such a beautiful country (though my haggling skills are a solid 0/10 soooo that may not work for me haha)

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    2. I enjoyed your post, it includes some really useful travel tips! Advice wise, I would just recommend numbering your tips to help with readability 🙂

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  5. Lovers of life, hello!

    I’m sure you’ve all heard about the #DeleteFacebook movement. And many of you probably wanted to join in as much as I did. But it isn’t easy, is it? I found Facebook too useful a tool. So I found an alternative to channel my rage against them without having to live with their services. And I wrote about it here;

    I haven’t had much time to edit it, but please do let me know if it’s worth a read.

    Much Love, 


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  6. Hello new fellow bloggers, and welcome to the First Community Pool of this month.
    After sometime I wrote this post, I was angry with someone and the words came to me, word by word finally forming unimaginable sentences. Lol

    Also a bonus point- those who are on instagram follow me here, will follow you too , it truly is a great opportunity to interact with so many new people  – pia.majumdar

    Also a thought for the day- would you like you, if you met you? What you think?

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  7. Another Monday, another pool day. How was your weekend? Hope it was grand!! 😄

    I have a language blog, specifically a British England language blog, where I pretend to be a dictionary AND creative all in one post. Pretty fancy, right? Well, if it hasn’t grabbed your attention yet perhaps the tidbit about an American writing about British vernacular will. I tend to like writing flash fiction and poems. Please feel free to stop in and say hello!

    Can’t wait to read more posts! Have a great rest of your week.


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    1. Until today I didn’t know anyone else knew the name “Herkimer” existed. I narrowly missed being named that very thing, courtesy of a loving older brother.

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  8. Hello Beautiful People!

    Snow again in Ohio…ick. Surely the melt must be permanent soon, right?

    I wrote a post last week about taking a few days off work, and how this should make me happy, but it doesn’t (sadly, I am back at my job today). The post is titled “Headed Home”

    I want to know if any of you have made a big life or career change, and how that affected you and your loved ones. I’m currently going through a difficult time. I accept that I’m not happy with my current life, but I’m unsure of how to change this.

    Let me know how your leap into the unknown changed you for the better, or for the worse.

    Thank you 😊


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    1. I’ve made several major changes in my life…and so glad for each decision as it has lead me to happiness. Not to say that I’m staying put now….nothing stays the same forever!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The only sacrifice is giving up what feels “comfortable” to seek out a new adventure and find a newer and hopefully better version of you!! Not to say it’s all butterflies and rainbows all the time, but typically there’s always a reason for each experience.


    2. Howdy state-neighbor 🙂 I’m going to try to come back and give a comment on your blog as well, but wanted to at least drop a thought here. I’ve been in a two-year process of learning to accept a completely different path than what I was planning/anticipating for post-college, so the inquiry you posted here really resonated with me. The first year was nooot good but it’s been a slow and steady chipping away at what I really want.

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      1. Thank you for commenting! Post college isn’t working out for me either! I wouldn’t say I ended up where I planned, but nonetheless, it’s driven me to therapy, and a lot of venting on this blog. But, I am trying to start being more proactive about it, rather than reactive.

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  9. Hi everyone, I was recently nominated for the sunshine award twice but I made it into one blog post. Hope you enjoy my responses and questions 😁

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  10. Hello wonderful souls!
    It’s been ages since I was active on the community pool or even WordPress and I’m really glad to have come back to this lovely place.🌸

    It really makes me happy to see and read all these amazing blogs and get to meet new people! I’d really love if you review and/or help me with my new blog which focuses on an ugly truth of our society.

    Thanks in advance! Have a great week ahead.❤️

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  11. Hi fellow bloggers!

    Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my most recent post—very much appreciated, as is your feedback!!

    Tomorrow morning I will be checking out lots of sites posted here and providing what I hope will be useful feedback for your posts, (I have other commitments tonight—boo!!!). I promise I will get back to comments etc. as soon as I can!

    Liked by 16 people

      1. Looking forward to connecting with you! While the 7 Habits is my absolute favourite, I have other books that I recommend too and also looking forward to seeing suggestions from your blog 😄

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  12. Well, here we go again-Another month of pure blogging fun; I have just published a few posts in the past few days, as well as the ones that I have just posted today! And also: I have just started another giveaway, and this time it is for my newest eBook, “MAKING THE PERFECT BLOG”… If you would like to enter my giveaway, just go to the link here: Otherwise, stay tuned, because there’s gonna be a whole lot of blogging fun to come here at KALEIDOSCOPE at! (Oh, and a Happy Easter Monday to those of you who are living in Canada, too!)-JW 😉

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    “Our humanity rests upon a series of learned behaviors, woven together into patterns that are infinitely fragile and never directly inherited.”

    -Margaret Mead

    Don’t we feel at times that each individual we meet is somewhere playing a role assigned to him? As if he is following a script handed to him with no scope for creativity or open-endedness.

    Early childhood experiences leave a repetitive patterns of existence. The individual views the outer world through a fixed window of his past experiences.

    Lets get under our skin and take a tour of what these patterns could mean to us and how they affect our perception of reality.

    Do give your views and feedback!

    Happy intellecting❤🍻

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