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  1. Hi!
    A very very cheerful Monday to all of you.
    ^(one of my recent posts)
    I am Diyali I run a blog where I post book reviews and some of my writings from time to time. Yes, I am a bibliophile, and can go really paranoid while discussing a book I really like. Do visit my page and drop in your valuable feedbacks.
    P.S. I always follow back!

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  2. Anyone else feel like the world is in a chaotic madness sometimes? For a few months its going great, then it falls downhill … fast? Do oyu have a “When it rains, it pours” kind of life? I know it all too well! But, even with three teens with Autism, a husband with Autism, and my own Anxiety and Hypochondria, I still find myself loving my life and everything about it! How do I cope? Read my newest post “I’m Going To DIE! but not today.”

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      1. Huh. That’s odd. Do you know if it’s a new thing? I used to see multiple links before. Thanks for letting me know about that!!

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      1. It’s true… but there is something about the slightly curved tops (and lack of trees) that make the mountains in the UK truly gorgeous. Even more so when they’ve been sprinkled with snow!

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  3. Hello again, all of you bloggers and blog followers out there! This week, I plan to bring back an old feature on my blog that most of you have enjoyed for a while, but have missed it so very much…😢…So, which feature that I am bringing back? You’ll have to pay my blog a visit this week to find out! Meanwhile, if you have enjoyed my special series on “YouTube Superstars” and would like for me to do such special series like that in the future, please drop me a line by leaving a comment below any of my posts! Oh, and in the words of Columbo, just one more thing: My latest e-book, “DOVER, DELAWARE IN BLACK & WHITE” , which is a black-and-white photo book featuring photographs of some of the landmass of Dover, DE, will be released in Amazon Kindle format only on February 6th, which is next week, but if you would like to pre-order my Kindle e-book so it would be delivered to your Kindle or your smartphone that has the Kindle app, just go to the Amazon Kindle Store at and just look up “DOVER, DELAWARE IN BLACK & WHITE”! Other than that, there’s going to be plenty of good times ahead this week at KALEIDOSCOPE, and all you have got to do to join in on the fun is to follow my blog! Just go to! Well, I’d better be getting back to work, to work on my writing, that is! Hope everyone has a very blessed week🌹! Take care, With 💘-JW

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  4. Hello humans!
    I have always been fascinated by the short stories of O Henry and his style. I have tried to incorporate his my style in my works well. Recently i have written 2 short stories and one part of another on which i would absolutely love getting some reviews and advice.
    Do check out my blog and let me know.

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  5. Hi, my blog is new and about poems and thoughts on love and heartbreak. This is something I wrote for Daily Prompt, but only after that day got over. Until then, I was playing with words in my head and this is what came out in the end: My Love Also, I posted a poem a while ago and I was on a posting spree so it got buried. I have got next to no feedback on it and would love some. It’s called 18 Days Without You

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  6. Hey fellow bloggers
    Hope you all are doing great and having a wonderful monday…I’m Natasha Nekuta and I recently started blogging and have uploaded my lastest post

    Hope you read it and enjoy it as well…

    And I’d also love to get any feedback especially concerning my blogging technique as I’m new and would really love to grow as well has have an audience…

    Thank you so much…

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    1. like crowdedmind said, take a look at your “About” page. When you click on “My site” in top left corner and then “view site” you are able to see your blog the way we see it. And on top, next to home is “About”. Edit this page. Write something about yourself (introduction) and/ or something about your blog (what is your blog meant to be about). It will help others get to know you a bit better and know what to expect from your blog once you write more posts.

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  7. Happy Monday swimmers! Can you believe January is nearly over? 😃

    I run a daily British English blog, though I’m American, and essentially I post a word or phrase of the day, define it, then use the word in an example. But wait— it’s much different than a dictionary definition!! I use the word in a story or poem to give readers a better grasps than a five word sentence the dictionary passes off as acceptable. All works are original. I also like to use Irish, Australian, and Scottish words, too. Oddly enough, nobody has requested American words….

    I just finished a new trilogy, if anyone’s interested! For me, it’s a suspense. I’d love to hear your opinions on it, if a longer piece is your interest. (I think total it’s round 1700 words.) They are: It Won’t Do, Plummy, and Blinking, all in a row.

    If length is not your thing, I posted a short poem today.

    Now I’m off to dive right in!

    Kelsey 💫💜

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      1. Oh, gosh! I wasn’t expecting that. Thank you SO MUCH for the high praise! It means a lot to hear from readers!! I hope it’ll continue to impress you! ☺️💜

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    1. Oooh I’ve seen your posts before, but you totally had me fooled. i thought you were British and just wanted to share your language with Americans!

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      1. Nope, I’ve been an American all along! Oops! I wish I was British, though! I feel like that would be doubly nerdy of me if that were the case hehe

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      2. I like all kinds of -isms and sayings; so if I’m curious, I ask! Then again, it would probably depend on the situation and how comfortable I felt asking the person.

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  8. Hey folks!

    Honestly, I’ve had my blog for almost a year, but it’s only in these past few weeks that I’ve been trying to get into the groove. So here I am, presenting a little insight into my blog with a link. Hope you like it! All sorts of feedback are much appreciated! 🙂

    If you love analysis and metaphors, you’d definitely like my blog. This post is based on a 1983 German song entitled 99Luftballons.

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