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  • No running on the deck.

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    1. What a well written and powerful post – you can mix a light touch and lighthearted anecdotes with genuine tragedy (I’m so sorry for your loss) in a way which shows that you really are a born writer. (And I say that having had a career as a professional editor…) I’m now a convert and a follower … but also I’m a fellow knackered older mum! x

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  1. Thought I’d share: 5 simple ways to boost happiness.

    Excerpt: Can you think of the last time you heard a stranger whistling as he/she walked down the road? Do  neighbors give you a genuine smile when they see you? It seems to me that we’ve become a lot less happy as a society–and that includes  kids. 

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  2. Hi all, I’ve got a query – I’ve got a ‘historical travel blog’ sharing the real letters and photos from a 1960s traveller’s trip around the world. Each letter is posted on the day it was written – just 53 years later. I’ve read all the advice about connecting with bloggers, which absolutely makes sense. However my blog doesn’t really seem to fit easily within a niche, that I can see! It’s not a travel blog like so many others now, sharing current trips or advising travellers today. It’s not a classic history blog. It’s not an ‘all about my life’ blog, or about health/fitness. It doesn’t offer advice etc. So can anyone recommend any good areas to focus my engagement with, if that makes sense? Much appreciated!

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    1. Hello! My sense that this topic falls more comfortable within history-, nostalgia-, and memoir-themed blogs. There quite a few people out there interested in the `60s and I’d think that many of them would find original documents from that period quite fascinating.

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