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  1. Hi fellow bloggers! It would be great to get some feedback on this new post:
    I will be going through this Pool to provide more feedback to others this week as well.

    In addition, I got nominated recently for the Sunshine Award by a fellow Community Pooler so I would like to share the love (thanks Sarish!) and nominate new and upcoming blogs. Reply here if you would like your blog to be considered, I like to focus on encouraging others and positivity!

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    1. Hey, just read your post and really liked it. Lots of fake stuff around in the world a the moment so it’s so important to try and be real. Love your encouraging attitude. The Sunshine Award seems well deserved.


  2. Hi fellow Bloggers,

    I’ve just noticed that adverts have started appearing at the top of my blog and assume it’s because I just have a free plan. It’s only just started happening but I had no warning and to be honest it’s spoilt the whole look of the pages. Does anyone know if just purchasing the basic £3 month plan will remove those ads? any advice most welcome.


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    1. Hi, yes purchasing the basic plan does remove ads. If you move up to the next level, you can opt in to having ads for payment through clicks. If you go to your dashboard and view plan options you can see all the things that you get with each specific plan. Hope that helps.

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      1. Thanks so much. Just noticed the ads at the top of my pages and it ruins the whole blog I think so may have to upgrade. assume all links to current url will be rerouted if I get a new domain.

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    1. Interesting overview, with lots of future implications! In future blogs, I’d love to know more about your intersection with this hand held. and the world of genomes–


    1. I loved the layout and photos; gorgeous. If I wished for more, it would be to know you a little deeper, what you were thinking/ what propelled to do be/ do.. , rather than just a label Don’t misunderstand, I like the explanations/ labels, but found I wanted to know a little more, as well. lovely stuff. Congratulations on passing the exams.

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    1. Oh my goodness your blog is absolutely stunning!! And I love your posts! Keep up the great work and you have just earned yourself another follower!!!! 🙂

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      1. Awh thank you for both lovely things you just said! And I like to think I’m doing something right although one can never be too sure 😂

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  3. hey bloggers! I’ts nearly the weekend!!
    I’m still very new to this all. I wrote a post about the importance of friendship last week. feel free to check it out and to leave any comments under my post. I’d love to get more involved in the community and to also find some more of you to follow! click the link and let me know what you think!

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    1. Well a hearty welcome to you! You’ve got a really awesome blog and, I’ve already commented on your post but I just wanted to mention on here that I love the look of your blog so much! Keep it up you’re doing great 🙂

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  4. Listening to audiobooks is my primary means for literature consumption. Needless to say, I was tickled pink by the opportunity to translate my writing into a narrated video!

    The topic of chronic illness and feelings of insecurity and brokenness is one I know all too well. May this video be a reminder to us all, that no matter what, we are all beautiful.

    Hope you enjoy, feel the words and remember that each woman featured is fighting for her life.

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  5. I am such an amateur here. I guess I will learn as I go. This community seems so helpful and encouraging, I’m glad to be a part of it. I don’t have as much expertise to offer anyone, just a love for writing that it is obvious I share with you all.

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    1. WELCOME TO THE BLOGGING COMMUNITY!!! You’re absolutely right! I have been blogging for a month and this community is incredible!! I already love your posts and I can’t wait to read more! Remember to stay engaged with other bloggers as much as you can and your following will grow in no time 🙂


    2. Hey, we were all beginners once and being part of the blogging community will really help your understanding and knowledge, so don’t panic 🙂 I like your blog, but there are a few minor layout issues. On the Addition post (and I am currently reading on a laptop) the second bank of text appears at the top as the picture pushes the first bank of text down. This meant I started reading from “As we were leaving my husband couldn’t help…” it would help your readers if this was one continual flow of text otherwise it’s only when you scroll down the page do you realise that you have started half way through. You can easily customise this in your theme area. Also if you preview your post once you either published or scheduled you can look at the layouts for PC, Tablet and Phone to ensure that the formatting looks good on all devices. 🙂


      1. Thanks so much for the feedback! I had noticed that myself, but was unsure how to fix it. I work across devices out of convenience. I will be sure to try and go back in and edit asap.

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      1. Thanks for the encouragement, I am sure to get better from here, surely it couldn’t get any worse. It is a good thing that I enjoy writing and posting, I definitely need the practice. 😊

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  6. Hola Amigos..!
    Since February is about Love. I have started an initiative of LOVING YOURSELF FIRST.
    It is self love challenge that is going to be on my blog for this month.
    The tasks will be up for this month – 28 days.
    Please have a look and share the word.
    Sugggestions are appreciated.

    Loads of love
    Simran 🙂

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