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    1. Thanks for the info Ida, not one I’d come across previously. I do two a fortnight for my own story group (and blog) plus a couple for Writers’ Forum per month, but it certainly sounds interesting, and I like that you get a free critique, and that there’s also a competition element. I’ll certainly bear it in mind.

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    1. Hi, they are great photos. I really liked the header photo. Took me a minute to work out what it was! Cathedrals are truly amazing aren’t they? And the fact that they are so ancient too. My local one is Lincoln cathedral, England. TBH it doesn’t look much different to Notre Dame! Definitely worth a visit and they do great roof tours too! Incidentally, I’d say that the most amazing building I’ve personally been in is Cordoba cathedral.

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      1. Thanks for your comments Simon, I’m pleased you liked my photographs. Yes, there are certainly similarities across gothic cathedrals (others I’ve visited include Rheims and Kings College Chapel in Cambridge) they do tend to be extraordinary buildings!

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    This year I have decided to do more guest posts on other peoples blogs, however, I am having the hardest time finding blogs that allow guest posts. I talk about a niche subject (surface pattern design/adobe illustrator at so I am not really sure where I should be looking for guest posts. The blogs I have contacted so far either don’t allow guest posts or don’t get back to me. Any suggestions on where I should be looking? How do you find blogs to guest post on?

    – Kelcie

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  2. Hello everybody, Simon from To Cut a Short Story Short here with my latest post. This week, a man’s musical prowess has two females vying for his attention. Which to choose?! SHAMELESS! (700 words)

    Also, if you are interested in joining a fortnightly 400 word story group and getting into a regular writing habit in 2018, please drop me a line via my contact page and I’ll send full details. New members always welcome!

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    1. Simon, I must confess you’re excellent with your imagination and choice of words that helps you paint the picture. I hope you’ve written a novel? There is a way you make read stick with the story till the end. Kudos chief! You should keep it up.

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  3. Happy Monday Swimming Crew!! 😃

    I run a daily blog that caters to the English language, specifically along the lines of learning new words and phrases that are British, Irish, Australian, Scottish, and Old English (think Shakespeare or Bronte or Austin, you’re intelligent and get the idea!). Basically I pick a word/phrase, define it, and creatively give an example through flash fiction or poetry and occasionally prose.

    The particular one I wish to share this week could be debated as a poem or prose. I’d like to hear your thoughts on it, please and thank you!

    This is also a personal favorite of mine. Please be kind. 💜💫 Kelsey

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    1. Thank you for being so brave. I really belueve once you are able to talk about it (or write about it) you are one step further in recovery.

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  4. Good morning fellow bloggers!
    Here are my recent posts about my experiences trekking in the Everest Region. Nature has given me an incredible insight into the true values of life. How much value does our “stuff” really add to our lives? Would love to hear your thoughts on these topics (as well as any general feedback you can offer in regards to my site). I also write poetry and short stories that provide social commentary on today’s issues. If you write about similar topics, I would love to read your work as well – leave me your links below!

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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  5. Hey guys!
    Hope you are having a great day.

    So, heres the link to my lastest post –

    What’s it about – Finding blog topics VERY EASILY.
    Average time req to read – brarely 10 mins.
    Language – English
    Type – List.

    I hope you read it and give me a feedback.

    Good luck for your blogging websites too.

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    1. Great stuff! I’m in the process of researching and writing at least 5 history posts and randomly thought of GEORGE III while driving …. voila! My latest post …. A little faster to write than my usual posts 😁 and I think I’ve started a series …😁

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    1. Very interesting story! I would be interested to read a “part 2.” As a suggestion, I would encourage some character development before the “plot twist.” More insight into your main character’s mind would make her actions more understandable and relatable.

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  6. My motivation and love for blogging is coming back. Anything that people would love to see me blog about more then please leave a comment.
    This is what it’s about: I started my blog a while ago because I got scared of the fact everyone’s going to uni and starting their lives whilst I’m here on a gap year not knowing what I want to do. I thought I love to write and read so why not start a blog and so I plucked up the courage to do so. I don’t know where this will lead but I’m writing about travelling, health and food so if that interests you then this should appeal.
    So please give my blog a read and comment any tips you have for me or things you liked on certain posts as I’d really appreciate that and i’ll be sure to check yours out too.
    Thank you for your support.

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  7. Hello fellow bloggers,
    James from James Proclaims here
    Been a long time since I had a dip in the community pool but I’ve been a blogging machine of late.
    Why not check them out and give me some positive feedback.
    That would make me very happy.

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    1. A good post. I found it a bit short. And that’s only because it’s a spectacular concept and would have loved to have read more of your views. If I’ve said something wrong, kindly correct me.

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  8. Hello all, check out my final post in a three post series! It is concerning a classic Christian debate: Are we saved by faith or works?

    Also, I would love any feedback you might have on the layout of my blog. I’m in the process of redoing it, and I’m looking to make my blog more inviting for people to use. I also started a Facebook group that I linked to my blog, so feel free to check it out! Thanks!

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    1. I agree with the other commenter. For it to be easier on the eyes, maybe separate into paragraphs? Just my thought. Excellent content. Looking forward to more.

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  9. A very happy, snappy Monday, all of you bloggers and blog followers out there! I am continuing my special series on “YouTube Superstars” with the spotlight shining on Zentangle(R)-Take a look at my all-new post at that, while you check out all of the other “YouTube Superstars” at! Now, I have already planned a few, if not a lot, of special stuff for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, as well as hopefully other special things, so the best way to catch up on all of the wonderfully fun stuff is to follow my blog, KALEIDOSCOPE! It’s at! You can also follow my other blog, the companion one that is hosted by Tumblr, SWIRLING COLORS, at! Well, yours truly has to get back to work now, but remember this address to my blog once more:! Hope that everyone has a blessed week, with love-JW

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    1. “Offline is the new luxury.” How true! Being connected 27/7 is exhausting, and sometimes we don’t even realize this. I disconnect an hour before going to bed and don’t touch my phone until an hour after waking up. This has really helped me in terms to focus, stress, and productivity. I’ve written an article on this, and it is great to see others voicing the same opinion in a different style! Great article (:

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  10. PS-A very happy & blessed 5th anniversary to WordPress’ very own Community Pool: All of the fun for 5 years, and none of the chlorine breaks! With love-JW

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