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    1. I love reading resolutions from other creatives. When I saw that you achieved 5 resolutions last year I thought that was pretty impressive since I have managed to achieve none of my resolutions ever. Good luck on achieving your 2018 resolutions.

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    2. definitely read what you want, imho. First, as a writer, who you read will influence how you write, and who wants to sound like a lot of authors one doesn’t like very much? Second, as a reader, I feel you–I have spent the last few years trying to read mostly for work, and then feeling guilty that I wasn’t reading as much as I wanted. Over Thanksgiving I decided to read what I wanted, usefulness be damned, and I have read more since then than the rest of 2017 altogether. Life is too short. Good work and good luck on your resolutions!

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    3. Good luck with ur resolution!! Happy new year!! I don’t know if ur interested in reading some poetry books before you start writing, but my favorite authors are Olivia Gatwood, RM drake, Amanda Lovelace, Rupi kaur, and Sabrina benaim!! Lmk if u like any of these authors too

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      1. Thank you!

        I’m loving it so far, it’s so funny! It is the only Jane Austen novel I haven’t read yet—I wanted to read “The Mysteries of Udolpho” first and that took forever. ^^;


    4. Firstly, I am always amazed by the people who have the very first comment here. HOW DID YOU DO IT?!

      Secondly. I am extremely happy that you are trying to work on your resolutions, I am sure you can do it. Just don’t burn yourself down, resolutions aren’t more important than your mental well being.

      Good luck in your new year!!

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      1. There is no secret, really. You just have to be here at noon sharp, have your text ready to past in the comment box and hope for the best. XD

        I agree! My 6th goal, “[taking] care of my physical and mental health” is sort of a prerequisite to achieving every other goal. 😛

        Thank you!

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    5. Awesome piece and wish you all the best with your resolutions. Looks like you’ll smash them. I think you’d benefit from noting habits you could develop that would also enhance your ability to make your resolutions a reality. It could be as simple as waking up early every morning

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    1. Like I mentioned on your blog, I loved your photos. Have you ever participated in the Photo challenge ( you may have ). I posted a similar photo of a flower for a challenge recently but your photo looks more ‘professional’ i should say.

      Also, I kind of think that photos and text should be kept separate and your post made me scroll a lot. You could have one photo as the header image for the post while the rest could be just afterwards but slightly smaller or in a column next to your post. Makes it easier to read

      Good lukc

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  1. Hello everybody, Simon from To Cut a Short Story Short here with another chance to read one of my most popular posts ever, New Year’s Eve Ritual, in case you missed it last week. The ritual can actually be done at any time but New Year seems like a pretty good opportunity. I hope you enjoy it and maybe you will be inspired to try it for yourself. It’s just 500 words.

    Also, if you are interested in joining a fortnightly 400 word story group and getting into a regular writing habit in 2018, please drop me a line via my contact page and I’ll send full details. New members always welcome!

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    1. Great post! I loved it. It is always fun to read happy post like yours.

      Some feedback regarding your post: You can use inline links rather than pasting the URL of the link in between your post. I think inline links are neater. So when you are writing a draft, you should see a chain icon. Use that.

      Similarly, for differentiating between your post and the story, you can maybe use italics or a horizontal line to divide the two sections.


      1. Hi, thanks for your comment, and for the comment on my blog too. Yes, it is a happy and hopeful story, at the end of the day. And I know a few bloggers have told me they would try the ‘ritual.’

        With regard to your feedback. I tried putting a horizontal line between the preamble and the story but it is very faint. There doesn’t seem to be an option for a thicker one (surprisingly).

        When you talk about ‘inline links,’ I understand what you are saying. I just feel that with the URL, people know can see what they are clicking, that’s why I did it that way. But I’ll give your suggestion some consideration. Thanks again.

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  2. Happy Monday Everyone,

    I was recently asked by one of my readers to do more Adobe Illustrator tutorials on my blog since that is mainly what I talk about but it seems like I have a bit of writer’s block. Do you have any suggestions to get rid of writer’s block? I write about a specific topic so I cannot always use typical writer’s block solutions but any suggestion you have would be perfect.

    – Kelcie

    Liked by 19 people

    1. Hi kelcie,
      Sometimes when I am having a hard time writing I step away and just let myself relax and not focus on writing. I also will keep myself busy or try a hot shower or something soothing. It can be different for everyone but I found not thinking about it inspires my imagination to wander. Hope that helps 😋

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      1. Thank you for the suggestion. Whenever I have writer’s block I always try to rack my brain for ideas that tend to be horrible so I will have to try that.

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      2. I am a programmer and kind of hobbyist. I recently discovered that whenever I am writing a program or writing a blog draft: the hardest part for me is to get the first word/sentence in.

        Suddenly that blank piece of paper is more daunting.

        My solution: get anything on that paper. Hell, just write ABCD… but dirty it. Get it started, get something started. The only time inspiration actually strikes is when I am doing something but you won’t get an idea out of thin air.

        Since you are writing about a fixed topic: it might be a good deal to plan your posts like a textbook chapters and post them regularly.

        I hope it helps


      1. That is something so simple yet for some reason I have never thought about going for a walk to help with my writer’s block. I will have to try that.

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    2. I have always found that writing a list of random things that pop into my head or words or thoughts or whatever you decide helps me. Sometimes it’s just the trying too hard aspect that blokes me. Other times I’m just not in the mood. I’ve found that if I write roughly the same time every day, even if it’s just for five minutes, it’s better than nothing. But the best advice? Relax. 😊

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    3. Whenever I hate to write about a specific topic which I am familiar with but can’t seem to write about, I first of all try writing, in bullet form, everything that I know about the subject matter. Then, I take a break, forget about it and relax. I like to swim or run, to get my mind off it and get the blood flowing. Then, I take a long bath and keep relaxing till the next day. After a while, I look at the bullet form list and I decide what is useful and what should be crossed out and from their, I try to make some drafts. Usually it works. I hope it does for you!

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    4. I love the bright and colorful pages. Lovely about page too.
      As suggested by others, stepping away helps. Many times I’ve been stuck with what I started not knowing how to continue or finish. Only to step away from the thought process and get a spark of an idea. Just a change in the chain of thoughts helps I suppose.
      Keep being creative and awesome.
      And check out my blog too if you like.

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      1. I think am going to try that. Probably not jogging though. I am not that athletic but I love to hike so that might work for me. Thanks for the advice.

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    5. I love your patterns!

      I’m not sure what to do about writers block. For me, I got for a walk and try not to think about it. Sometimes ideas creep up on you when you’re doing something else!!

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      1. Thank You! Everything I learned I was able to teach myself from videos on so if you really want to learn something creative that is where to go.

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    6. Taking breaks is such good advice. I draw quite a bit, and there’s nothing quite like stepping away for half an hour and looking back on your work with fresh eyes (and then, of course, you notice all those annoying mistakes).

      But secondly, when it comes down to it, just write. No matter what comes out of your keyboard, just put something on the post. I think you’ll find that the ball eventually gets going, especially if you know what you’re talking about, and it certainly sounds like you do! Good luck!

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      1. This is great advice! Whenever I am making a pattern and don’t know what to draw I will do exactly what you said to do about just writing but for drawing so I don’t know why I never really thought about doing that for my blog posts.

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      2. Yeah girl, you got this! It’s also just an incredibly individual process in terms of what works for you, but I’m sure you can get the ball rolling 🙂 I wish you the best of luck.

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    7. Hey Kelcie!

      I always just do a big brain dump of everything I can think of to do with a topic, and accept that it’s going to look awful – then I leave it for a week or so and come back to it and edit it down into something read-able (hopefully!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have been getting a lot of great suggestions and will have to try all of them. This is a great suggestion. I often feel my post are big brain dumps anyways so this is perfect.

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  3. Good day, swimmers!

    Ever had travel plans go bad?

    On our most recent trip abroad, we almost missed our flight, I used the airport intercom for last minute call, rode crazy standstill traffic, and met our pet pig!

    Following that, I learned how to make banh tet, a traditional sticky rice cake, in a giant pot outdoors- in typhoon weather conditions and heavy smoke in my eyes!

    I would be so happy to have feedback and to have you follow my adventures to rediscover my roots.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I used to run an adventure group, organising event, weekends and holidays, we’ve had more upset travel plans than I can remember. Top of the list is the transfer bus burning down, destroying 12 people’s luggage! I’ll get around to writing about it someday!


  4. Happy new year fantastic blogger friends!

    My latest post (live today!) is about how to stop feeling like sh*t. In the podcast that accompanies the post, I talk to the amazing Andrea Owen about the 14 toxic habits that are holding us back from happiness.

    Please read, listen and let me know what you think. And if you like the podcast, please subscribe.


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    1. Good reads. I like the simple layout of the page. Keep writing.
      Feel free to browse through my page and share your thoughts on anything that interests you.

      Liked by 3 people

    2. That was a really good post, short and quick.

      I noticed that you had used a generic photo, I don’t know if it is yours or not but generally it is a great practice to add a caption and give credits to the photographer/site.


    1. Hello Sherina, I agree with your post, better to focus on one or two things that you can actually change. I read some great advice from Rhonda Byrne the other day, on how she makes just one resolution, BE POSITIVE! I posted a reply on your blog with more details. Wishing you every success in 2018, Simon.

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    2. What an excellent post!! I’ve always been more of the mind if you want to make a change it doesn’t matter the time of year: if you are motivated, then do it now! I also love that you make lists because I’m the same way. 😌 Thank you for sharing!

      I browsed a bit through your blog, but I am definitely returning to look a lot more! Best, Kelsey 💫

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    1. I just discovered your blog the other day. I love the look of your site. This is an excellent idea. Creative writing isn’t exactly my forte, but I might have to recommend my friend try this out!

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    1. I really liked the way u talk about your lot experiences in such a readable manner. You do put some good writing technique which keeps the reader hooked. Be it forgiving your employer, or your good job, or talking about your ex. These random things which you expressed so well.


    2. I really liked your post. As someone who is still struggling with self acceptance and embracing all the things that I hate about myself, I like how you reassured that it’s okay to feel that way


      1. I’m on desktop, so I don’t know if it’s different in other formats, but in the sidebar to the right there’s a little blue button with the WordPress logo that says “follow”.

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    1. Happy to have found your blog! This story hits home as I’m supposed to be going on a ski trip with my boyfriend which I’ve never done and I hate the cold. Considering my excuses now. Also I’m going to get my MSW next year to work in child welfare! I’ll be the one dredging up all your foster care posts. It’s not the easiest thing in the world so kudos to you!

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  5. Happy New Year, fellow WordPress bloggers!

    I hope you’re filled with extreme energy ri8 now, and keep it that way.
    I started with a crappy podcast as I was suffering from fever, but m gonna post another this and really really excited about it. In the break time, read my other posts, I promise they are not boring at all. lol 🙂

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    1. Congrats to you for starting your podcast! I would give yourself a major pat on the back for starting it. There are millions of people who say they will start something – someday – and someday never comes. Taking the initiative and starting is such a key, — and YOU DIDI IT 🙂 Art is a process. The greats like Jon Nastor, James Altucher, and others complained about their early podcasts. I hope you keep it up and I will listen and most likely subscribe to your podcast. And never argue for your limitations, because someone will do it for us.

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    1. Hello to you as well! I read your writing and it’s wonderful, it reminds me of something an old friend of mine would write. The Story of a Bath was very good though I would have to say that Remembering Grandness is my favorite.

      I also checked out your About Me page and it was very nice as well. I’ve curious about what it was you wrote when you were younger. For so many people to read it, your words must have touched them in some way.

      Happy New Year!

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    1. Just read your blog on Romance novels and I can absolutely relate.
      I too believe it gives us all weird out of the world expectations. And there is no love at first sight it’s just an attraction of May be infatuation at first sight .
      Liked the way u wrote. 😊

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    1. If you’re reading this, you should know there’s AWESOME poetry and prose within!! Words can’t article the need to read over here. 😌

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    2. Wow your poem makes me want to fall in love right now and get my heart broken. I love poetry, I wrote two blog posts about them last year. But wow I really enjoyed how your poem took me to another place

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  6. Hello Everyone! I started blogging on WordPress about 3 weeks ago as it was long due. I wanted to do it for a very long time now. I have written about 11 posts as of now. I write poetry- blank verses mainly, about my journey in medical school and I plan to wrote about books and other stuff that holds significance.

    Feedbacks and suggestions are most welcome as I look forward to connecting with some of you and improving on my writing skills!

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    1. You’re so talented – I absolutely loved your style of poetry so much!!! You have a gift; cherish it – thank you for sharing it with us! Although it is far less poetic and beautiful, I’d really appreciate it if you could check out my blog as well – I’ve only been going a week and a bit so I’d love some feedback 🙂


      1. Thank you so much! And sure, I’ll visit your blog. And come on, everyone has a different style. I’m sure you have something to offer that no one else can! Keep writing!

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    2. Maybe you already planned to do this, but I’d be interested in reading, what medical school was like. In comparison, to what your views are before and after, maybe a “4th wall break” of sorts.


      1. Yes, I have many posts planned in the Please Correlate Clinically series that I have started. Will be up soon.


    1. wow this was the most unique and original blog I’ve come across.
      Excellent work on the content,simpliticy, and presentation.
      Keep it up.
      This really made my day

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  7. Hey everyone! It has been awhile since I have been to catch up with some writing and reading. Here is a link to my first post for 2018, it is shifting my focus from all the positive into a more realistic viewpoint of trying to better the self. If you are interested in self-growth or mindfulness topics please take a look and let me know what you think! Look forward to checking out your post of the day as well!

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  8. Hi Guys!
    Here is a link to my most recent post:

    Do check it out and let me know if you liked it!

    My blog, Aestheticgraphy has content ranging from poetry to lifetstyle to motivation and is basically me and my life on a blog!
    If you like my content, do hit that follow button because I’m nearing 1000 follows.

    Leave links to your blog too, so I can check them out.


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      1. Your blog is great! I loved the use of gif’s, really makes reading much more interesting, and obviously some great advice given too !