Blogging From Your Phone: A New Year’s Resolution

Post on the go, as inspiration strikes.

I’m a big fan of blogging resolutions. Whether it’s planning to publish a blog post every day for a year, posting a list of favorite things every week, or sharing photos all year, resolving to blog can be a great way to kick off a new site or revitalize one that’s stalled.

This year, I’m resolving to update my blog from the WordPress mobile app. My phone is always nearby, which allows me to blog from wherever I am, and there’s something about the smaller screen that seems to take the pressure off for me. I can whip up a post draft on the spot or publish a photo immediately.

Challenge yourself to blog from your phone in 2018! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Document Your World

Keeping a record of our lives — of how we spend each day, how we get through hard times, and celebrating our successes — can be so rewarding. As we settle into a routine, the days can start to blur when you recall them. But when you document your life on a blog as it happens, you’ll be able to look back with clarity. A few years ago, I blogged every single day for a year, and I must admit that whole year is so much easier for me to recall than any others in recent history. The highs and lows, the travel, landing a new job, and what was on my mind that year are all right there to read and remember.

Another bonus of documenting your year? If you’ve ever wanted to do a big recap post, it’s easier when you’ve blogged the whole thing. My 2016 “Year in Review” post was simple since I’d blogged so much of my life all through the year.

I even included this line in my first yearly recap, written in 2015:

I took a peek through the archives to remember my year, and I must point out that the months before I started this blog (January, February, March) were the most difficult to recall because I didn’t really have any details recorded. Blogging saves memories, y’all.

Considering writing your own year in review post? See here for tips.

Resolving to blog from your phone will help you keep that resolution going strong all year. Making a habit of managing your blog on your mobile device helps eliminate the need for the “right” time or place. You can take a photo with your phone or share your thoughts on a place you’re visiting any time, anywhere.

Reach Your Goals

Beyond documenting your life, maybe 2018 is the year you tackle how to make the perfect pie crust or the year you snap a photo to represent each day. Document your progress (and eventual win!) right from your phone. Working on your computer isn’t possible while you’re up to your elbows in dough, or out and about looking for your daily photo, but your phone is right there with you the whole time. (And a little pie crust smudging up your phone screen will wipe right off. Not that I know anything about that… )

Starting a photo blog for 2018? Check out themes that highlight photography.

Take your photos and tap out a quick update in the WordPress app to update your readers on your success as you go. Create a tag or category on your blog to group your progress posts together so you can take a look back at your success at the end of the year.

Inspiration at Your Fingertips

Keeping a photo blog in 2018? Try the weekly photo challenge. When blogging a photo each day, snap a photo with your phone and upload it into your post in the app right away. You can add text if you’d like, or keep it simple by posting it with just a title to explain the image and the image itself, like my colleague Cate did on her photo blog all throughout 2017.

Looking for a theme that showcases your writing? Browse our blogging themes here.

If writing daily is more your style, check out the daily prompt or take our free Blogging University course on writing called “Finding Everyday Inspiration.” (Feeling ambitious? Dedicate a whole month or year to blogging about prompts shared here on The Daily Post.)

Connect with People

By participating in prompts or challenges, you can find bloggers with similar interests and develop a group of blogging friends who read each others’ blogs, swap comments, and give you a boost anytime you feel a creative block coming on.

In the app, tap on Reader to browse posts by bloggers you follow, see the latest curated content on Discover, or search by topic to find new blogs to follow. Personally, I find it helpful to see other people blogging about similar challenges or goals I’ve set for myself, and chances are, if you blogged about your recent kitchen fail, so have many others.

Get Started Now

I look forward to following along as other bloggers document their year along with me! If you’re new to blogging in the app, this post will help get you started.

Kickstart that blogging habit in 2018! Find the plan that’s right for you.

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  1. I’ve been trying to stay on my blogging game for well over a year but I always slack, I made a deal with myself to start blogging more this year and this just gave me major motivation. So thank you 💛

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  2. I like to blog on my tablet but I will give this ago next time I blog. What I am thinking of doing is going the a zoo and getting a couple of photos of lions to share with you all. I will try to take them on my phone and not on my camera. ☺


    1. Hey I just wanted to say that I hope your blog goes very we’ll and if you have the time can you read mine to tell me if I’m doing OK and what would you change that would mean a lot to me. And when you start your blog I will read it every time that’s a promise xx


  3. I’ve had my blog for about a year and a bit and although I have not been the most consistent ( I’ll definitely produce better content this year ) I’ve found that scheduling blogs helps to take the weight off a huge amount ✊🏽

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  4. This is super helpful to me as I am new to blogging. At the moment u just record my work but it’s a good thing to record day to day life. check out my blog if your interesting 🙂


  5. What a coincidence coming across this post… I decided to do the same for my travel blog starting with my new year’s Eve vacation! It’s fun posting everyday because the details are so fresh in memory. for all the great places I’ve visited, I’ve had issues recalling specific details of the trip if I write about them later.


  6. I love blogging from my phone! It’s actually easier, in my opinion, than blogging from your desktop. I will also start a draft with a title and add the photos I want to use and go back to finish later.

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  7. Love this post!! I made a resolution to blog every day and it is so much easier with the WordPress app! I have had the app since I started my blog but only usually used it to follow stats. Since the year started, I have definitely taken advantage of its convenience and I am loving it! Thanks for sharing all of your wisdom!! I am going to try to grow my community more using collaboration with other bloggers, participating in challenges, etc. as you suggested and I think it will be extremely beneficial! Wishing you a wonderful 2018!!

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  8. Your desire to have us posting updates of our life on wordpress will be its downfall. There is already a platform for that (facebook). I’d prefer wordpress to be about depth. Now some flash-fiction would work well on a phone.

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