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  1. Hello, my WordPress site is something that I’m using to host my online resume, portfolio, and personal blog. I’m also looking into registering it as a “.ca” domain. Still doing research on that front! All feedback is welcome!

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    1. A portfolio blog; quite nice. What I would do though is copyright some of your stuff – Creative Commons may be enough for it if you have no problems borrowing your stuff (esp. as long as they don’t use it for commercial purposes, remix it, etc, they must credit you, etc.)

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      1. Thanks for the tip Jonny! For the copyrighting… would I just need to include a creative commons statement somewhere on my site? I think your idea is great, I’m just not sure how to implement it

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    2. I tried replying twice, but I guess it didn’t show up. Anyway, I have a copyright page on mine that might give you some ideas on how to implement a copyright page: If you want to put more things in your licence (like it can’t be remixed, have to attribute you, public domain &c), feel free to read up on it at You may want to dedicate a bit of time to find what kind of copyright you want to have – it’s quite the read (well, the last time *I* was there).


    1. Hi Sophie, thanks for sharing. I think that your short story is packed with a lot of emotion. It’s fictional, but I read a lot of real feelings in it. I do have constructive criticism to share. Writing short stories can be difficult when it comes to creating a smooth “flow” in the ideas. There is limited room for much else but concise descriptions. I highly recommend reading a lot of short stories to get a better idea of how authors setup the scene and walk their readers through the characters’ experiences. I found that your short story took me on a very brisk walk with little pause. I would have loved to have spent some more time with your characters. One recommendation I have is the author Halli Villegas. Happy writing!

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    1. Hi, Sophia! I checked out your blog and noticed that you’ve recently figured out how to keep a blog post from being fully seen on your Home page. Yet your older posts are still fully displayed on your Home page, so I encourage you to go back & get your Home page to be consistent. Not sure how to do that as I’ve always assumed that once you got your Home page customized to show only excerpts that it would affect all of your posts.

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  2. HOT off the Press! I just published this extremely practical blog, the first of 3 in a little series on bargain shopping. Rather timely, right?
    I do have a couple of technical questions, so I’m hoping someone can answer them for me here. (Please leave comments/questions about my content on the blog itself; put your comments/questions about technical stuff here. Thanks!)
    Q1: Does it help or hinder the loading of pictures when I decrease the picture’s pixel size but the byte size goes up? Two pictures in this blog were decreased in pixel, but the one of the gas station sign increased in bytes while the one of the odometer decreased in both pixel and bytes.
    Q2: … Well, I’ve now forgotten what my second question was! Oh well, maybe I’ll remember it later.

    Thanks in advance for your input! Remember: technical stuff here; blog topic comments on the blog. 🙂

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    1. Great advice! I have always told my parents that the discount they get in gas from a Costco Gas Station (20 minutes from their home) was not worth the drive. I plan on sharing your article with them to drive my point home.

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      1. Thanks, Julie! I just wish you had put this comment on the actual blog, though. Great comments like these deserve to be seen by other readers of the blog to help get the conversation going. Either way, I appreciate knowing this blog is proving useful. Thanks, again!

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    2. Thank you, Strugglinghuman101, for helping me remember my second question! What other tags would you have put on this blog of mine if you had written it? I kind of struggled to come up with the six I got. I can always use help with tags! So I’ll appreciate any suggestions, no matter how old the post is!

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  3. Happy Monday fellow poolers!

    I have a new post this week that focuses on life after a break up. It’s titled ‘what becomes of the broken hearted’, and it’s something a little different to my usual travel content.
    However it does include some photos from my recent trip to Malaysia, for those still looking for a travel fix.

    I hope you enjoy! X

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    1. Hello! I love your post! I had a little bit of a different situation but ultimately, I was left by then fiance and he did not show one even twitch of sorrow after years of being together and knowing each other even longer. So I can understand some of that aspect and being blind to what was in front of me. Anyway, what I am trying to get to is. Your post is amazing, you show your strength and raw emotion and it’s well written!

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    2. I fucking LOVE this post. It is, without any doubt, the best and most inspirational text I’ve read in a month or so. Thank you for it. Also: I love your user name. I wish you a great Eat Pray Love years 😀

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  4. It’s not that I want anybody to specifically check out any individual post — because they’re all freakin’ amazing! 🙂 — but I want some feedback if the site is set-up the best possible way and to make sure that despite the sensitive topic, it’s not off-putting to a person maybe looking for help for the first time and just sticking their toe into the water of recovery. Any advice or suggestions in advance of my book coming out…and an increase in traffic….is appreciated.

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  5. Hello All,
    I was a bit hesitant to post my latest piece; mainly because I couldn’t think of a fitting title. The one I went with is most definitely the strangest one I’ve ever created, and I’m wondering if people find it fitting or just off-putting. I’d greatly appreciate any feedback on this post or the overall site itself.

    I’m over at

    Thank you!

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    1. You are right. The title is weird. Not off-putting, it just does not really give as any insight into the content of the post. “A soul saver for a day” is what popped into my mind. What’d you think?

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      1. I like it! It certainly gives a little more of a glimpse into what the post is about. I’ll have to keep that thought in mind the next time I’m unsure about a title. I need to find a happy medium between intriguing/engaging and informative.

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    1. I think some of the things you’re writing and topics you tackle are thought provoking, which is good, but you need to take care of the little things, like the widgets and text blocks that need to be changed from the generic template. I’ll often pass over blogs if it doesn’t look like they are maintained, and it would be a shame if people missed what you have to say.

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      1. Go to the menu labeled customize, then first click on site identity. That will help with some of it. Then click on widgets and fix what you need to. Explore this customize page. You can do lots of cool stuff there


  6. hey friends,

    Two posts to share today and the first is SUPER INSPIRING – story of some people from the townships [slums] in South Africa who are making a huge difference through a guerilla gardening project they are doing – check it out and feel free to pass it on:

    The other piece is a piece i wrote on being kind online and how sometimes we confuse Kind with Nice – well worth reading if you spend a lot of time interacting online…

    All the best as we gear up for Christmas Season posts and more.
    love brett fish


      1. It’s a secret. I’m a genius coder.
        No, not really…
        Discovered it by chance.
        Go to “My site” panel, settings, general, holiday snow.
        Now you can join in and become a part of our WP snow cult!

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      1. Hi, thanks for reading and commenting. I’m sorry you cant register.What is the reason why its not letting you? I use Disqus because it gives other people (not on WordPress) a chance to comment. What does it say if you try to register? x

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  7. Hey hey hey 💕😊 Merry Christmas everyone (if I can say so already) I’m doin Blogmas this year 😉 hopefully you can all check it out 🎄❄️ I decided to become much more serious about blogging so I really need all of your help 🙏 can’t wait to meet all of you amazing new people and read your blogs 💕💁🏼

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  8. Hi
    I have a blog called Your Horse, Your Pony. It is for horse lovers. How can I get more views, more followers, and more contestants for my current contest? Please go check out my blog!
    If you want to enter my contest,
    I can see you have a lot of followers, likes, and comments. Please give me some feedback!
    By the way, if anyone is interested, I have a current 25 Days of Christmas with a new post everyday.
    from YHYP

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    1. I have found the best way so far for me to gain views and followers is to be involved on other people blogs. Make sure to like and comment on others post, they are typically kind enough to return the favor. I think your page is great and I love your contest. I am sure they will become more fun each time as more people get involved

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    1. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes it is hard for a “norm” to talk to people with issues, because no matter what they say it will be wrong. Even if they have the best intentions. They often try to comfort you in their imperfect ways. Saying “you look well” should be taken at face value. They think you look well. That is all.

      Definitely a delicate subject for all parties involved.

      I did not see the option to comment on your blog with a WordPress account. Is that intended?

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      1. Hello and thank you for reading and commenting I really appreciate your feedback!
        I agree, it is hard (after experiencing it from both sides)so this is why I hope that sharing my thoughts on what works for me and what perhaps a person could say might help…although might not be the same for everybody!

        I use Disqus for comments as it gives other people (not on WordPress) a chance to comment too – its pretty easy to register on there if you wanted to join 🙂 X

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  9. Hi guys and gals…fellow bloggers. I’m the writer for the Gamebooks blog, we are a small company, so our blog is in free mode for now. I am enjoying the process of writing content and commenting, liking and following all of your amazing posts as well! Who is doing blogmas? I’m sure interested in posting consistently so please leave some feedback and thank you!

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    1. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I’m kind of distracted by your layout. It’s hard to distinguish where a post begins and where it ends. I don’t really like the font, either. Or maybe it’s the backdrop. Dunno…