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    1. Loved your blog, liked, commented and followed you. I will appreciate it a lot, if you follow me back.
      Please do visit my blog when time permits.
      I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on one of my most recent posts

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Mike Lukas here, nice to meet ya.
    I just discovered this great pool of creative brains and I’m anxious, er, excited to hear what you fine bloggers have to say.

    My 2 month old blog is called American Humanist and I use my humor and life experience to break down a particular current issue or a news story or a personal event and impart a humanist (think Buddhist) perspective to it. Besides being entertaining and consistent, my initial goal, as is all of yours, I’m sure, is to build up a larger readership.

    My question is this: Is it best for a blog to focus on one particular angle of subject matter (politics, family stuff, new events) and specialize only in that, or is it okay to use all subjects as long as your personal perspective, POV, and writing style remains consistent?

    Thanks so much for whatever insight you can share!
    I look forward to hearing what you have to say and checking out YOUR blog.

    Take care,

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    1. I love it. Great work and the description you have given here is apt.
      And as for the question, I am trying to write my blog in only a particular angle, as that was the aim behind mine. So, there is some trouble in finding new topics that goes with the angle and type of presentation chosen. If you think that this won’t be an issue in your case, I think this would be best.

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      1. Thanks, Nibras, I appreciate you checking it out. You’re so right, choosing topics is much fun but extremely challenging – so many to choose from, which one for today???
        I feel like I have something to say about everything so I’m not worried about running out of ideas or topics. I guess I’m curious if the readers read blogs for the niche, or for the writing, or for both. I’d hate to confuse them with my content.
        Your blog, for instance, is a great example of finding a cool niche and running with it. As a fellow lunatic, 🙂 I really appreciated your take on ‘nostalgia’ from that particular POV. I’ll be interested in seeing how you go about choosing topics as time goes on – I think it’ll be a lot of fun for you to apply the lunatic’s lens to each little aspect of the world.
        Best of luck, and again, thanks for checking it out!
        Talk later,

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    2. Really enjoyed your latest post! I personally think that you should write about everything that you want to write about. If you want your blog to almost be an extension of yourself or the documentation of your thoughts, feelings and life then I feel it should be as multifaceted as you are. I mean I started my blog to write about and explain science things that interested me but I also to document my gap year which means that there will be a huge variety of posts as I’m doing a huge variety of things. I think I might get bored trying just to write scientific articles, so I like it that I have given myself the freedom to write about a bunch of things!
      Carlotta 🙂

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  2. Hey everyone! I’m new to the pool, but would love your feedback. I’ve had my blog up and running for a while and seem to be struggling for viewerd. I want to grow and expand as much as possible! One of my posts is one I update often. The name of it is Dirty Vans. I also have a direct link to all of the pictures I post from my adventures.
    If you could leave your feedback I would forever be grateful! It can be directly on the post or here, whatever is more convenient for you.😊 Thank you in advance!!

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    1. Hey I really liked your post. One thing though is in the first line when you say “click link to see segment” I didn’t actually know where the link was without trying to click on every surrounding word, so I’d work on trying to make your links a different color text than the rest of the post so people know that it’s actually a link!

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    Hey guys, just posted me 5th blog in a row, even got an achievement. The support on the blogs has been amazing, and it would be great if you could check it out! I write about my daily life, and the blogs are very personal to me! If you do visit, leave a like, comment or even share it if you love it.
    Thanks for the support!
    Love Always!

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  4. MAJOR Milestone!!!

    May I have your attention, please! Today shall go down in history as the day that I became a PAID WRITER! Fresh off the press, I sold my postcard to a local store! How honored I feel!
    The opportunity to share my words, these words I hold so dearly, is an unprecedented gift I am so grateful for.

    The sense of accomplishment, and pride and excitement I’m feeling is undescribable. Truly.

    Please check out my work and let me know what you think! Thank you.

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    1. I typed a whole wordy comment and then received this error ‘Invalid security token.’ So I’m not sure if it posted =( I can tell you were passionate about your post and had a lot to share, but I would try to trim it down to be more welcoming to a passing reader. Great write, certainly all can relate!

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      1. Hey, thanks for the comment. Comments are such a mess once you move away from! Hopefully it’s been fixed now.

        As for the length, I am aware it might have been a bit too long. I’ll know for next time. I was wondering if articles of this length won’t better in the long term, however, when people search for them on Google and want a lot of content? What do you think?

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      2. You do an awesome job breaking it up with engaging pics. I think it all depends on what your blogs direction is. If you are looking to present with posts that are analytical and informative, then definitely keep at it and stay true to your length. You might lose individuals that don’t want a ‘commitment read’. It’s all a matter of author style and reader preference, but I always recommend playing to your strengths as a writer and being consistent because your fans will always know what they want and it will rarely change ie: re-releasing every movie ever made.

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  5. Hey, fellow amazing people,
    I am a newbie to blogging and have been trying out different styles and content to write about, you can also see that experimenting in my bogs :P.

    Recently I had an idea to write a poem using images, so I wrote one you can check it out there

    And then I wrote a subsequent blog on how to write poems using images or adding text to your travel, art or food images.

    Would love to get some feedback on what you think of the content and what is something that you would like to read about or you personally like to read about?

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  6. Hey everyone! Just posted another blog on my site. The support on the blogs has been amazing, and it would be great if you could check it out! I write about my experiences, my struggles, lessons that I’ve learned, and hope to be able to inspire and help other people too! If you do visit, leave a like, comment or even share it if you love it. Thanks for the support!

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