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  1. One of the biggest challenges in world today is staying focused. Especially with all the craziness that’s going on. It often has nothing to do with you – you slept well, had great breakfast, was ready to start working… then you open email/read news and… you suddenly don’t feel like doing anything. You only feel need to rest. So – how do you switch your focus from thinking about rest, to thinking about work you need to do? That’s what I talk in my latest post:

    I’m curious to hear from you – what strategies do you use to re-focus your thoughts? Have you found something that works 100% of the time? Looking forward to your responses!

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    1. This is an interesting perspective! I definitely agree that we sometimes need to take time to relax–but if we work hard we will often find that we’re more fulfilled by that hard work. Thanks for sharing!

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    2. Interesting topic 🙂 Too be honest I think I have it the other way around I often have to make myself relax because I always have too many things planned all the time and then rest do make me really happy. Reminds me that life isn´t always about getting somewhere but also about enjoying the ride 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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      1. For me, considering I work from home, I’ve actually found that the more active I am, the better I feel. Like, if I take 3 days and decide to do nothing – which I am able to do at any time- at the end of day 3 I’ll feel completely depressed.

        On the other hand if I take 3 days and make a list of 10 things to accomplish – if manage to do those 10 things – it’ll be state of euphoria… so long as those 10 things get me closer to my life’s goals.

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    3. As a constant procrastinator, if I want to get anything done I have to do it soon after I wake up or else pulling away from Nextflix or YouTube to do work will be that much harder. I also find it’s helpful that I like what I do so I always want to work, but I can see how it would be hard for those who find work a chore to get started.

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    4. Nice post. For me making a realistic planning works. Next to that, I try to keep my desk clean and sober, and move regularly to avoid being in the same position all the time.

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    5. Great post. I totally agree with you. I tend to find myself in similar situations so often especially after getting myself onto some relaxing activity. What I do to get my concentration and keep it, is to use a schedule. It helps me stay on track knowing what to do next.

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    6. I really like this. “We all become what we focus on and think about.” If we tell ourself it won’t happen chances are it won’t, if we tell ourselves it will and we really believe it you’ll find yourself taking small actions to make it happen – self fulfilling prophecy.

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    1. Hi, Ida,

      Your review is definitely worth the time to read. From what I read, I got the vibe of utmost enjoyment you felt when you read it. Your post definitely salutes the author.

      As a rookie, I will most likely bcheck the book.

      Thanks for this 🙂


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    1. Very nice post know, I have done all of these … I take genuine interest in people’s matter and talk more about them and less about me … but wen I do this , it will be oly abt dem and no more abt me … I am a real good listener … when somebody is sharing something to me I genuinely listen to them , try to empathise their situation n not just hear to give some random advice as soon as dey r done .. by wen asked 4 an advice I definitely give 1 ..even after all of these I am projected as if I do not talk much to people .🙁 this is the very main reason why I created a blog here so Tat I want to just talk whatever I feel like …do visit my blog let me know for feedback 😊

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    1. Sometimes you need a ‘vacation from your vacation’! Enjoyed your post and am going to peak around at some others on your blog, too. All this thinking about travelling is giving me some wanderlust this morning!

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    2. Your blog is awesome. I came across your post, “An Open Letter to Worried Parents” and almost immediately forwarded it to mine. Felt connected to what you’re writing about so I gave you a follow. Keep on keepin’ on.

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      1. Such an amazing comment, thank you thank you! I’m undergoing a phase where I wish to connect with my parents more, however, it’s still crazy difficult to do so! I hope you keep on going as well ❤

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      1. Great post! I should keep a copy on hand during the more stressful travel moments of my upcoming trip! It’s so important to remember that spontaneity and plans on the fly are a valuable part of the adventure when traveling. Having an iron grip on the itinerary with no flexibility leads to unnecessary stress and as you mention in your post, does not go over well when traveling with others!

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    3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and your advice! I’m a neurotic traveller and can pack a weekend bag with enough for a month, when I read that you were speaking to me 😁

      Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve actually kept my blog quite separate from the people I know (aside from a select few), so I understand what you mean by having an online identity. Been trying to work up the courage to be more confident in my blog and be able to talk more about it!

      Liked by 10 people

      1. I also haven’t told anyone I know personally about my blog. I feel a little strange when I think about my friends reading my unqualified advice to a most general audience. I don’t think they would react negatively, in fact I feel they would be really supportive, but I think I also wanted to see what I could achieve on my own.

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    2. Concept of online identity is very dear to me… obviously I am writing under pseudonym. Thus I enjoyed reading your article since I get perspective of someone who combines their real and online identity (unlike myself – 100% online identity). Will be following your blog!

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    3. I prefer to keep my identity hidden from whomever reads my blog . I can write anything I want but a limit what could be linked to my real identity. I think that we must write what we feel is right and share it with whomever read it

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    4. Came across your name in the comments above and already left a reply on your post. Interesting blog! Followed so I can keep up-to date 🙂

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    5. I’ve also kept my blog separate from the people I know. Only few of them know about it. I am not ready for everyone that knows me to be able to read my deepest thoughts. Maybe someday I will be confident enough 😀.

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    6. Very great post! I feel the same way most of the time. Previously, when I wrote blog posts about life lessons and experiences, I would feel super uncomfortable sharing it, knowing that there were family members (some of whom that post related to) are reading it. However, I’ve learned to write for me like you’ve stated. Your blog is a reflection of you and your thoughts, therefore, you can’t allow others to shape what you share! I always think about the fact that whatever you attempt to share may be the key to helping someone else, so it’s best to just share it anyway.

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    7. It’s interesting to know tat there are many people here who think alike . I have maintained a complete different account just for my blog . I have a fear of being judged based on my language or grammar or unethical writing ;when my friends or family read my blog .

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    8. I read your post, interesting thoughts. I only have a handful of people that know about my blog. My sister really wants to plug it, but I told her that the right, like minded people will come across it in time. Although I don’t have anything to hid, I just don’t want all my Facebook “friends” to have a sticky beak for the sake of it. And also I’m not sure if I write any good! I want to be able to write really well first!

      Liked by 2 people

    9. I am pretty new to blogging. I started blogging to just clear my mind of a lot of random thoughts. Only a few people from my life know about it and I hope some day I have the courage to share it with them too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Brilliant! I’ll be sure to check it out! I’m going to Cape Town 🙂 however I am hoping to branch out to other near by area’s 🙂

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  2. Hi everyone! My name is Josie and I have a lifestyle blog! I recently shared some of my top Instagrammable spots around Dubai! Check out the link here:

    Would love to hear your opinion and connect with you guys! x

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    1. I like your blog and followed it, but was slightly put off by the fact that you commented on my blog, quite generically and then asked for me to check yours out. You may want to rethink your tactics…

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  3. It seemed fitting that scoring tickets to U2’s final U.S. performance of their Joshua Tree tour in San Diego would be the perfect segue to our visit to Joshua Tree National Park one day later. U2’s iconic album, filled with haunting melodies and provocative lyrics still resonates, even thirty years after its release. That the two events would collide seemed akin to kismet, providing inspiration for a mash-up of U2 music and National Park imagery.

    It’s not the style of my customary posts, so I’d love your feedback about the different format.

    Liked by 9 people

    1. YOU need to be on the other end of that camera! Not a big fan of selfies.
      India is incredible! Tell us! Make us want to hop on the next plane! Explain the smells of the spice markets! Quench our eyes with the one and only Taj Mahal, Veranasi or Hampi ruins! Oh, the sounds! No one that hasn’t been will understand! The smiles of the street food walas! I want to be immersed! Tell the story!

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  4. Hi everyone,

    I have a creative writing blog where I write short stories which I have written for a creative writing course I’m currently taking. I will also in the future be adding new content such as posts about the craft of writing and book reviews. I also do lots of arts and crafts with my kids so i’m sure some of that will feature to. Come and take a look!
    My latest post is an assignment I did about a getaway car scene based on a written statement of a road traffic accident involving a fatality. It is written in several different points of view. So any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


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    1. Maybe a photo closer to the top of the post? Commented on your Iceland post! I love your blog and your tips for traveling on a budget!

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  5. hey everyone,

    i am busy looking for work at the moment and so i wrote a post sharing some of the struggle plus trying to include some humour so as to be both informative [in case i know anyone who has a job which might fit me] but also wanting it to be a fun vibe post to read and hopefully resonate with others who are looking for work.

    Do you think i managed to hit both of those?

    Thanks for stopping by
    love brett fish

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