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    1. Hi there! What a fantastically designed blog you’ve established already! I sincerely like it. I believe your style is appropriate for the audience you are reaching out toward as well as nicely put together. I wish you all the best and happy blogging! 😃💫

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    2. Great blog Archit, congratulations. Nice start and being an engineer myself I really like the theme. Very rarely people talk about technology here. 😀 Good luck and hope to see a lot of tech talk from you. Good luck!

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      1. He Shivani, thanks for your kind appreciation about my blog. To be frank I just now checked the stats and it said 250 comments last month! 😀 I checked your blog and I find that you have done a great job configuring them. Way you did your homework you look like very organized person. Now coming back to the responses on WP, basically I see it all depends on what you write and how you engage with people, only then the conversations stat. I am not expert here, just started this April, but I am able to attract lot of followers. May be because kind of posts I do. First find the blogs like yours, and follow them. Then interact with them, not because you want them to follow you, but exchange real ideas. This way people will get curious to check your blog. Unlike other social channels here the followers will come very slowly. Dont get mislead by blogs having thousands on followings, if you check the likes some of those blogs generating very shabby. I have one post under my blog, under category called WordPress, this I wrote some time ago for the benefit of new comers here. You have to find like minded people in WP itself, very few fallowing will come from Facebook and Instagram, in my opinion. Something applicable to LinkedIn too. One thing is sure, quality stuff will be picked up by people, but you have to do be patient here. Build your audience slowly and steadily. Dont do fallow to fallow kind of stuff, it never works. Have user interactive posts regularly if possible.
        Again I am not an expert, just my two cents to you.
        Hope it makes some sense, and wish you all the best.

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  1. I had asked a related question on community pool this week but I have a follow up question for the veteran bloggers. My wife and I both write on our blog. Is there a way for my comments to show my name and her comments as her name? Currently, our display name is both of us. Thanks! – Em

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    1. Hmm…with a joint account, I don’t think this is possible. I could be wrong, though. Just because one of you separately logs in, the system doesn’t know which of you it is, if that makes any sense. I know you leave a signature at the end of your posts, which is a nice idea. I’ll have to investigate to see if I can find a better answer for you! 🙂

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      1. It looks as if some people with more experience than me found some answers for you! I hope they’re helpful, Em! And ps: I still love your blog! 💫

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    2. I used to contribute to a student newspaper on wordpress, and we were able to upload posts through separate accounts (similar to how several different people are able to contribute and post under the Daily Post blog name). If one of you made a separate account in your name, then became a contributor to the other, main blog, that might do the trick. Alas, I forget the specifics of it, but I don’t think it’s too difficult once you have that second account?

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    3. Create another account for your wife on WordPress. And login from the main account and add your wife as an editor. Once done both of you can access the same blog and post. All your comments will be displayed with your own login names. This is the right way of doing it. WordPress already has a support for it. ope this helps.

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    4. As Raj mentioned, you can add multiple users on one blog and assign various user roles:

      This means that each contributor/author can have their own bylines on their posts.

      If you currently just share one username/account to log into, you might consider signing up for another username/account so you’re able to leave your own comments, write your own posts, have essentially have separate “identities” across This is the approach that most group blogs and bigger publications take.

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    1. Hey…checked your blog, nice start! …but you need to do a little bit of the customization. First, there is a text widget which needs to be configured. Also, check those social icons, they can be pointed to your social sites or be deleted if you don’t want. Please take care of them.
      Good luck.

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      1. Checked your blog, looks neat. Since you are reviewing the books, I feel there should be some text visible along with the picture on your blog. Currently, it shows only the picture. Try using some other themes which support it. The theme which I am using does that. There are other themes too. Your about page needs an edit. Rest all good.
        Hope this helps.. keep reviewing .. good luck.

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      2. No.. not bossy at all buddy… Check this one “Baskerville 2” I did use it in the past, here you can control how much text you want to show on the home page, by inserting “Read More” tags in your post. The one I am using now is also cool theme. You can try them out before you apply. Check for a post about “Themes” in my blog under “WordPress” category. I have explained how to preview the theme before you apply. Cheers to you.

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    1. Hey there, Harriet! I like you have an intriguing and unique concept for your blog! Granted I could be wrong, but I don’t see much of yours, which makes it fresh and unique! I like the layout you have chosen for your blog. However, I did notice you had some text widget information you may choose to fill in or erase down at the bottom of your page. It generally can be somewhere to include social media if you so desire. Thanks for sharing and I wish you all the best on your upcoming blogging journey!! 😃💫

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  2. Greetings to my fellow bloggers!

    I am a new blogger and I focus mainly on creative writing. I am publishing some of my work which I have been doing in a creative writing course I’m currently taking.

    My first post is an autobiographical account of a childhood memory.

    I would really like to improve my writing so would appreciate any feedback you can give me.

    I hope you enjoy it!

    Thanks in advance


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    1. Good Morning and Welcome Kristina!, Overall I think your blog is brilliant. Your about page is simple, and leaves the door open to anything creative versus just one thing. I enjoyed your story. I’m not too fond of birds either since I’ve had a vulture vomit into my car window and onto me and once on the way to class at university a bird pooped on me. Your writing is very descriptive but simple, and i loved the images it created in my mind.

      I wish you much luck on your blog. I cant wait for future posts from you

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    1. Good Morning and Welcome! Overall your site is well put together. The pictures are amazing and make me feel like I’m traveling back in time. My only suggestion is to shorten paragraphs. I don’t know why, but it helps with ease of reading.
      Are you offering services to have names looked up?

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    2. What an AWESOME, hands down cool blog you’ve created for yourself! Ahhh. It’s like a history lesson…and one I would be interested in! (Not that I’m not a history nerd anyways 😅) I always have had a fascination with first and surnames and their origins; always thought it was because I’m a fiction writer. Whatever the case, you’ve given me more ammo to indulge my need to investigate surnames. Thanks a bunch and welcome to the WordPress community! 😃💫

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    1. Hello and welcome! It looks like you are off to a good start. I enjoyed your Friday Freebie post. Isn’t it great when you can get something awesome for free? I mean with a little sacrifice of sleep. . but it sounds like it was more than worth it. Maybe you took a nap later?

      I love the way you convey a story, its very easy to follow. One suggestion is to work on your about and contact page. Especially the about page. Readers like to go there to see an overview of what to expect from you.

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    2. Your about and contact sections are still the default wording, I’d recommend changing at least the About Me. In the Contact I’ve seen that most people just delete the wording and leave it as the contact boxes.

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    1. Welcome to blogging. You still need to work on your About page (a lot of bloggers look at this section to know more about you) and customize widgets in the left corner, using the customizer tool. 🙂

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    1. I like your writing style and the concept of “creating” instead of “finding.” Well done. I did notice that you had some widget text under your “blog” Menu option. Welcome to the happy world of blogging and thanks for the share!! 😃💫

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    1. I love the colorful header on your blog. You might want to edit your about me, it’s the first place I (I would assume most people) normally go to on a blog to get a sense of what all of it will be about.

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    2. Hey there, even I am a completely new blogger. Just joined today. I am too writing about beauty and all. I saw your blog and that’s amazing. I am going to follow you. Do follow me back if you want 😊
      Have a great day 😊

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    1. I find your blog interesting and it’s off to a great start. I will follow your blog because I am also a newer travel blogger and like to support other travelers. Good luck to your progress. 🙂

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    1. Your link above goes to a private screen in your My Site dashboard that no one else can see/access. I *think* this is the post you meant to share:

      Currently, you have placeholder text and a default first post on your front page:

      If you’d like to remove that, click the “Edit” link under “Leave a comment” and delete the post.

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    1. I must say very attracting site . Just need some of your time to organise it and the post looks like initial draft.It need some more facts and you should go more deeper to conclude it .Write now its like the rough post.
      I think i got li’l bit rude .For that ,am sorry if I offended you I just tried to give you some suggestions.

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    2. I don’t know if it’s because I was looking at your site on a mobile device but I couldn’t find a navigation menu to find the different areas of your site. It appears to just be one large page. I couldn’t figure out how to get back to your homepage. Also I got a pop up from something called Sumo asking me to log in, but I don’t know what that site even is.

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      1. Hmm. Thank you for the feedback, I will take a look at it. Sumo is the plugin that puts the social media shares on the webpage but I don’t know why it was asking for a login…


    1. I went through some of the posts/pages and couldn’t really understand what your blog is about. Is it about scams? Or life in general? Or just kind of a free form? Sorry if this sounds negative as it’s not meant to sound that way. I just trying to understand the general premise of the blog as there is no “About” page.

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      1. I know what you mean. One of the things that Peter is guilty of is flitting between things. I suppose that I was just putting ideas down and seeing what worked. I will probably have to end up with 3 or 4 blogs ! Thank you for
        your input


      2. I got the same feel but you kinda explain thats who you are and how you think. I think its whimsical. I’m probably not your target market but I could see myself checking your site for specific things.


  3. New blogger !!! First off, I love DAILY POST! But I’d also love if you all check out my blog while I’m just as busy checking out yours, it’s a lesbian blog btw. I’m open to ANY and ALL helpful tips !

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    1. “Finding happiness in everyday life.” this small phrase is so powerful because so many people are searching for happiness and if we just take time to notice and be grateful for little things in each day.

      Overall a good looking blog. Good luck with patience and this new journey.

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