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    1. You have a very nice theme picked out. I noticed that all your blogs are actually under your Contact page, instead of your Home page. Also, the link you provided–which looks like it should be for your home page–opens up the About page. You might want to fix these things; when I saw nothing on your Home page but your About page, I thought you had just started blogging!

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    1. Hi Robert! I quite like your new layout. And I think you should change it whenever you want to! It may work better for you to have something more long term instead of, say, changing it every three months or something. I like the colors and the feel of the blog. I’ve popped my head inside before and always enjoy looking at photographs. Thanks for sharing and best wishes!

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      1. Thanks very much for those kind words. I was happy with it for quite awhile, but then it sort of hit me that a new look might freshen it up for the readers. I agree it is best to keep it the same for a good while. Changing it too much would be confusing. Thanks again!

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  1. Afternoon WordPressers! I’m writing a mental health blog to try and help as many people as possible, gain some knowledge myself and sharpen my blogging skills. I’d very much appreciate help with my blog – specifically, I seem to have all of my blogs posted on my main home page as opposed to the title with a short snippet. Any ideas how to fix that? I’m stumped! Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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    1. To fix your Home page so that blogs are not shown in full, go to your My Site>Themes>Customize button>Content Options and under the Blog Display section select Post Excerpt. I’m no guru, but that should fix your problem.

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      1. Hi Raylene. Thanks so much for the tip and for following along! I believe I followed your instructions. Can someone tell me whether it is in fact fixed from the public view perspective? Thanks again!

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      1. Issue #2 – There are times when I post on WordPress and have automatically linked my posts to my professional FB and LinkedIn pages. However, the image that I wanted as the “cover image” is not what is included in the post. I’ll try to include links for examples
        Wordpress –

        FB –

        Anybody have any ideas or experience?

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  2. My latest post describes a tough but beautiful walk around the Mosedale Horseshoe, which takes in some of England’s finest mountain scenery and ends with a night at the country’s remotest youth hostel, deep in the wilds of Ennerdale. It begins by the shore of Wastwater, where the sight of divers kitting up in the car park, stirs memories of a notorious 80’s murder enquiry.

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      1. Awh. I think you should click on ‘themes’ and then ‘customize’ and them find something there. Sorry that’s all that I know about this technical stuff, wish I could be of more help🙈

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  3. Hi everyone.

    Here is my latest post on Riffs and Rhymes. There was a ton of new music that came out over Aug/Sept and I couldn’t possibly write about it all. I decided to dedicate one post to doing a mini-recap of some recent releases. I included the new albums by Alvvays, Action Bronson, Neil Young and many more.

    Hope everyone has a great week! More posts coming on Wednesday and next weekend.

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    1. Great round up of new releases. Really enjoyed it. I might be wrong but I thought Hitchhiker was more than just a collection, it was recorded as a proper album but never released until now – hence the songs from it leaking out in different guises over the years as you say. Apparently Neil Young has quite a few of these “lost” albums sitting on the shelf waiting for the time he deems it fit to release them, which just goes to show, one of rock’s most prolific artists is twice as prolific as we thought!

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      1. Thanks for checking it out! You are correct. I suppose I could have found a better term than “collection” – but it is another great album from Neil Young nonetheless! Truly one of the most fascinating figures in rock history.

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  4. Hey everyone! I write mainly poetry, and some sprinkling of short stories on my blog. Often times, they’re a synthesis of my emotions, experience, imagination, thoughts, and observations.
    I feel like the human experience is in some ways so universal, that sharing my writings will help others out there feel connected. We’re all going through certain struggles, etc. and writing has been my way of being more vulnerable about mine. 🙂
    Feel free to check out some of my posts, and provide feedback, critique, ideas!

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    1. I’m a big fan of your blog and a regular reader but I think this might be the most dramatic walk yet. Sounds like you had to work hard to achieve it though!

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      1. Thanks George! 😀

        I think it is something about having to walk so far before we started…it means that once we made it to the top we were completely surrounded my mountains and wilderness. 360 degrees of mountains is always dramatic! I honestly think the same thing in Ireland. The mountains are smaller there, but it feels similarly epic once you are surrounded.

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    1. Great account and some stunning photos. Must look very different in winter judging by the size of that snow plough. What an inspiring end to an intense week of work!

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  5. Hello everyone! I’m a fiction writer that focuses on the inclusion of women and minorities as main characters in media and fostering diversity. Recently I started a project where I post short stories in the form of journal entries exploring 2050 San Francisco during a supernatural war. It’s a companion piece to a book I’m working on that expands the universe. I posted the first entry a few days ago giving an overview of my setting and yesterday I posted the second entry which gives insight on an important character. It’s about a famous teenage Japanese-Irish Popstar who happens to be a key player in the war. Would love some feedback! Thanks for your time!

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  6. Hey everyone, I would love it if you guys could have a look at my blog,any constructive criticism will be most appreciated:) I generally write free verse and try to incorporate a new aspect of poetic style whenever I pen a poem,do give it a read..and yes will visit your blogs whenever I get the life👍Thank you!

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