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  1. Hello Community!!
    I’ve been away in Colombia for the past few days and I’ve been blogging all about my trip! The sights, the attractions, the food, the people! It’s my intro into a section of my blog for traveling!
    You can check out all the posts at
    I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoyed writing about it!

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      1. Thank you. I’m glad you liked it 🙂

        And your blog is fascinating. The photos are amazing. It’s like I was standing there myself. Like I was in that place and was looking at the beauty of the moment. I traveled from my bedroom to the sea that I haven’t visited for a long time. So this was a nice experience for me 🙂 Great job! Keep it up 😉

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  2. Hi guys! I have been writing a 3 part series titled “Varun” on an experience that changed my perception about the LGBT in India. Coming from a country where LGBT is a big taboo, my experience with an 8-year-old boy toppled my understanding of the Indian society, LGBT community in India( who are shunned, and discriminated), and the future we leave to the next generation. Do check them out!

    Link to part-1:
    Link to part-2:
    Link to part-3:

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  3. Hello everyone! I am new here and impatient to get feedbacks for my first blog. I want to communicate with people and want to know how can I make it better. Please do check my first blog and leave comments down!

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    1. Your site so far has a clean and easy to navigate layout. Thought I’d recommend adding a header image or a logo to give your blog more visual appeal.
      Also, fill in the About Page with a bit about yourself and your blog and perhaps where you’d like to go with it, this will help readers find out what type of blogger you are.
      As for the widgets, you can either remove or edit the text widget on your site, I’d suggest adding a follow button and when you write more posts, a latest/most popular blog posts widget. This can all be done in the customiser.
      I hope this was useful!!
      Check out my blog

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  4. This is my first time coming to the community pool and to be honest, I’m not sure what I’m doing with blogging. Not in design, or optimizing it to get visitors and feedback, how to get links to share, how to make posts on separate pages, or even what questions to ask. I don’t know what I don’t know. This seemed to be a good place to try and clear up some of the fog. with that in mind, should you have any suggestions, I’m all ears. But in any case, here’s my blog:

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    1. Your blog has a nice layout, it’s easy to navigate and has a clean look. Thought your About Page is a little unconventional in that it’s longer than most, it’s still really captivating and interesting, if you add more visual appeal, I’d suggest adding an image to it.

      In terms of your posts, you have a good writing style and I like that you accompany the text with lots of images, it brings the posts alive.

      Since you have quite a few posts you can split them into categories and have these linked in the Menu at the top. I’d also suggest adding categories to your posts and adding tags as well, this will help your posts be found in the WordPress Reader.

      In terms of widgets at the bottom of the page, I’d suggest adding in a follow button and perhaps some social media links.

      If you want to increase blog traffic and earn more visitors I have a blog post with tips & tricks on how to achieve this

      I hope this was useful!!
      Check out my blog

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  5. Hi everyone! I’m Nicole, a blogger from the Philippines!
    I’ve been a bit busy with real life stuff so haven’t been posting that much these days. Anyway, for this week, I’ve posted about my visit to Hokkaido, particularly to the really beautiful flower gardens of Shikisai-no-Oka! Last week, I was able to post several foodie reviews of some of the restaurants that I was able to try during my family’s trip to the UK as well.
    Feel free to check my blog out and I hope you all have a good day! 😀

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      1. Thanks. Your feedback really encouraged me a lot. It seems to me that most writing inspiration comes in the most depressing time.
        I’m going through a great loss in life, it hurts. But I’ll continue to write, for sure. Thanks again. Have a nice day friend ❤

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  6. I am a lifestyle blogger and i chose this niche because I did not want to be limited in what I can write about. However, now i am afraid I am going to broad and it makes my blog seem like it does not have a purpose. My theme is daily tips for those living on a budget but still want to be healthy. Does my blog convey this or is it too random?

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    1. I feel like the posts you’ve written about aren’t too broad at all, as you’ve already mentioned being a lifestyle blogger means you’re not limited so there’s a huge variety of topics you can write about. If you want to be a little more organised you could categorise the posts and use a widget or a menu to display these categories.
      As long as you’re writing with a passion and that’s visible in your writing style, don’t worry too much about breaking out of your niche. As long as you’re not writing a bunch of lifestyle posts that don’t mean much to you.
      I hope this was useful!!

      Check out my blog

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    1. Wonderful poems and powerful write-ups. Really love your recent write-ups, they are really insightful and original. Your poems are really beautiful too. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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    1. Wonderful blog! Loving the style of your writing, it is very insightful. Really love the way that you incorporate various elements into your writings. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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  7. Hi guys! I did a collab with my favorite nail spa in the city I live it. They are really amazing and starting to franchise out! This is one of my first “reviews”/posts about a local company (besides the post right before this one on House as Field…feel free to check that one out too!). Would love to get everyone’s thoughts on how I went about it. Was there something I left out that you would have liked to read about? Something you liked particularly about this post? Thanks all!!

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    1. Wow… Breath taking blog! Really love the crisp and white, minimalistic style of your blog, although your font is quite small but it compliments the style of your blog. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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    1. Wonderful… I am utterly speechless by your post, it is simply magnificent. After reading through that long piece of writing, I really love the expressive way of your writing. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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    1. Welcome to the blogging community! Congratulation on picking up the courage to blog. Try to be expressive about yourself on your blog, and please do write something on your blog, it is empty, haha. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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