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  1. Hey y’all! Hope you’re having a great day! (How is it Monday already 😩😩) Did any of you see the solar eclipse today?

    Recently I took a small break, but I’ve reflected on some of my thoughts and finally came up with a new post, this time on how our society today uses our phones (social media in particular):

    I hope you found it somewhat motivating, and please do spread the message with your friends.

    Thanks again!

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    1. Hi, you make a very valid point. It’s like when something horrible happens, you see people filming it on their phones rather than going to help! I found myself agreeing with you about Instagram. I would be embarrassed to get my phone out in a coffee shop or restaurant & starting photographing my order. I have deleted a lot of my social apps and kept it to a minimum.

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    1. I really enjoyed this post! I think you had a lot of valid things to say, why do we measure self-worth by these things surely we are more than money and actions? I think you and your opinionated head are right.

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    1. Heart felt post. I left a comment on your Blog. Many students are deciding to take Gap years to figure out what they want to do. In America, because College has become so expensive, I read that we want to work with the Germans in better understanding vocational training, so that we can start to offer that to students. Also, you don’t have to go to a University to be successful. Remember that Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates from Microsoft quit College to pursue their dreams. If you are able to find what you are passionate about, with the internet now, the sky is the limit on what you can pursue/create/do. BY THE WAY… I DID NOT SEE A FOLLOW BUTTON ON YOU SITE. Maybe I missed it. If not, you should ADD this.

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  2. What’s everyone’s view on partition? There has been a lot of news about it here in the UK and that’s set me wondering about my own family. Anglo-Indian and born and raised in India they left for the UK in 1950 never to return. I am fascinated by this era for obvious reasons. It would be great to hear from anyone else with these sorts of memories or family background, thanks.

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    1. I think we ALL worry about losing our creativity. I like the “idea” of your Blog; however, the name tends to focus on fear, which is negative, rather the excitement and creativity, which is positive. I like your Tag line a lot. Needy though, I don’t think you are needy.. look up the definition, it is not positive. I think “Desire to Continually Create” is what you are after… yes? (Maybe crave, desire, strive, wish….) Love post idea, we ALL want to stay creative.

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      1. They’re different definitions for the word “Needy”. People tend to gravitate to the most negative connotations for the term. The type of “Needy” that I’m refering to is one that is wanting…expecting more from life. For now, I am Needy….I’m not afraid of term; I’m neither praising nor shaming it. ❤

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      2. That’s what Blogging/writing is about. We write how we feel, we know that everyone will have their opinion/thoughts on our writing and that is A-OK, because that is what being a “writer” is about! It’s also why we read certain things in life, it’s what we “need,” then time passes and suddenly we are inspired by “different” things in life. I appreciate your responding and encourage people to visit your website. You have a lot of good energy and creative ideas that you are sharing with us. Keep on going! 🙂

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  3. Hello lovely bloggers ❤️

    I just started blogging a month ago – it is a mix between fashion blog along with some personal thoughts. I am a fashion freelancer starting business study this fall, mostly blogging about my ideas, creative processes and fashion projects ! I really enjoy blogging, it motivates me and I love to get inspired from you other bloggers out there ! Since I am still new at this, I would LOVE some feedback ! And to meet other creative bloggers!

    My newest post from sunday

    🙌🏻🎀 PALE MIST

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  4. Hello everyone! I just transferred from a .com site to a .org site because I’d really like for my blog to become to becoming something more than my mum just reads 😉 I’d love you all to check it out
    I’d appreciate any and all feedback 🙂 xoxo lillirose

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    1. Hello, I just visited your site. It’s different, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. What is your goal with your site? Is it mainly about your life? I tired to read your About page, the text is very faint in color, so it was hard for me to read it. Your headers (Home, About, etc.) are very small and at the top of the page where they got lost. I would recommend shrinking your main photo a little bit, because right now the design of your Blog does not flow nicely… for me anyhow. First there was the huge main photo, and then the focus seems to be on the count down number you have… Is that what you really want? Seems to me you should focus on your Blogging posts instead. Just my humble opinion. Great job, you have a lot of energy. Regarding the “.org,’ still do not understand why you changed to that. Normally, a “.org” is used for “non-profit companies.”

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    1. I have been trying to lose weight forever… Ironically, I just finished a half-assed attempt at some reps with my ab wheel… I think my seeing this post this instant is definitely a sign. Thanks!

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    2. The idea of your Blog is a good one, but it feels very impersonal — too perfect. Would be nice if you used some photos that “you took,” because it looks like you are using stock photos for everything. Now, if you want more of a branded type of site and not a personal one than I guess this would be fine. Usually, people are trying to lose weight, you were gaining weight.. maybe explain WHY in your About section, so we understand what your journey was and how that enables you to help BOTH people who want to lose or gain. GREAT idea for your website. I know this will be interesting for many people.

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      1. Thank you!

        I took a peek at yours too. I Love all the HP DIY things and your gorgeous photos of Niagara. I left you a message on your blog. 🙂

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