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  1. What a nice day for a swim! Happy Eclipse Day fellow bloggers. I made a slight tweak to my layout by adding a “read more” to my home page entries, now that I have 20+ plus posts! Please stop by and let me know what you think. I have a question about the menu bar on my theme PenScratch 2. It appears to be a mile long and I don’t want it to be, but when I go to “customize”, it displays as a normal size. Any tips? Any similar struggles? Of course I will stop by and check your blog out to should you find a moment to contribute any advice. Have a lovely day and thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

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    1. Your blog looks awesome so far and the images you’ve used in your posts really go well with the content of the post itself. Since you’ve reached over posts, congrats on the achievement!! I’d recommend adding a few widgets, showing your latest/most popular posts and social media links and a follow button.
      I hope this was useful!!
      Check out my blog

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    2. I think your layout looks great, and having the “continue reading” is a great idea, so people can scan through your offerings easliy. I’m not familiar with your theme, so unfortunately I can’t offer any assistance with it. Great photos, though!

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      1. Thanks for chiming in! I resisted the “read more” button at first because I don’t usually like them when I’m reading blogs, but it was becoming hard for me to navigate so I figured it would be for others too. Thanks for the compliment. I’ve enjoyed making pictures almost as much as words!

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    3. Hi Jessica,

      I like that you added the read more, I prefer to scroll through things that way. Makes it easy to pick and choose! Also, I noticed that your contact page doesn’t actually have a form to contact you. I believe you can fix this by editing the page and clicking “add form”.

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      1. Thank you! I figured it might be more reader friendly. As per my contact page, I was nervous when starting my blog. Unsure about putting myself out there. I will definitely update my contact page. My About page needs some tweaking too. Thanks so much for tips.

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    4. Love your blog and use the same theme, but do not understand what you want to change, I’ll try and help tho. What menu bar do you mean? And keep going you have something here.

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      1. Thanks so much! Yah, it’s a pretty great theme. The main menu bar below “Mountains of Words” appears as a four inch long box that creates a big gap between header and text. It likely doesn’t appear the same way on every device. When I go to edit it, the box appears as a 1/2″x2″ box exactly as I want it to appear. Maybe my question is how does it appear to you? Thanks so so much for trying to help. I appreciate it!

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  2. Hello Friends,

    I am Back again on the Community Pool. Last Week , I had a great time reading some interesting Posts from some fellow Bloggers!

    And I hope to read something great this time as well! This is surely a great platform!

    Last time, I shared Take – 9

    Which surprisingly got a great response from you guys…. I was so happy to receive replies from some Blogger Friends. Thanks a lot for all the love you gave to Aywriteslife !

    Those Who don’t know much about Aywriteslife , Well…

    My Blog Aywriteslife talks about some valuable points about life which get ignored in our daily life ! My Blog aims to discover life in a Different way 🙂

    I would love to get your Feedback and Advice for my Blogsite. I would be really Happy to hear back from you on any of my posts !

    I have written 13 takes till now, Sharing one of my Favourite takes for you –

    I hope you would like it 😀

    Take 4

    Hope to hear back from you all soon



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  3. Hello, fellow bloggers!

    Happy Monday!

    I’ve been debating whether to post this story of mine up or not. It’s a chapter story and is nowhere near finish. It doesn’t have much of a plot but I find myself always going back to it when I’m writing something new. I’m really nervous about it, but please do give me any feedback that you can. For example, what you liked or didn’t like about it and what I can do to improve in my next story. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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  4. Happy Solar Eclipse Day Bloggers!

    First of all, many thanks to the hundreds of you who came by my new domain to kick the tires and test-drive my blog this weekend. I’m grateful to have many of you as new followers. I’m equally grateful to Ben for having widened my exposure by selecting me as an Editor’s pick. All of this was happening while I was camping and hiking in very remote parts of the Pacific Northwest where there was no cell or internet service, so I was completely taken by surprise at the outcome.

    In my search for a 4G signal, I located a tavern in Castle Rock, WA where I could settle in with a cold beer and prepare my latest post:

    That’s when my phone blew up with a continuing cacophony of buzzes and bells of backlogged likes and follows. From that moment, I understood the extent of what it meant to no longer be writing for myself.

    Yet, with so much more of my journey to be realized, I will continue to shoot pictures and tell stories as before, but with a renewed emphasis on personal discovery and adventure. Please enjoy the latest post, and drop me a line should you feel the urge. Neal

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  5. Hello you beautiful people, i would like to share my newest post, please visit it and tell me what you honestly think about it. I am sorry that it is not that good but it ts the first time i open a wordpress account and i write about myself
    Have a productive day! 🙂

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    1. Maybe I am uninitiated, I mean I haven’t even read the books but what is your idea of “ground shaking?” I look at GOT for the entertainment, I am not versed in what makes for great cinematography, choreography or what have you, but I’d say ‘Spoils of War’ was pretty ground shaking along with ‘The Queen’s Justice’. This Season has been kickass for me… 😀

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  6. Good morning, it’s 6 am here! As always I will read as much of your work as possible when I get back home after work. In the meantime, I need your help. My blog is basically me on the page. I cook for a living so share recipes. This section of my blog is growing and is receiving the most views, 300 for the beef curry, that’s massive for me, but I do not want to concentrate on food. The question then, continue being me and writing from the heart or chase the views and post more recipes? HELP?????
    Also how do I get back to this point without having to scroll through all the comments again? Have a look and see what you think, I feel this could be a turning point.

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  7. Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I visited the pool. How are y’all doing?

    So, today I published a personal post which I think a lot of you might relate to. It’s a letter to myself, with a few gentle reminders and words of wisdom.

    Here’s the link:

    I’d love to get some feedback on the same 🙂

    I usually blog about my personal life and occasionally add in some poetry & fiction.

    I look forward to hearing from you all 🙂 Thank you in advance!

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  8. Hello my lovely follow bloggers. And happy eclipse day for those of you that can see it. I love community pool days because I get to share my work but most importantly I get to find new blogs to read and awesome people. If you could take a look at my recent poem I’d love to have your thoughts/feedback on it. As well as any other of my writings or site in general. Feel free to poke around

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