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  1. I’d like to invite everyone to come by and check out my poem of the week, “Morning Sun.” Not only is this my weekly, but the photograph that goes along with it is one I took of the sun rising between the trees and a neighbor’s house. I was blown away by the reception, and pleased with the results. It’s a simple poem about a sunrise, but as always, the water’s deeper than you think. Comments and feedback are always welcome, and please leave them in the comments section of the post page, and click the like button on the post page. If you like what you see, feel free to browse around, and follow along so you don’t miss anything as I post several times a week. Thanks in advance.

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    1. This was beautifully written! I’m not so much a hand holder but I’m a hugger! I hate physical contact in a nightclub, like I can’t really dance with someone and feel comfortable but if I like you (I’ve not yet been in love) then I’ll be totally comfortable. I really liked this✨

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  2. I’d like to invite everyone to come by and check out my thought piece, “An Updated Look at the Death of Gaming.” I discuss how my love of gaming died, and what killed. There’s also an open-ended possibility for a rebirth. I’ve received several fine comments already, so check them out as well. Comments and feedback are always welcome, and please leave them in the comments section of the post page, and click the like button on the post page. If you like what you see, feel free to browse around, and follow along so you don’t miss anything as I post several times a week. Thanks in advance.

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  3. Hi everyone,
    I started a blog a few months back. I wrote my 10th and final blog post yesterday, its kind of all based on a tragedy I suffered. Some of it is tough to read but in the end I was trying to offer something good to the world from my bad set of circumstances. If you are up to it, read all 10 (in order), and let me know if I was successful. I would like to promote it more, but I want some feedback first. Thanks so much!

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  4. Hello fellow blog mates!!!
    I love meaningful abstracts and also create some(not necessarily meaningful). This virtual space is going to be filled with articles on random topics (mostly unrelatable or out of any living person’s concern) and in case I am feeling a bit too artistic, then you may be able to witness some poetry too(not necessarily bounded by the rhymes). Anyways don’t bind yourself with any expectations.
    Here is the link to my 1st blog.

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    You want to read some good posts, some quality writing? Well, I know a blog, that does all that so easily.
    Gianna & Gemini is a blog that is a bookish, lifestyle (sorta lifestyle, I talk about my personal life sometimes..), and some everything CREATIVE!!
    Just go ahead and check out my blog if you’d like!!

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  6. I’m still new to the blog writing thing but I’ve managed to rack up a few posts in the last 3 months. I have experimented with breaking up longer posts into parts as I don’t want the reader to get bored, so my last post was in 2 parts. You can read the 1st part here:

    My main problem at the moment is that when I decide to write a post I sit at the laptop of an evening and just start typing but I’m finding more and more that I’m getting distracted by other things online.
    Should I treat it more like a job and allocate a specific period of time to writing? Should I start each post with a proper plan? I just let the words flow out of me just now…
    Would that keep me more focused?
    How do you manage to keep motivated?

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    1. I’ll have a look in the post in a minute, but, for me, it’s a mixture of both of the two things you’ve mentioned – if you don’t feel like you’re writing enough and feel like you want more people to be reading your posts, then it is a good idea to try to post more regularly. Weekly prompts can help, or the daily post prompts – maybe try for just one a week? Having said this, you don’t want to be writing if you have nothing to write about, which is why it’s a good idea to just write when you feel like it.

      So, what I’ll say, is leave yourself more open to inspiration; have a look at prompts or what other people are writing about often, and then maybe the urge to write will come more… if you see what I mean. Also, I never plan blog posts personally – I just let them flow, but then make sure to read over what I’ve done and possibly redraft before I post.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

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  7. Hi everyone, I’ve just started a writing/photo prompt competition – this can be fiction or non-fiction based writing – with no word counts; I’d appreciate any feedback/advice you might have! 🙂

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    1. Very beautiful! It’s so true that we often don’t consider others perspectives and stories as we go through life. Interesting take on seeing all the different things that can leave scars and marks on our life.

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    2. What a powerful message with such beautifully written words. Wow, I got teary-eyed reading them. Your last note about not knowing the daily battles someone is facing is so true. Also, a reminder to be kind to everyone you met because you don’t know how much a moment of kindness will brighten their day. If you have a second could you please check out some of my writings? I’d love to know your thoughts. I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

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      1. Thankyou so much for those kind words. I completely agree with you! We often tell people- Be Brave. But i think we should tell them to “BE KIND”. We need more kindness in this world. And i would love to read your writings. Will check out your blog ASAP!

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    1. If you’re viewing WordPress on a PC/laptop, a good idea is to click on other people’s blogs to view them whilst holding down the shift key; this should open it in a new tab – hope that helps 🙂

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      1. Yes, I have just checked on my boyfriend’s mac! Holding down shift should open up a new window, so that should make it easier!

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  8. PTSD doesn’t just affect the military.

    I was held captive by an abusive parent for nearly a decade and learning how to be a person after I was rescued, as well as, coping with mental illness, has inspired my blog.

    I’ve come such a long way and have found the secret to overcoming is fighting. My mission is to inspire other people to fight.

    I appreciate any feedback

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    1. Hello! What a powerful, insightful, and incredibly personal message you have. You immediately grabbed my attention with the statement “PTSD doesn’t just affect the military.” Thank you for writing and sharing your experiences, I can empathise that it may be difficult and therapeutic for you. You have an extremely powerful voice and your writing is an example of it. I don’t think I can stress how important this is as well as my need to thank you for sharing. ❤️ All the best and happy blogging! 💫

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    1. Quirky things appeal to me. Your take on a trip report fit into that category. I like the idea of finding one thing that you can use as a theme to coordinate all your travel post (in your case cats). My favorite part of your post was the explanation of the roofs. For some reason that fascinated me.

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    1. Wow, a very powerful post! I think your blog will be very interesting because it is so specific. The history was useful to get me sucked in to the post. Thank you for sharing your views!

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    1. Hi, Becca! I run a blog about mental health as well! I loved your post as I have a similar technique, I picked up from writer Elizabeth Gilbert, called a Happiness Jar. Every day you write down your favorite moment or quote or lyric and put it into the jar. On bad days, you take them out and read through your happiest moments. It really helps keep you in perspective!

      If you wouldn’t mind also checking out my blog, it’s

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