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    1. I’ve always wanted to travel to England, I live in the US. This made me want to travel there more. I loved not only the pictures but the information given about passes, parking and tours. How many times have you been to the castle? Thank you for sharing all this information! If you have a second could you check out some of my writings? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks.

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      1. You should definitely try and visit England at some point! There are so many beautiful places to see.
        I have been to the castle SO many times… too many times to even count.

        Just checking out your Blog now!

        Love Soph xxx

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    2. A very informative read. I enjoyed it very much. I like photos of anything so having the pictures in this post really helped us get a better idea of what these fortresses are like. I think the post is fairly decent length. Its not too long and not filled with words upon words. Its just right. Keep up the great work! I have a photo blog, so unfortunately I don’t write as much as many of the folks on here but if you are interested, then please feel free to check out my blog filled with pictures and words of wisdom! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Morning!

        Thanks for the comment! I am glad you like the length (you are one of the first people to actually like it). Stay tuned for more posts like this!

        I’ve just checked out some of your posts. The photos are stunning. Whilst you do not write loads of words, the few sentences in each post are beautifully constructed and flow perfectly! I love your style!

        Love Soph Xxx

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  1. Hello all,

    I made some recent updates to my blog, like changing up some widgets and pages. I would appreciate any thoughts on my page – particularly on the “Resources” section (not sure how to make it more user-friendly). Any thoughts on things I should keep or change would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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    1. Wow! Great site! Well laid out and wonderfully presented.

      As a fellow Catholic, I truly appreciate the insight and the courage that you have to share our faith with others. From what I have read so far, your descriptions and how you present the information demonstrates solid knowledge and conviction.

      I look forward to reading more from you.


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    1. Hi! As you’re still learning English, I can’t really blame you for grammatical mistakes. Don’t worry, as you begin reading more, it constantly gets better and you don’t even need to think about grammar while writing. Even my first language isn’t English (it’s Hindi if you’re interested). As for your writing, I don’t find any flaws in your thoughts 🙂

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  2. Hi Friends! I just wrote a new post called “Watch It Burn” if you guys could check it out and tell me what you think that would be great!

    If you need feedback on your work let me know! 😊

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    1. Your poems really drew me in and I kept reading. I love that your shorter poems are on back rounds but you don’t limit yourself to just the short poems. I think my favorite was “I hope the brightness finds itself in you.” It’s beautifully written and reminds me of some of the struggles I have as well. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work. If you have a second could you check out some of my writings and let me know what you think? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Aww thank you so much for reading my poems and for your support! I checked out your blog and I loved your poetry as well! Your most recent one painted a wonderful image and made me smile! I followed you 😊

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      1. I just check out your blog ! It is sooo helpful w.r.t all thr things that we can do on our own ! Happy blogging ! 😁

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  3. Hello again; If you happen to be looking for some great ideas for dessert, some joyful inspiration or even looking for a chuckle or two(or three), then look no further than KALEIDOSCOPE, the variety blog filled with tons of the most wonderful stuff and so much more! Check it out at today, and any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated! That address once more is! Thanks so very much!-JW

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    1. I really liked your song/poem. It felt very Altrock (my music of choice) to me and something I could see myself rocking out to in my car. If you want to post to multiple places it’s on the publish screen, under post settings. Go to Categories/Tags and it will give you the list of them. You select which areas you’d like your post to go. And you can make different categories there as well. I hope this helped some! Keep up the writing and I look forward to more. If you have a second could you check out some of my writings? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you, Holly! I was heavily into Whiskeytown, a now-defunct Alt Country band, at the time and in fact was doing my best to imitate them. If you’re interested, I posted a short-short story, “Morning Flight” last Friday in response to the Daily Post term, “Gate”.

        Thank you for the blogging tip, too. I’m headed over to your site now…

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    1. I really like your intro into you! It’s very welcoming and informative. The quote, “Everyone has a story, what’s yours?” pulled me in as well. I look forward to seeing more from you and what you have to share. I would also love to make money through my creativity- that would be the best job in the world. Know I’m over here cheering you on. Also, you can post to First Fridays- which is like the community pool but just for new bloggers as well. I got a lot of great insight posting to the community pool and to First Fridays when I first started blogging. I’m still loving the community pool too. If you have a second could you check out some my writings and let me know what you think? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you so much! Us creators need to stick together. So glad WordPress turned out to be the perfect platform for that! I will definitely be checking out your blog; thanks for checking out mine! Question about First Friday: can you post more than one Friday? I contributed last Friday and it was a really positive experience! Thanks for tuning in.

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      2. I couldn’t agree with you more. There’s so many helpful, sweet and amazing writers on this site. Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. On that I’m not 100% for sure- I only posted on Fridays when I used it.


      3. Sorry I misunderstood. Yes, I commented all the time until they closed the commenting. And sometimes I would use the tag of First Friday in my post too so people reading it when know I was new still and etc.

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    2. What a neat way to write a fun post! I enjoyed reading this and I loved the parts where you talk about your mom. My mom is very dear to my heart so I liked that the best. Great read!! Thank you for sharing!!

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  4. Happy Monday, if a Monday can be happy. 😄 Hope everyone has been well!

    Does anyone know how to diminish white space for pages on the blog? I have a section called “series” and no matter how hard I try to divide the space in half, even attempting to use the left, center, and right justify, nothing seems to work. Is it because I’m using bulletin points? Any feedback would be great!

    Also, what are some thoughts about using paid ads etc. in terms of making money on blogging? I’m contemplating and would like pertinent information before making my informed decision.

    Check out my blog if you’d like! It’s a fiction based dictionary word of the day theme that happens to be about British English.

    Have a great day and the rest of your week. Cheers! 💫

    Liked by 5 people

      1. Ah. So it’s a theme problem not so much a user problem or an inability problem. Got it. Thanks so much for checking it out, I truly appreciate it! It’s been irking me for a bit now. Glad to know I’ve got a second opinion on it. 🙂
        Also, thanks for checking out today’s mini. I’ve never considered them as a micro-story. Huh. Nice term. It’s probably due to the fact I’ve only just sort of adjusted to “flash-fiction.” Thanks again! 💫


    1. Hey there! I’ll be upfront and say I do not have children, and since I’m in my 20s I am in no rush to have any or even make the decision if I want them. That’s okay. And I give you props and kudos for your choices! Have at it! I am all for adventures; and like you’ve said, you’ve already gone through the journey of motherhood and you would know best if you wanted to go through it again, yeah? It’s obnoxious that friends and family (and virtual strangers!) feel the need to comment on someone’s “wrong choices” or even say you’ll change your mind. Keep up your lovely life! And thank you for sharing, I enjoyed it in case you couldn’t tell between all my rambling. 🙂💫

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  5. Hello everybody,
    when I started blogging, it was more about leading conversations with myself. I didn’t used tags or I haven’t done anything to make people to read it. But anyway some people found it, like it and start to follow. Then I saw, that my thoughts placed here might be interested for others and sometimes even helpful. So now I would like to share with you one of it. Here is the link:

    To be honest with all of those who asking me for feedback, I can’t promise to visit your blog. However if will not visit it today, keep on trying and I will probably visit your blog other time, read your post and I will give you honest comment. If I will not leave a comment it’s mean the post was neutral for me or I have nothing to say in that matter.
    Sounds fair?
    Have a good time everyone and a lot of ideas for writing.
    Take care.

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      1. Monday’s usually don’t get me down like they do others. But that’s also because I AM a morning person 🙂 This week though, oh this week, is filled with a list of things I have to do and will do before it’s all said and done.

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      1. Thanks for the comment. I have a tendency to ramble on that I constantly fight against, so maybe I did cut it a bit short. I may do a second post with a bit more.


    1. What some people don’t get is that He expects us to go where He sends us. It isn’t that there aren’t needs in our backyard. There are needs everywhere. He won’t send everyone to another country or even another city. May we all listen to Him and be willing to go where He directs, next door or on the other side of the world.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! I actually believe THAT is the most important aspect of it all. Like, I don’t get to question what He wants from me or where He wants it to be at, I just do it.


      1. Hi Alice, amazing work you got there. Effortlessly mind catching. I love how you take the readers through you book reviews in a simple yet powerful way. Kudos!
        Thanks for passing by my blogs. I’d say the same to you: best of luck and happy blogging too 😉

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Interesting point of view. I think your writing is very creative. I do feel though that we, ourselves, can take responsibility for where we are at, how we are feeling, and what we do with our lives.

      Thank you for sharing!!!


      1. JustAGirlAndABike thanks a lot for passing by blog. Feel free to revisit. I agree with you though sometimes we are made to believe that certain things are done in certain ways: I advocate for self independence; independence of the mind; mental independence.