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    1. Hello! I think you’ve taken an insanely controversial, well debated (if only because it’s a gray area) topic and provided pertinent information. You’ve written it well, too. Thank you for sharing and happy blogging! 💫

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    1. I read your poem “Creep” and got shivers! I loved it!
      I also love the little pic of the Oscar Wilde quote! I love Wilde and I love that quote. Importance of Being Earnest is one of my favorite plays of his and I love when Algernon talks about how he makes up for being overdressed by being overeducated.

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      1. Wilde is a fabulously hilarious writer. Have you read much of his work? Thank you!! I am glad you liked “Hagian Spices” I love sci-fi so I had to do some even if it was just a small little scene!

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    2. I loved your poem ‘Beauty Remains’. These lines were my favourite
      For she lived in constant fear

      Of her heart withering in its grave
      I too started blogging recently and I write poetry too.

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  1. Hello fellow bloggers,

    My blog is a positivity site that hopefully shares ideas on how to make life a more positive experience. I would appreciate feedback on continuity and content, but would also use some guidance on utilizing videos. I look forward to checking out your work as well!

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  2. Hello folks!

    The other night when sleep had abandoned me and left me as live prey to this madness called imagination, and I began to wonder what the words from our writing do while we sleep. Life does have a curious way of sneaking into the unlikeliest of places…

    Here’s what I came up with:

    I’d love to hear from you, wonderful person! Do leave comment or drop in a message.


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    1. This was awesome! The words are so beautifully placed, it leaves you in awe!
      I did read your other poems too…and they’re lovely! You earned a follower😁 check out my blog too.. it’ll be lovely if you could give me feedback on my writings.
      Here is one of my latest poems:
      Thank you so much lovely for this help😆❣

      Hey people!
      I posted a new poem..which is the aftermath of an evening at the beach!
      Do check it out and tell me how it is!
      Here is it:

      Thank you so much for encouraging me on this writing journey! I’ll check out your blogs too!! 😁😆❣

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    2. That happens with me a lot. Sometimes i relive a story i wrote.

      It will be real nice if you could give me a feedback too, since I’m new to wordpress. Will definitely check yours and go through your blogs. 😊

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    1. Oh my, the horror and humiliation and yes, okay, the amusement of such a summer camp experience!!!! I thought waking up to high pitched screams (not singing, never singing at 6 am) of “Good morning, good morning it’s great to wake up late, good morning good morning to you!” was bad. Though, to be fair, it’s not a bad habit to break. Did it break the habit for you entirely or just until camp finished? Thanks for sharing and the smiles! 😃💫

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    2. A great read I must say. I love your way of writing.Really captivating. Looking forward to reading more from you soon.

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  3. Hello bloggers,
    I have started blogging this week only and I am dying to here some honest and unbiased review on my writing because you know how is it with family and friends whenever you show them what you have written they either pretend to read or don’t read at all so it would so nice of you bloggers if you could just go through my writing at once and help grow as a writer.

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  4. Don’t know why but my comment has not been showing up here! So here’s my take 3:

    I write to make sense of the world, people, relationships, and to grapple with personal emotions and feelings. Recently, I revamped the layout of my blog. The new version looks a bit more professional, fresh, and allows more posts on the homepage!

    I would love some feedback on the new format. In particular, do you find it is hard to find blog info (because all of that is now at the very bottom instead of the side bar!).

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    1. That would be my worry with this type of layout too, but in the end, I think this format is more ‘scroll’ friendly than others. Meaning after landing on the page you are more willing to spend some time and look. Keep it!

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    1. I think 3 wishes granted in 10 years! 🙂 I am so blessed to have everything I need right now. There are things I want, but nothing that I need and do not have. Great question and post! 🙂

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    1. I always have the hardest time trying to “like” running. I had some injuries from running so I have been scared to get back to running. I wonder sometimes of it’s my form or shoes that play a factor. Would love to get advice and tips from more seasoned runners.

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      1. Well for what it’s worth from a reluctant hobbyist: Its important. What injuries were they if you don’t mind me asking? If you have the time, coin and one near you. Going to a running shoes shop would help, one that has a treadmill for them to see your running style which in turn helps them advise you on a fitting pair of runners. They can let you know about your form, for example I put more weight stepping on my left foot. Might help but by no means an expert.☺

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      2. It’s planar fasciitus. Sharp pains in the soles of the feet that can get pretty intense sometimes. I’ve tried rolling a lot to help relieve the symptoms….I haven’t been running after that. I may have to look into getting the proper shoes and running form down.

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  5. I put together some resources for caregivers on my blog. Having never done a resource post or page before, I’m confident in the solid intent that is currently posted but wondering if there is a better format that I should use. Have a look and feedback is appreciated! Also, if you have suggestions on additional content for a caregiver resource, let me know.

    Valuable Resources for medical reference ⋆ Lemonade and Grace

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  6. Hello 🙂💕

    I’m Mona and my blog is called preppy_pink_piglet 🙂

    I’ve been blogging for just over 2 months now and I’m over the moon to have achieved the 200+ followers milestone 😃🎉

    Earlier this week, I started a new series on my blog with my wishlists 😍

    I also added a new photoblog 📷

    Please do visit my blog. Hope you enjoy my posts. Feedback is welcome.

    Have a lovely week ahead 🌸💖


  7. Hello everyone! I spoke with a publisher about a book I am working on with someone, and they told me that the best path to becoming published is to get an online following whether I follow the traditional publishing route or self publishing. I have 5 followers, and one email subscriber after 1 month of blogging.

    1. I am wondering if any of you have published a book, and how long it took you to develop a following.
    2. I am writing content that would have provided immense value to myself as I started out in my career. However, some of my posts seem to do better than others. What have you noticed that attracted views in a title?
    3. I have been posting in group chats on Facebook and LinkedIn, which seems to get me the most views. Any other suggestions?

    Thank you!

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    1. Hi Jessica! I know this is going to seem like a lame response, but the first thing that popped into my head was patience. *SIGHS* I know, I know. However, to help alleviate the boredom with patience, be sure that you’re building a community here at WordPress. Comment on other people’s posts here on Monday; check out the First Friday for new bloggers and leave them feedback; use tags and categories in your posts so other people can find you (and if you didn’t know, there’s a 15 tag/category combined limit on WP before they filter it as spam); keep at the social media angle and (kindly) pester friends and family. I’m only three months in myself and some posts are better than others. Personally, sometimes I think it may be the content or even the day of the week. You could also play around with the images and layout design on the blog. I hope this was at least slightly informative for you. Please feel free to ask any other questions! Happy blogging.

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      1. Thank you for the feedback! I figured I would just have to keep plugging away! BUT- I will have to learn how to do the tags and categories better! This was helpful, and I really appreciate the feedback! 🙂

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      2. I’m so glad to help! It took me a bit to learn how to properly manage the tags and categories; some days I’m still unsure if they’re good enough. No worries! 😃

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  8. You guys! How’s it going?

    A lot happened since the last Community Pool! I wrote a new piece that’s funny side up about the thoughts I (and I’m sure most of you) have when scrolling through my social media feed.

    I also made a few design changes: a new site logo, background and header image and a new category called Funny Girl featuring the post above.

    What do you think?

    Have a productive week!

    Much ❤

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    1. Haha! Such relatable observations. The ones I liked the most were- the hash tags one, the selfie/quote one, those deep-meaning pictures(not) one and the couples one. The most relatable one though was the micro-fiction observation. High five, buddy, I totally feel ya. Good storytelling is hardest when it’s brief, but courtesy to the people so aptly described in your post, I despise micro-fiction almost more than karela. And take note, I wouldn’t eat karela if it was to save my life. There’s one more annoying thing about social media I’ve observed, but I wrote about it in the comments section of your post, as my reply was getting a tad too long.
      Cheers from a fellow humour connoisseur! (if there’s something known as a ‘humour connoisseur’)
      P.S. Your theme and header image are awesome.

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      1. Thank you for checking out the post and desing, dropping not one but two comments and agreeing to the microfiction bit!
        Hopping over to the post for Comment #2!

        PS: How can there not be a ‘Humour Connoisseur’? We need one, STAT!

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      2. I had to, after meeting someone who’s so like me! I tell you, madame, we’re gonna make great friends. ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ has never been truer for me.