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  1. Hello everyone! I am almost two weeks into my first experience with blogging. I am also working on my furst novel. I welcome you to check out my updated intro post as well as the rest of my blog.

    If you enjoy my posts, please feel free to comment and/or follow. Im looking for some great blogs to follow too. Thank you for your time.

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    1. I read Tea with Cream and Savanannah’s Father and enjoyed both of them. To me, they are like snippets of life, little memories that take you back in time. I’m a tea drinker as well. I drink mostly hibiscus tea hot or iced with a few drops of stevia for sweetness.

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      1. Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading some of my posts. They are my memories, from a time when life was much simpler. It’s funny how a random word can make you reminisce.

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    2. I am a coffee drinker and yes, the caffeine buzz is nice! I can understand your connection to tea though. Especially through the memory you shared about your grandmother. Thank you for a lovely post!

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  2. Hi all.. I just started my blog and would like to receive some feedbacks.. I do have some issues with the bottom of my blog page.. Any advises on that?? Really appreciate any comment/guidance.. Thankyou in advance.. ❤️

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  3. Hi here!! I have never blogged before , honnestly i am completely clueless when it comes to blogging.The thing is, It facinates me seeing how people will play with words to finally transform it into a beatifull piece of arts. I will love to be able to do that: mixing up words together, to be able to touch someone out there. I will appreciate if someone could help me reach there , i am therfore open to read any comment that could help me grow.

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  4. Hi, everyone. I’ve posted a couple new posts about the crazy, beautiful journey we call parenting. Sharing in this rollercoaster of adventure and relating with others, is such a release! I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks!

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    1. Wow–what a great idea for a site! Would love to get a little deeper sense of you–and not just what you’re selling–straight away, as I visit the site. Why do you love cats and horses so much? I’ll certainly think of your site next time I have a gift to buy for a horse- or cat-loving friend!

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    1. Awe this was so inspiring in so many ways. I love that you actually took something from the experience. Being a mom can be exhausting and for you to experience it is something pretty amazing 🙂 If I could offer any advice it would be to break up your content into paragraphs. Makes t much easier to read.

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      1. I would say the exact same thing. The text is fun but tricky to read – I have dyslexia, btw. If you break it down in paragraphs it’ll make it more appealing visually and easier to read. 🙂 good luck!

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  5. Hello All!
    I’ve been writing on my blog for about 2 months now. I’ve got a setup for the site I think I like and I write about minimalism, travel, frugality, and financial independence.
    Could you go to my site and tell me what you think?
    – Does the site look good overall?
    – How is my writing? (content, length, grammar)
    – Is my writing engaging? Does it make you think?
    – What do you think about my social media?
    – What suggestions do you have? (writing, site, social media, ect.)
    Thanks so much! If you want me to take a look at something, let me know and I’ll give you my take!

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    1. Hi there! Super relevant blog topic! I like that 🙂
      I like the way the blog looks. The style is clean and easy to find the information you want. I like the social media on the side bar. It shows a little bit more of who you are and what you write about.

      I have to say I’m not a fan of the header font. The text font is soft friendly, which I think goes well with your writing. But the header font is all tall and formal. It could also be that I just don’t like that font… 😉

      Other than that, I’m looking forward to seeing where your path will take you!

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    1. I think your writing is good and the site is nice and simple, yet the first thing people see is that banner. It’s blurry, but not in an intentional looking way. It just looks like it was not a good enough quality. I would try to replace it with something that was either intentionally unfocused or in perfect clarity. I noticed that it was also on your twitter which could keep people from clicking over (people are weird, they tend to gloss over things that aren’t clear)

      Have you made sure your site is verified by all the major sites? It’s under settings. That’s the only thing that really helped another site I have.
      If you have any advice for me, I would love to hear.

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    1. Personally, I love your layout. I would only suggest fixing your about page as it is incomplete. I think that for what you are doing, that layout is perfect.

      Another note: I might add categories under the search function. This would allow users to get to what they want to see with a click.

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    1. You provided enough snippets for us to get a sense of your personality and interests. Your writing style was friendly and conversational. I was confused what you meant by supporting your husband/boyfriend by retiring. Was the support emotional and managing the household rather than financial?

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