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  1. Hello! I am always welcoming new followers. I review makeup and beauty as well as offer tips and tricks. I’ve just started out so my blog is a little empty but that’s changing!! I would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism and followers. Thank you for your time.

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  2. I’ve succumbed to that voice plenty of times. This summer, I made a goal to bypass what I thought and do what I felt instead. Always been hard on myself. Not something I necessarily want to change, but like you said, I have to remind myself I am all I can expect from myself. That statement needs to be heard worldwide. Great thought-out post.

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  3. Hi everyone! I have just started a new blog and would love some feedback. I have just posted something about Alice in Wonderland and homelessness with a sprinkling of psychology, sociology and both serious/silly references. It is a bit long but it’s about a topic I really care about ❤️

    I also posted a little thing about Pride.

    Your feedback would be monumentally appreciated 😊

    Thank you for reading.

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  4. Hi ,
    I’m fairly new at this blogging business…!!
    I’m a new Mum who has been suffering from PND (postnatal depression) and I have been writing a blog following my journey. I’d really like to get my story out there to help other mum’s feeling the same way. How do I do this?
    Thank you so much xx

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    1. Hey, great guide! I tried to leave a comment but I’m not sure if it worked :/ It was really informative and I definitely learned a lot! I’d say maybe put a little more personal comments into it; I’d love to know your opinions on how the castle is laid out or your favourite parts of it! I’ve also dabbled in travel guides if you’d like to check out my little list of recommendations in Falmouth:
      As for long vs short posts, I think both work, as long as the content is engaging. Longer posts only really work (imho) if your readers feel like they’re getting to know you and your story. 🙂

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      1. Hey,
        The comment was left successfully. Thank you so much- I really appreciated it!

        That is a really good point.People could engage more with my posts if I was more personal. This is something I will work on in future posts!

        Just checking your posts out now- so far, your blog looks excellent. I really like your style of writing. It makes a good read.

        Love Soph xxx

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  5. Hello everyone,

    Taking a dipping in the community pool are we? Excellent! I write inspirational content, and poetry as part of a healthy lifestyle blog called Rays Up! The goal is helping others “raise up” to be the best that they can be.

    With that being said, I recently overhauled my theme to be more mobile responsive, as I realize that is where most of the audience is reading. I would like to know if you like the flow of my site, if it is easy to read on a mobile device, and what I can do as far as tags to get more people to engage with my blog.

    Thank you for visiting! I will be sure to return the favor 🙂

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    1. I am a new blogger myself, so I don’t know much about advice. As a reader, I pulled up your blog on my android and it looks amazing! It is easy to read and flows very well. I like your color scheme.

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