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    1. I liked your post on Shanghai’s Memory Lane. My mom was born in Shanghai about 83 years ago. I loved all the pictures you shared and I also liked your writing and your site theme. Thank you for sharing!

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    2. Hello Jolene! What a splendid blog you’ve started!! Four days in and you’ve created such a beautiful and delightful blog to scroll through. I have to ask: have you blogged before? So long as you don’t mind me asking. The only reason I’m curious is it’s so well done that I’m impressed it’s only four days old. Perhaps I needed to scroll through more and you have other content that I overlooked in my excitement to see the European adventures. Happy traveling and thanks a bunch for sharing!! All the best. 💫😃

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      1. Thank you for your kind words, Loyal Brit! I have been blogging semi-regularly for a year now and it’s been an uplifting experience. Look forward to sharing the WP journey with you!

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  1. I made a “Shop My Favorites” page on my blog over the weekend and would love to get feedback on the layout. They are affiliate links so if you click on the picture it brings you to the website and I do earn a small commission for clicks as well as purchases. Just looking for any advice on ways I could improve the page since it is something I have never done before.

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    1. Hi Kaylee! I think that’s an awesome addition to your blog; I’m sure it’ll be a great new feature. I do believe it fits with your overall content of the blog. 😊 my small, minuscule piece of advice is more of a wish for color: I like bright things or simple things that are complimentary. Have you contemplated perhaps using an extremely light color in the background? I don’t think you need something bright to take away from the content; however, the white background and black text kind of takes away from the actual content, at least in my opinion. That’s just me. Otherwise, I’m afraid I have no further advice for you. Cheers! 💫

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    1. I really liked your poem, Farewell. I only know how to right rhyming poems. I’ve always wanted to learn how to write like you have done in that poem. Great job. Please keep writing!

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      1. Thank you Lydia. I, just like you, am too used to writing in couplets because they sound really nice when you say it out loud or read it mentally. Someone told me (regarding one of my earlier blog posts titled Journey) that the rhymes seem a bit forced and you can do much more if you focus on the message.

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    1. Hi, I’m reading your blog on my PC. Your header photo takes up my entire screen, and I have to scroll down to find your post. When I click on a post, it takes me back up to your header photo again, then I have to scroll pass your Recent Posts and Recent Comments (section in green) before I get to your post. Then I see you post, and Recent Posts and Recent Comments etc again. I think you need to work on your widgets, and get a friend to look at your blog from their mobile or PC. I recently wrote a post on blogging tips after I reached a year on WP, you may find that useful. Good luck!

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  2. Hello people! I have very recently joined the blogosphere with one aim : to write better essays. Here is a link to the first one I wrote on my blog, please review it, and do let me know what changes I can do with regards to content or style of writing, critique is very wecome :

    Moving forward, I wish to continue writing essays on a regular basis, and once I get that innovative spark, some stories too. 🙂

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    1. I put a comment on your blog. Nice job….. You might want to post it on First Friday too. That is a WordPress weekly feature for bloggers first posts. Welcome to this blogging community!

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    1. As someone who has been in a one sided affair, I could completely relate to it. In my opinion, the opening image was the best, most impactful, it hits you right in the face. Very well written.

      On the other hand, I don’t want to sound pedantic but it would look better and more professional if you used “probably” instead of “prolly” in your posts.

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  3. Hey guys, Luna from Fems Into Stem here! Today I uploaded a new post about how I Knew I wanted a Career in Medicine from the perspective of a teenager. Hopefully you guys will come check it out! And don’t worry, I don’t only write about STEM, I write about makeup, lifestyle and travel (look out for my upcoming posts about my trip to Thailand and Bali)!
    Sending virtual hugs your way,
    My post:

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  4. Hello, fellow literary lovers!

    I’ve put up a recent post on having a baby and how amazing the aftermath has been post-partum.

    While I’ll be writing about practically anything and everything there is to be thrilled about in life (food, travel, relationships, careers), I am most open to what you have you have in mind too. Listening is key, so let me know what your present thoughts are and perhaps we can exchange an abundant of ideas.



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  5. Harlem here and I would greatly appreciate any and all advice on any of my blogs. I’ve created “Harlem Inner City Blues”, “Harlem Cafe”, and “Harlem The Experiment”. Below is a small sample offering. I’m also interested in learning from bloggers whom can coach me to the next level. My goal is to make the reader taste and feel the pain from the story I’m trying to convey.

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    1. I definitely think the reader can feel your pain, while I was reading, your story took me on a journey, your journey through pain and confusion. Great writing.

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    1. Your post indeed is very motivational. I too, have the same views as you but I’ve never been able to put them in as articulate manner as you have, so kudos for that. I’ll definitely keep checking your blog from time to time to reinforce my beliefs. Also, do check out my blog too. Thanks

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    1. Very well written. I had the opportunity to visit Mumbai for the first time in March this year and it was hot as an oven. The fact that I was coming from Bangalore only made me feel the heat even more. So, I do really understand why the arrival of monsoon in Mumbai would be a welcome sight, adding to the fact the emotions you personally feel, all in all, a very well written post, that might as well could serve well for Mumbai tourism. 😀

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