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  1. Hey guys! I’ve just posted a blog all about my experience at Disney Land Paris first ever music festival and I’d love some feedback on it. I post mostly about lifestyle and travel but also lots of beauty and hauls, so feel free to have a browse if you choose and be sure to let me know if you have so I can return the favour ❤️❤️ Thank you

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    1. Only feedback I can give is simply, “Wow!” Scenery pictures stunned me, first sentence grabbed my attention and refused to let go until the end, and then some, and your words were very prosaic and just immediately painted a picture of the battle with the heat, but in a way you still won with that photo of the mountain goat. Such haughtiness for a Mountain King! Brava, hun, a very nice job well done.

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    2. From the looks of your photographs alone, it appears you’ve been enjoying yourselves and having a breathtaking, fantastic time! Travel blogs have a way of inspiring me to want to travel, learn, and write. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your experiences and pictures! Best wishes as you continue your journey!! 😃💫

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    Hey everyone! I would love some feedback on my newest blog post I just posted, specifically as far as content goes with what content style elements would be the hits for getting traffic, and which parts of my content the misses or even possible misses. Any feedback would of course be very much appreciated, and I will be starting in a bit giving back by checking out these comments and starting with a few to check out and give some feedback on! Thank you and many alohas to you all! Thanks again in advance.

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    1. Hello! Congratulations on such a festive, bright, eye-catching, and charming blog! 😄 I quite enjoyed the opportunity to scroll through it. I also liked your post about yoga. I’m a yogi, too, and the freedom to practice through sun or moon salutations or even just whatever poses my body needs on any given day is such a joy. I think my go-to poses are always cat-cow, downward facing dog, and tree pose. No matter what type of vinyasa flow I’m running through, I throw these in there.
      Would you mind if I gave you some feedback/tips for your blog? I don’t have any complaints about content, other than perhaps adding more personal details whenever you feel like or more specific questions to ask your readers. Then again, I only read your yoga chat post, so you may have done this in a previous post. (Like for example, with the yoga chat post perhaps you could include music you listen to when your practice or if you struggle with meditation or what poses are you aiming to tackle. Things like that. These are only suggestions; don’t feel pressured if you don’t like them!) 🙂 In your menu widget at the top of your homepage, you may want to go in and either remove the text holder information WordPress has as filter info until you fill it out or simply delete those page contents. As I’ve only been blogging for around two months, I’ve found that interacting with your readers and other blogs is one way to increase site traffic; another is through social media; mainly, though, it’s a thing of patience. Just be friendly and yourself and I’m sure you’ll notice an increase in traffic.
      Thank you for sharing. Happy blogging!! 💫

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    1. Hello and welcome to the blogging community. I noticed that your blog site is still full of placeholder text and there isn’t any personalized content. Is there any way I may help?

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      1. Certainly! Perhaps start out with the Help & Support section under your “Me” account setting? Or just edit your profile and choose a background/layout that you like, choose an image that you believe works well with your theme, and if you’d like, there’s options to have multiple pages for the blog (such as an About Me section and Contact.) you’ll have to be mindful of place holder text WordPress uses as examples. I hope this helps!

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  3. I’ve just started up this blog and would love for some people to read it, and maybe even like or if I’m really lucky maybe some followers. I will blog about everything that’s happening to me at the moment, and a bit like what girlonline posts about in Zoë,las books because I have similar things going on. Thank you, A xx

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  4. I wanted to use today’s Community Pool to thank Ben Huberman for featuring my blog post in the Discover reader. This is an huge honor for me. The last two days have been exiting, humbling, overwhelming and a little bit scary. Ben, thank you so much for taking the time to read and then feature my post.

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      1. Hey Siyana,

        Thank you for the comment. I have no idea what that strange white page is but your comment successfully can through! I’ll try and look into the weird letters but I really really appreciate your comment ❤️
        Love Soph xxx

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    1. I loved your post. I thought it was very colorful and your writing was great. I’ve been looking forward to doing a post like this myself just waiting on the perfect photos!

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  5. Hello Everyone,

    I am extremely new to the writing and blogging worlds. I have wrote poems and short stories all my life but just recently chose to start keeping up with my blog. I have very few followers and fewer comments for feedback. I have started participating in some of the writer’s challenges and prompts I see posted. The most recent one was a picture prompt from JSW. I would love to hear some feed back on this less than 300 word excerpt I wrote from the picture. You can find it here:

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  6. Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend, and a happy belated Fourth of July to all of my fellow folks here in the states! I have posted several times lately related to nominations for blogging awards. I am so thankful for those who nominated me, and to be a part of the blogging community. I also have posted another recipe for #FridayFoodie. I will include that link below. I would love feedback on my posts as well as getting to check out your content too!

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    Hello Everybody, Simon from To Cut a Short Story Short here with my latest post, which explains exactly how to go about self-publishing. It’s FAR easier than you may imagine, technology has moved on, such that Amazon can now print one-off paperbacks of a FANTASTIC quality, and it won’t cost you anything either!!

    My article (3500 words) also covers Kindle eBook production and Audiobook creation too. I hope it will be useful to anyone who likes the idea of seeing their work in print!

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