Keep the Momentum Up!

New year, new blog resolution? Yay! Keep your excitement high with resources and tools that’ll keep you publishing through 2017.

Gravitron by David (CC BY-NC 2.0).

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking to WordPress bloggers about their blog resolutions for 2017; as the new year begins, lots of us are either starting new blogs or re-committing to existing ones. If that’s you, check out the courses, tutorials, and resources we’ve got to help you realize your website dreams.

Blogging U.

Blogging U. courses — on blogging, writing, photography, and more — collect the best advice and expertise of staffers, breaking it down into bite-size assignments delivered straight to your email inbox.

There are also a variety of courses to stoke your creative fires and help you hone your writing and photography skills:

  • Grab your camera and learn about composition, light, photo editing, and more in Developing Your Eye I and II.
  • Use Finding Everyday Inspiration to build a writing habit with 20 days of daily writing themes inspired by the places closest to you.
  • Revise your existing writing and learn to approach it with an editor’s eye in Shaping Your Story.
  • Get in touch with your inner Emily Dickinson or Langston Hughes with Intro to Poetry.

Anyone can blog! (Photo by Michelle W.)

Each course also has a specific tag that you’ll use on your posts to help you find other participants, so you can make friends while you support one another. Don’t worry — your course will tell you what the tag is and how to use it!

Click on a course name that interests you to see all its details. You’ll see a “Start” button at the top of the page; click that, and you’ll get a welcome email immediately and your first assignment ten minutes later.

Banish the Blank Screen

Some of us don’t want to commit to a course, but could still use a boost. A new website means a world of possibility, but an empty page can be daunting.

  • Not sure what to write about? We’ve got daily prompts, along with lots and lots of post ideas — even if you don’t use our ideas, they’re sure to spark some thoughts that will lead you to a new post.
  • Playing with the design and layout of a new site can be as much fun as publishing. Designer Kjell Reigstad’s posts cover fonts, colors, page layout, and more, so you can tweak and re-tweak ’til you find your perfect look.
  • If you’re building a website (e.g., a site for an organization, small business, your wedding, your band, etc.), a little planning will ensure it includes all the info you need to communicate. Read “Measure Twice Cut Once,” to help with brainstorming and organizing, then follow the instructions in “Where Is My Website?” to set your site up.

For more, take a few minutes to explore the Inspiration and Layout & Design categories here. If you can do it with, we’ve probably written about it! And for an all-in-one tutorial, take a peek at

Help At Hand

Instructions for every piece of are available 24/7 in our support documents, along with help for any specific questions — browse resources and contact us via, or get help with technical questions from the staff and helpful volunteers in our support forums. To get and give feedback on your posts, join your fellow bloggers in our weekly Community Pool thread.

We’re here for you, whatever style of help you prefer. Here’s to a great 2017 of blogging!

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  1. Thank you so much for the post, just signed up for “blogging fundamentals” I hope this will help me with some tactics i can use to grow my blog with. I have very recently started a political blog, I would really appreciate it if anyone reading this post checks out my blog! Thanks 🙂

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  2. Looking forward to make 2017 a greater year than the one that just bid farewell. Leaving all the pain and hurt behind and dive into a new ocean of poignant darkness, spreading more love towards pain, through my blog which consists of writings about my daily wtf moment, exaggerated into a magical world of darkness. xoxo!

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    1. Blogging really helps with maintaining the balance of life, id advice you to keep writing if you are going through a stressed period.. the love and support really helps a lot!


  3. This is really helpful for new bloggers and returning bloggers alike. I will check them out especially the photography courses and the post ideas websites, thank you so much. Much appreciated. I just started my new blog and for those interested, go check it out. It will mean a lot to me.

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  4. Thanks, this is useful! Will definitely make use of these tips. It is not easy for a new blogger to get attention, there are so many good ones out there… Fingers crossed you will like mine!

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  5. This is just what I need! I have a dual resolution- to date every other week and blog about it. My blog is anonymous so any additional tips and recommendations would be much appreciated!

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  6. Hey Michelle.. I have been blogging on wordpress since the last three years and absolutely loving it ! It feels liberating to be able to write and say what you actually feel.. I was wondering if i could be part of the wordpress team in any way in helping them out in anything.. Would love to give back to this community.. I really hope to get a reply from you.. Waiting !!! P.S I would love it if you could spare some minutes to see my blog !!!! Thank you .. Love

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m happy that you’re so happy with WordPress 🙂

      One of the best things you could do is support other bloggers here, to help them have the great experience you’re having. The Community Pool thread is full of people looking for feedback and support, and the First Friday threads are full of new bloggers who would love to get their first like or comment from someone!

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