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  1. Happy New Year guys!!

    I have been trying my hand at Hindi poetry for the last two months. Would love it if you guys checked it once. नए साल की हार्दिक शुभमानायें सभी को। बड़ी ही ख़ुशी होगी अगर अहमदुल्लाह की शायरी पढ़ने का कष्ट करें यहां की आवाम। धन्यवाद।

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  2. Hi, I have a blog that I really started just for fun, written in the prospective of a dog. If you feel like reading it and giving me any feedback that would be great or if you just want to read it for a chuckle that’s good too.

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  3. Hello friends, and Happy New Year! I have a question for anyone who might know about plugins. I signed up for PopUp Domination, and I want to get Yoast for my blog, but with the new WordPress update, I am unable to install my own plugins. Does anyone have any advice/run into this problem before?


    1. Hi, my understanding is that using, we can’t use plugins. If one uses and self-hosts, you can use plugins. But I’m still learning, so I may be incorrect about this!

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      1. Me as well. I tried out a self-hosting process a couple of years ago, and I found that having the built-ins through and also the speed (when posting, etc.) was much better on Plus, there is the built-in community through the wordpress reader. Good luck!

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  4. I’d like to invite everyone to stop by and check out a photography piece from a few months ago, “Autumn 2016.” The photograph was taken during a hike, and captured the atmosphere of the season. If you like the photograph, please click the “like” button on the post page. Comments and feedback are always welcome, and please leave them in the comments section of the post page as well. If you like what you see, feel free to browse around, and follow along so you don’t miss anything as I post several times a week. Thanks in advance.

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  5. Hello everybody! I have a blog I just started, and I would love some constructive feedback. it is for God, for the people, and for the love of music. I hope y’all get curious and come check it out! 🙂 thanks for reading

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  6. Hey all,

    I just wanted to stop by and see if I could attract anyone to be a guest poster on my blog. I am doing a series called Sunday stories and would love to hear from anyone. Its a series where I am going to get fellow bloggers out there to share their life quotes, affirmations, songs, poems and pictures, whatever it is that make them who there are. In an essence – their stories. More appropriately, their reasons of being – their ikigai.

    I just want to connect with the world to find out how they found there ikigai with the hope to help me find mine. I want to know what makes them them to leap out of bed, the words that they choose to live by, the greatest advice they have been given…. All of it. There is a world of experience inside each of us and I want to explore it. I want to know people. I want to know the moments that defined their life.

    And if your thinking I don’t have a story, email me. Let’s talk and see where it goes. If anything, you get to meet someone new (that’s me) and I get to know you.

    I have some Sunday stories already on my blog and they have kindly wrote about their experiences of doing a Sunday story with me. Have a look and I hope to hear from you soon.

    I am also here to help with advice 🙂

    Happy new year

    Ivy xx

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      1. Thanks for your reply… I’ll head over there and see what I think.

        I guarantee I will love it already

        Ivy xx


  7. Hello and happy 2017 everyone! It’s that lovely time of week again that makes me somewhat excited for a new Monday. I’d love to hear from some fresh faces, so let’s get down to it.
    Feel free to check out my completed 30-Day Writing Challenge:
    Also, being the new year, I want to give readers and new faces an opportunity to have a say in the content they see, so I opened up a new post where you can drop in a prompt:
    Have fun, leave some feedback, and drop in a prompt!
    Happy New Year!
    -Author S

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      1. Thank-you so much! I will definitely check out your blog and comment in the next few days! I’m in Copenhagen at the moment so when I get decent signal I will definitely have a read!! Thank you so much for your comments they are much appreciated! Happy New Year

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  8. Hello and happy new year! I feel inspired right now, and think that I would love to be active on this pool every week. Read, and also share. Or often, at least. 🙂 Here’s the last one I wrote… it’s been some time… But until then! The sea calls~

    Maria I.

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  9. Good evening creative souls, and fellow bloggers,

    To those of you who are interested in creative writing, there is a relatively new blog called Mug’s Tale, that offers weekly writing workshops.

    Anyone can send their texts and they are then submitted to the editors of the blog proofread if necessary and published on the blog with a link to your personal blog if you have one.

    Have a look and tell me what you think of it.

    Thank you so much for your feedback!

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  10. Hi everyone!! Welcome to 2017. I started this year off with my first book review. Check it out at

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    1. Your writings are SO GOOD. I’ve left a bunch of comments in your blog haha. And plan to read more of your pieces.

      I’m actually a pre-med right now (in college, planning to go to medical school afterwards), and also love writing poetry and short stories. 🙂

      If you’re interested, feel free to check out my blog, and leave some feedback + constructive criticism:

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      1. Thanks! I checked out your page. It’s nicely formatted, and I could tell you thought deeply for your post. Very interesting. Just one thing: you might want to either add something to the text widget in your sidebar, or get rid of it.

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