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  1. Hi Everyone!
    Please check out my blog, and tell me what you think. I am just starting it and to be honest, I don’t really know what I am doing…However, I am excited about the adventure and soon enough I’ll float amongst the stars…

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  2. Hey!
    I finally published this piece that I have been working on for awhile now. It’s about my uncle who passed away a couple of years ago. I’ve been dreading the thought of him lately, since he always held such a big place in my heart. It hurts to think of him but writing about it helps to express the bottled up pain. I miss him immensely and would do anything to see him again, but I know he’s happy and painless now.
    Sorry got a bit carried away, if you wouldn’t mind checking out the post it would mean a lot to me:)
    thank you!!

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  3. I love this idea of building a community to help each other out!! I’m just new to this blogging thing so I can look back on my own progress through the year. I’d love to get some thoughts on the layout and blog styles that are currently on my site and in return I’d love to help some others out 🙂 TIA!! 🙂

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      1. Thanks Connor 🙂 I might have to do that as I get better at the whole blogging thing. I’ll be following your blog too as I could definitely utilise some of the skills you talk about in your blogs 🙂
        – Britt

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  4. Hi, I just published a new story, Zip It!, on my flash fiction blog, To Cut a Short Story Short. It’s a little longer this time, a 900-word tale about a best selling author! Please check it out and I hope you enjoy it!

    Also, if you might be interested in joining a 300-word fortnightly story group please contact me via my blog and I’ll be happy to send details, a few more members would be welcome!


  5. hey there fellow bloggers!
    Are you up for some fun, sarcasm and some life lessons? hop onto the train of thoughts and have fun travelling in it!..Feedback is greatly appreciated..thanks a mil! 🙂

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    1. Hi,

      The content is great, but I’m finding the font a little distracting for some reason. I find a little strain on the eyes reading it. Otherwise great job.

      Welcome back to blogging!


    2. I liked what you had to say here, although the length was a bit of a deterrent. A couple suggestions that might help:

      1. Approach the story as a numbered or bulleted list. I hate listicles, but taking this approach can force you to narrow down your post into, say, 4 succinct points you’d like to make – perhaps with headings that will help move the reader through the post.

      2. Simply make more frequent paragraph breaks. Large chunks of text can be daunting!

      Hope this is useful! Keep writing 🙂


      1. Thank you for your feedback. I did change the theme so hopefully that helps. I hope you’ll keep reading and return with more feedback. It is appreciated. Thanks!


  6. Hi Everybody,

    I recently wrote about the problem with having a new years resolution to get fit. I would love some feedback on the writing!

    I also just moved my blog to I’ve changed a lot on the site and would love some feedback of the layout!

    Additionally If you have any questions about moving your blog I can help you with any errors on the way… I think I ran into just about all of the possible issues I could have!

    Thank you and happy new year,



    1. I just moved my blog too. It was on blogger now it is on WordPress. They are both such different beasts. It’s not even funny. Anyways welcome follow blog mover.

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      1. P.S: I took a look at your blog and you might want to re-look it over again. Some of the words are meshed together and so it is weird trying to read your post. No offense. Just wanted to help you out because I sometimes end up with my posts doing that. It’s no big deal and it’s something a second look over can fix. Have a great day.

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      2. Hi thanks for letting me know about the formatting. I moved from to, so a lot of my content is from a different platform.

        Could you kindly point me to the post/page that is showing up incorrectly and what type of device are you on? I’m on desktop, maybe this is unique to the device type.

        Thanks again!


    1. The general idea is nice, talking about life and struggles and becoming true to oneself. However, if it not too much trouble could you capitalize the first word of each of the sentences and every I? It is weird trying to read being taken out of the story of that person life because of the way the I’s and beginning of each sentence are lowercased. Sorry, thank you. Have a wonderful day.

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  7. Happy New Year, everyone!

    Just made a new post and would love some feedback, and besides, on other posts if you’d like 😉

    I’d love to check out your blogs just the same, too, so link yourselves!


    1. Hy! Click on the EDIT on your post and on the left side you will find a “Categories & Tags” tab. Click on, add your tags/categories and update the post. 🙂 The tags will be saved, next time you can just add them to your post with a click. I hope I could help!

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    2. I enjoyed your post and think along similar lines when reading Ecclesiastes. Yes, your point was clear. Your post was easy to read and flowed well. When I edit posts, I find the Categories and Tags tab on the right side of the page rather than the left. If I were adding tags to this post, I would go for Ecclesiastes, Solomon, vanity, meaning of life.

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    1. Hey! I think this theme is a good fit for your niche but I would suggest to insert an image in every post! The ones without it doesn’t really get my attention and I might missing out!
      Love the not greedy number 8 🙂
      All the best!

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