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  1. Heyyy guys so I own a writing blog and I know you are probably rolling your eyes and saying not one of those again but please give me a try.

    Heres the link to my blog –

    And in case you care to know, Qoraa is Somalian for author/wirter


  2. The best part about this community pool is it doesn’t matter if everyone showers before jumping in – and there’s also no lingering smell of chlorine!

    Check out my newest edition to my little corner of the universe. If you like it, hit follow! I’d love to expand and follow more blogs, so if we’re a good match lets be blog buddies!

    (Come on, you know you want to use my hashtag…. ;))


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  3. Just started a book blog. It’s still young, but it’s mostly (and thus far) spoiler free book reviews and bookish musings. Would love some feedback. I’m new to the whole book blog world, but books are my passion so figured I’d give it a go.


  4. Hey everyone! I’m an amateur drone pilot looking for advice on some photography that I’m taking. I’m having a lot of fun and I’d love to be able to do these for people as a tiny business. Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Check me out at


  5. Hi!

    This past week I’ve posted my first two posts on my blog and would love some feedback on the layout / general vibe. I’m new here but would love some pointers!

    I’m not entirely sure the direction / niche I’m aiming for (I feel like solo female travel is definitely already covered) but early days!

    Thanks guys

    Anna x

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  6. Hello !!
    Im a teen blogger, I’ve been blogging for almost a year and a half.
    Hope you can stop by and read a couple of my posts ! I’ll do the same 😊

    Thanks ❤️


    1. Hi Sara! I really enjoyed visiting your blog and I left a few comments. Hope to see you at mine!

      I love the way you are so honest and open, curious about the world and full of wonder and humor. LOVED your “fun facts” post! It’s very clear that you’re an awesome person that loves to show gratitude to others and to life. The world, and Venice, is blessed by your presence!

      take care of yourself!

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      1. Im so flattered!!! thank you so so much!! Your kind words means the world to me !!
        Of course I’ll stop by and read some of your posts❤️❤️
        You sound like an awesome person, i bet your are!!
        Thanks again!!
        Take care💞

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    2. I have been looking at your blog and I gave you a follow. very interesting. your blog looks very clean and easy to navigate. don’t really have any suggestions, sorry!

      It feels as if I am looking through a key whole into your personal life, very nice. I hope you are successful in your road to blogging!

      your new follower,
      Avery Heart

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      1. Awwh !!
        Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
        I try my best to keep my blog clean and clear for all the readers.. Moreover, i want the readers to actually KNOW Me.
        So now you’ve given me the satisfaction ☺️
        Thank you again ❤️❤️

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    1. This is interesting to ponder. For the typical driving scenarios, the self-driving car could easily become more skilled than people. As you noted; however, there will sometimes be unusual happenings beyond the programming of the self-driving car. How could a computer progammer ever think of ALL the possible things that might occur? It would be foolish of us not to insist on an override switch.

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  7. Hi there, WordPress community!

    Our Energy Procurement Consultants recently moved to WordPress all of their posts and articles!

    If there is anybody out there interested in the world of Energy, Renewables, Commodities (Oil, Gas, Co2, Electricity, Generation Mixes…) and European Markets, we are certain you will find some useful and interesting material at our blog!

    Feel free to drop by and share your thoughts to help us improve!
    [Our posts are partially featured in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese as well]

    We will be also glad to check back your blogs!

    Have a nice day 🙂
    Magnus CMD.


    1. The two posts you have are enjoyable to read. Above them is a place holder post that came with your theme. It would be nice to delete that since you don’t need it. Putting a few words on your About page to tell us the purpose of your blog site would also be nice.


    1. It’s an interesting post. Your artist friend answered from the perspective of someone or something being his muse. I think you asked what it was like from the perspective of the muse. My guess is that someone could be another person’s muse and not even know it. If you are a muse and know it, I agree with you, that could be a burden.

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