Two New Photography Courses on Demand

Developing Your Eye I and II are 10-day challenges for bloggers of all levels.

The library of Blogging University courses continues to grow! Today, we’re happy to announce our first two photography courses on demand: Developing Your Eye I and Developing Your Eye II. These free 10-day courses, designed to help you sharpen your visual eye, are based on our previous monthlong Photo 101: A Photo a Day course.

Developing Your Eye I

Developing Your Eye I is a fun introduction to the fundamentals of photography. For 10 days, we’ll email a daily assignment with a theme to inspire that day’s image, and also share a related shooting tip. We may ask you to consider composition or image orientation one day, or experiment with point of view or color on another.

Developing Your Eye II

Over 10 days, we’ll send a daily assignment, which includes a photo theme and related photography tip. You might experiment with light and motion, or learn to lightly edit your images — from cropping to straightening — before posting them on your blog.

Note: Developing Your Eye II builds upon the tips and practices from the first course, although you do not need to take them in order. We don’t have any strict requirements here at Blogging U., and you’re welcome to take (and retake) these courses as you see fit!

Get started

For more information about Blogging U., check out these FAQs.

As with all Blogging U. offerings, you can start and stop these courses to fit your schedule. To begin, head to the Blogging U. homepage and click the “Signup” button next to the course, or visit the course pages (Developing Your Eye I | Developing Your Eye II) and click the “Sign up for this course” button. You’ll get a welcome email immediately, then your first assignment ten minutes later.

Have fun!

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    1. It’s amazing what detailed shots you can get with a phone camera. They are so good nowadays! Mine has helped rejuvenate my interest in photography. Looking forwards to seeing some pics!

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      1. 😀 I-phone cameras are incredibly good, probably better than my (not that) old dSLR. What’s even better is that you always have them on you. No longer do we have that moment of “doh! I wish I had my camera!”

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  1. Wow. I’m jazzed. I’ve been crazy for photography for about five or six years. I bought myself a Cannon PowerShot SX50 HS and went wild. When we traveled I shot approximately 600 or more pics a day. Dove my mate nuts. The last few weeks, we traveled I shot a great deal less, but composed and adjusted angles, composition, light on the fly with confidence and a “that’s a better” feeling about my choices. Would love to get some feed back on my process and photographs.


    1. Awesome — glad to see people taking pictures and responding to assignments already!

      FYI — in general, the best way to share your assignments in the course (and seeing the submissions of others) is to tag your posts with #developingyoureye. I see you’ve done that — yay! — and you’ll find it here, with some of the other first posts:

      Thanks for joining the course!

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    1. Hi there! Cool post. I can’t tell if this is in response to one of the photo course assignments. If it is, you can tag the post with #developingyoureye, as this is the official course tag.



    1. Great, glad you received it!

      Yes, just to clarify — the course emails are sent directly to your email inbox. Don’t forget to tag these assignment posts with #developingyoureye.

      There’s no additional course interaction here in this comment thread.