Give These Two New Blogging U. Courses a Try

Building a business website, or ready to dig into blog customizing?

We’re excited  to add two more courses to the library of options available in Blogging U. on demand: Build a Business Website and Intermediate Customizing.

Build a Business Site

Just getting started with blogging? You can find a variety of introductory courses on the Blogging U. home page, including the ever-popular Blogging: Fundamentals (previously called “Blogging 101”).

Build a Business Site is a brand-new, ten-day course that helps you plan, build, and promote your business website. We’ll help you define your site’s raison d’être and plan content. We’ll look at how to choose the theme that fits your brand, examine whether blogging can help boost your business, and make sure that search engines like what they see when they come crawling. Along the way, we’ll cover specifics like pages and menus, domain mapping, widgets, using social networks to promote your site, and SEO.

Intermediate Customizing meant a much-needed overhaul of my front page. A new logo, using Canva; a poll, which I had not done before; cleaned-up cluttered sidebar and footer widgets… My place looks better and I’m inspired to do more!  – Laurel Writes

Intermediate Customization

This ten-day course takes you in-depth into the free customization options available to all members. Learn to find and understand all the details of your theme. Delve into how headers and titles are displayed, and create a totally unique custom header. Coordinate and change your background, and learn to work with widgets — including creating custom widgets and using widget visibility to control exactly which widgets appear where. We’ll wrap up with some basic HTML, which gives you even finer control over the ways posts, pages, and widgets appear.

How to get started

Interested in exploring creative pursuits? Writing and poetry courses are already available, and photography and advanced writing courses are coming soon!

As with all Blogging U. courses, you can start and stop these whenever you’ve ready — and of course, they’re completely free. To get started, head directly to the course pages, or to the Blogging U. home page, and click the “Start course” button. You’ll get a welcome email immediately, and your first assignment ten minutes later.

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  1. I’ve enrolled in both! wooooo! there should be badges for when we finish the courses, so that we can put them on our blog. It’s a benefit to 3 sides, fellow bloggers, you and the author!

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  2. i agree. the Blogging University is a wonderful resource. thanks to everyone involved who has made it a possibility. i’ve enrolled in Build a Business Site after completing all the other courses, although i only just scraped through.

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    1. The broad assignments would be applicable, but the step-by-step instructions are There are many areas where they’d also apply to self-hosted blogs, but there would be a few points where things on a self-hosted site would work a bit differently, and you’d have to look up self-hosted specific instructions.

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  3. Hi! Last week I joined this course Blogging: Branding and Growth. Still waiting for the welcome email and the first assignment. I hope I’ll receive it soon. Thank you, especially for your awesome blogging projects 🙂

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    1. Can you please check your spam folder, and any other folders Yahoo has? The welcome email should be immediate, and the first assignment 10 minutes after that. If there’s nothing in spam, we’ll investigate on our end.

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  4. These courses are great. I wish they were around when I started blogging way back when. Speaking of, I’ve blogged on WP for over fours years, I was wondering, if there’s anything for advanced WP users. Is there/will there be?

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  5. I didn’t even know such a thing in its entirety existed! I’ll have to give these courses a try soon.