Two New Blogging U. Courses Available On Demand

Get motivated to write, or learn how to brand and grow your blog.

We’re excited to see that over 7,000 of you have already begun a Blogging U. course! Today, we’re adding two new courses to our on-demand library to help you push your creativity and your technical skill.

Wondering how Blogging U. on demand works? Take a look at the FAQ.

  • Blogging: Branding and Growth (previously “Blogging 201: Branding and Growth”) is ten days of tasks, tips, and advice on how to grow, attract, and retain an audience. We’ll ask you to set some goals and analyze your brand. You’ll study your stats to plan content, and we’ll help you get up to speed with social networks and optimize your blog for SEO.
  • Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration (previously “Writing 101: Finding Everyday Inspiration”) is a twenty-day course that warms up your writing muscles and helps you find inspiration in the places closest to you — but where you might not think to look. You’ll get a new writing prompt each day to help you explore new formats, pull from your own experiences, and get familiar with online resources from publishing tools to social media.

Visit the course pages for more details on how they’re structured, what’s covered, and to sign up, or head to the Blogging U. home page and click “Start This Course” to get going immediately. You’ll get a welcome email immediately, and your first assignment ten minutes later.

If neither of these courses is for you, no worries — more courses are coming soon, including business website creation, photography, storytelling and self-editing, and mobile blogging basics!

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  1. hi michele great classes
    how long will they be open?
    i am of the old fashion type one at a time i am doing but i would love to take all i think it is agreat thing to do and meet lots of people Oh is there a meet and great page?

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    1. Blogging U. courses don’t close any more; they’re always available. They don’t have private course sites any more, but there are still ways you can connect with other participants; there’s more info on the support page, and each course will also provide more resources.

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  2. Hi there. Classes going well! 😉 Really like this blogging thing and love the interaction on wordpress on my blog! Just started and already met loads of people. Love it!

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  3. Not sure which course to register; I post a lot of photos of in-state traveling. Would like to improve the blog overall to attract more visitors. Thank you!

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    1. You can start and pause courses whenever you want, so feel free to try a few to figure out which one is most helpful! Photo courses will be coming shortly (within the next few weeks) as well.

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  4. Hi
    Can you check my sign up for the daily inspiration course please?
    I got Day 1 & it went straight to bin & I can’t get it to stay in inbox.

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      1. The only email we have for you is the one you used to sign up with; we only have one email address for you. Please make sure that the specific address “” is on your email’s “safe” list.

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      2. Sorry to be such a pain but it says the new email is already febistered. How can I make it my main one? Just want the emails about #everydayinspiration to come to my new email

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      3. If the email address is already being used with another account, you won’t be able to use it. Can you contact our support folks at They can help make sure your account is set up the way you’d like.

        If you’ve added to your email’s “safe” list and it’s still going to the trash, you’ll need to contact your email service’s support folks for assistance.

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  5. I like that these are now on demand and I can work on them when my schedule allows it rather than having to miss a registration that I didn’t see. This is good news!

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  6. I wonder if they’ll ever be a course on why wordpress drops our subscribers and followers against their will? It can be the most maddening thing, blogs we follow suddenly disappear from our reader, followers send us emails demanding to know why they’ve been unfollowed. Glitch?

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  7. Signed up. Look forward to the knowledge bliss and guidance gurus teaching me how to make my blog amazing. Just started blogging. Although I’ve been a educator and medical pro for years, this is new cool route. I like it. Love connecting and learning.

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  8. Hi Michelle, The ‘resume’ or ‘restart’ does not appear. We have to restart the course all over again if once stopped. Please help.

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    1. There is no “resume,” but there should be a “restart this course” button if you’ve stopped a course. It will start the course from the beginning; I’ve updated the support page to reflect this.

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    1. If you got a welcome email, then your course started! You only have to click the “start” button once, and off you go — the welcome email is the first one in the series.

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  9. If you choose to stop the course and then start it again, does it pick up from exactly where you left off? Is the equivalent of pressing pause? Just thinking that time wise I might be better off with weekly prompts rather than daily…

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