The Discover Challenge: Our New Weekly Event

We’re thrilled to announce a new space for inspiration and creativity here at The Daily Post.

It’s been exciting to follow some of the great conversations around the features and Editors’ Picks at Discover since we launched our showcase last November. So we thought, why not extend them over here at The Daily Post, where thousands of engaged, creative bloggers are already sharing great work (and a great sense of community)?

Enter our new, shiny Discover Challenge. Starting tomorrow (3/8), we’ll run weekly challenges connected to the stories and ideas that have recently inspired us — from interviews with prominent bloggers to personal essays and breathtaking illustration and photography.

We know that some bloggers encounter issues with pingbacks, especially if your site is self-hosted. If you can’t create a pingback, please drop a link to your post in the challenge’s comments section.

Since the sources of inspiration are going to be eclectic, your responses can be in any genre, medium, or format you feel like. Just like with our popular Photo Challenge (and, previously, Writing Challenge — for those veterans who’ve missed it), you’ll be invited to publish a post on your own blog, and share a link to it here via a pingback. A poem or a photo, a web comic or a longform essay, a video clip or an original song — we welcome your contributions in whatever shape or form they take.

See you tomorrow for our very first challenge — we can’t wait!

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  1. That sounds like fun. I only just started following this blog in the past year, but have been wanting to get more involved in my own blogging and find ways of doing it more. Been doing so far so good on my own so I look forward to this. Thank you for all the hard work you do! 🙂

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    1. We hope you enjoy it! Just to clarify, though, this event isn’t competitive — it’s a challenge in the sense that we hope it pushes everyone to publish new and exciting posts, not in the sense that there are winners, rankings, or prizes, etc.

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    1. You can respond at your own pace — there are no cutoff dates (though, judging by our other challenges, you might get fewer people to engage with your post the later you post it).

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    1. It will be here at The Daily Post like all our other posts, prompts, and challenges — and depending on your settings, you’ll also be able to get in the Reader and/or via email.

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  2. I like the flexibility you’ve built into this challenge: to be able to post in any format and to have the freedom of one week to post (although, as you say, engagement from other bloggers does seem to diminish as the week goes by, judging by my experience of the photo challenge). I’ve discovered really interesting blogs and gained new readers by my participation in these kind of challenges. I also enjoy the freedom to be able to dip in and out of them and mix them up with my own posts. So, thanks for this! Looking forward to the first challenge.

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      1. I have spent hours on the widget site with no success. It is just all greek to me. Is there a video that I can watch? Also, how do I get to my blogs without having to type in the browser all the time? I wish this was a little more user friendly.

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