November in BU: Registration is Open!

Give Blogging 101 or Writing 101 a try, or take a crack at our brand-new Blogging 201 course on blog customization.

Registration for November’s courses is now closed! See what’s coming up in December.

Get your new blog off the ground, give daily writing practice a try, or push your blog’s design to the next level with one of November’s courses: Blogging 101: Zero to Hero, Writing 101: Finding Everyday Inspiration, and Blogging 201: Intermediate Customization.

Blogging 101: Zero to Hero runs from Monday, November 2nd to Friday, November 20th, and gives you one new task each day to help you publish, customize your blog, and engage with the blogging community. Learn more.

Writing 101: Finding Everyday Inspiration runs from Monday, November 2nd to Friday, November 27th, and helps you cultivate a daily writing habit while finding fresh inspiration in unexpected places. Learn more.

Want to take things further with custom CSS? A Blogging 301: Advanced Customization course is in the works!

Blogging 201: Intermediate Customization runs from Monday, November 2nd to Friday, November 13th, and takes an in-depth look at free customizing features — theme options, widgets, headers, backgrounds, fonts, and HTML. Learn more.

How do Blogging U. courses work?

Blogging U. courses exist for one reason: to help you meet your own blogging and writing goals.

  • Courses are free, flexible, and open to all.
  • You’ll get a task, writing prompt, or tutorial to work on to each weekday at midnight GMT, along with our best advice and favorite resources. Do them on your own time, and interpret them however makes sense for your specific blog and personal goals — we’re not grading you, we’re not checking to make sure you complete every task, and there’s no “wrong” way to use the resources we give you. Weekends are free!
  • Each course has a private community site, the Commons, for chatting, connecting, and seeking feedback and support. Daily Post staff and Happiness Engineers will be on hand to answer your questions and offer guidance and resources.

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  1. The customisation one sounds like a brilliant addition – just tried to register for it though and the options are still only the writing and blogging courses. Am I missing something? Thanks.

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      1. Ah ok – thanks for clarifying Michelle. Yup blogging 201 is up there as an option, I just thought customisation was something different. Thanks.

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  2. I could really use this writing course to just sharpen my writing skills a little, not a whole lot, because I’ve been writing good already…-JW

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  3. I have registered for the Writing 101 and the Blogging 101 courses. I just completed the Writing 201 course, and I really enjoyed it! So let’s see what these new courses have to offer!

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  4. I’m registered for both blogging and writing 101, I can’t wait to learn and practice more! I’ve already learned so much from my own searches and others’ helpful information but I know I will learn things I couldn’t learn that way and that excites me.

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  5. It looks like Blogging 201 has changed some from the description on the website versus the description in the email; that the focus is more on blog customization versus boosting traffic and social media. Am I reading that correctly?

    Also, when will the Blogging U photo class be presented again? I’ve seen that description and would love to do that.

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    1. There are two different Blogging 201 classes now: Blogging 201: Branding and Growth, and Blogging 201: Intermediate Customization. Next month, we’re offering the customization course; the other will return in December.

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  6. I am new to blogging. Which is why I am so excited to take these courses. I am praying that one day soon I will be able to quit my job and become a full time blogger as my career.

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  7. November 2nd marks my first work day as a retiree. I’ve been stalled so long trying to work full time, manage family illness and eye issues. No longer working full time finally makes it possible to become more focused in new ways (no pun intended). Blogging 101 seems like the best possible way to really give my retirement project life. Thanks to the Automatic team for providing this wonderful resource!

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