Five Community Events for Photo Fans

Love the Weekly Photo Challenge here? Looking for more opportunities to share your photos and meet other bloggers? Try one of these community-run events.

Do you run a blogging event, photography-related or otherwise? Submit it to be added to our community event listings!

Blogging events are great for staying motivated, stretching as a blogger, and finding new friends (and readers). Photo blogging events are particularly popular — they have a low barrier to entry, and give participants the chance to see images from across the globe.

The Weekly Photo Challenge here is always popular, but there are plenty of other opportunities for shutterbugs to share and connect. Browse the “Photography & Visual Arts” section of our community event listings to see what’s out there, or give one of these five a try:

Fav Foto Friday


Sandy, the blogger behind Scribbles & Musings, invites you to share a post each Friday with your favorite shot of the week. There are no themes, and no rules — just an opportunity to share an image you’re proud of and check out some other great photography.

Mundane Monday

On Trablogger, blogger Jithin extends a challenge we could all stand to accept: to “find beauty in almost everything.” Each Monday, he publishes a post sharing a photo of his own; one week it might be a fascinating architectural detail in a building he passes each day, another, the sunset illuminating a neighborhood utility pole.

With each photo, he shares what drew him to the scene, giving other participants a jumping off point for looking at their own environments with a photographer’s eye.

The Bench Series

Travel Words  Jude has been publishing his Bench Series throughout 2015. It’s a simple challenge: each month, she offers a theme and invites participants to share a photo of a bench. A bench with a view. A bench in black and white. A bench made of wood. As it turns out, benches — those little places of respite  — make a popular photographic subject!


October’s theme is a bench with multiple occupants, like this one Jude spotted outside the Taj Mahal. We love how this challenge forces participants to be creative but focused.

Imagecraft Bootcamp

Exploratorius‘s Mitch joined up with Lucile at Bridging Lacunas for the “Imagecraft Bootcamp” series, a technical challenge that helps participants explore photo processing. In the latest installment, on shadow recovery, the tips and tutorials helped bloggers take a shadow-ridden image from dull to dynamic:

The step-by-step walkthroughs give participants the tools they need to enhance their own photos, and sharing images gives everyone a chance to get feedback and ideas for further improvement.

Photo Blogging Challenge

PJ at a ‘lil hoo haa has a long-running challenge — 32 months and counting! — that encourages participants to take their time exploring an idea through photography. The first day of each month, PJ offers a theme and invites participants to take photos interpreting the theme throughout the month. On the last day of the month, participants publish a post featuring five of the images they took; some share their favorites, while others stitch together a photographic story. It’s a great opportunity to spend time focusing on your photos without the pressure of publishing them all.

Do you have a community photo event you love? Share it! The more, the merrier.

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  1. Another great selection of community events, i am particularly thrilled to see Imagecraft Bootcamp, hosted by my good friends Lucile and Mitch featured, I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in stretching their craft skills!

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      1. The server my site is on is having issues. They are supposed to be moving it today … so hopefully all will be fine and the link should be working soon!


    1. This was fixed Friday and I watched it throughout the weekend and all is set … so hopefully anybody trying has been able to access it. 🙂


  2. I’m looking forward to checking some out!
    I did a personal challenge that I opened up to anyone who wanted to join. Although, as I’m still fairly new to blogging, it got a little, but not enormous participation! Anyway, if anyone would like to take part in my Rainbowfication Chronicles (a focus on each colour of the spectrum, found in mundane objects), then it would be super to have you on board 🙂

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  3. Thank you for mentioning my bench challenge. I was very surprised how many people out there photograph benches and it has been interesting to see them from all around the world. (I am however female, not male – Jude is an abbreviation for Judith xx)

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      1. i did visit that but there is some sort of filling up details form,and I am getting no clue how to proceed further to take part in..i’ll be obliged if you will please help me in elaborating about this event..would eagerly wait for a reply or an e-mail,whatever is feasible for you..

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      2. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything beyond what the bloggers publish on their own sites. Which event are you trying to join? Maybe the blogger will see your comment and lend a hand!

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    1. Hi.. you have to add any photograph as a blog post.. add a ping back to the latest challenge post..and publish it. Basically that is how it works in Mundane Monday challenge. In certain events, they have themes so that you have to submit pictures following that theme. I hope this helps.

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  4. I have just gotten into photography, as a teenager, I can say that taking pictures is beautiful. Photograph requires a certain scene to play out in front of your eyes. Writing requires a certain scene to play out in your brain.

    For more quirky metaphors, similes, alliteration and other figurative language, as well as a plethora of quotes, I dare you to decipher the canvas that is my newly made blog.


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  5. Thanks, Michelle, for mentioning the Photo Blogging Challenge. We’ve had a lot of fun with it over the past nearly three years and hope more people want to get into it.

    (the past few days my site is on a server where it’s been up and down … but hoping it will be fixed today).

    We always welcome more people to join.

    And now I need to look at these other events, too!

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  6. Hilarious, I have a picture I took of a bench in Chicago earlier this year, and have been looking for a reason to share it (other than thinking it looked pretty). On it!

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