Photos We Loved: “Change”

A roundup of our favorite submissions to the “Change” photo challenge.

Image by Lucile de Godoy

Last week, we enjoyed sifting through your submissions for Kristin Snow’s “Change” photo challenge. From volatile skies to the juxtaposition of old and new, here are our favorite interpretations of the theme:

2812 Photography

Freelance photographer Pete Rosos at 2812 Photography set up his camera to take multiple shots of a clock at one-second intervals. He then combined the images in Photoshop to create this fantastic image commenting on our perception of time.

Taking One Day at a Time

Sarah Longes at Taking One Day at a Time stayed out through a misty night with her husband to capture this eclipse sequence of the super blood moon, in the North Downs, south of London, England. She captured about 90 images, all processed in Adobe RAW converter, then moved them into Photoshop to create the spiral sequence, which she designed after the Fibonacci spiral.

View From a French Hillside

view from a french hillside

It struck me as I clicked away with my trusty modern Nikon how much things have changed over these many decades and yet how they have also remained the same.

Jane Morley at View From a French Hillside recently bought two vintage cameras, a Kodak Box Brownie and a Voigtländer. Here, she photographs them alongside Vogue magazines from the 1930s and 40s in an homage to the past, and shows that while equipment has evolved over time, a photographer’s search for light and beauty remains unchanged.

Russels Lof | Thirty Summers | Travel. Garden. Eat.

An active, ever-changing sky was a common subject among your submissions — here’s a trio of interpretations at Russels Lof, Thirty Summers, and Travel. Garden. Eat.

Image by Russels Lof

Image by Thirty Summers

Pix to Words

I love a road
Through wide open spaces
Where straight lines
Reel through the changes

At Pix to Words, photographer Patrick Jennings captures a stretch of land, sky, and Highway 87 in the US state of Arizona. His accompanying poem evokes not only change, but freedom and discovery.

A Trivial Mind at Work

Dennis Wagoner at A Trivial Mind at Work shares four snapshots of the same scene — a path at a park — through each of the seasons.


Ann-Christine at Leya juxtaposes old and new architecture in Bellinzona, Switzerland, showing the evolution of a place in one snapshot.


Zsuzsa at Papricannelle similarly plays with old and new, but in a very different way. She photographs baby and elderly hands, celebrating the cycle of life and reminding us that we are constantly changing, each and every day.

Image by Papricannelle

Image by Papricannelle

Lucile de Godoy

Finally, Lucile’s pair of photos in her post, “The Hardest Mission: Know and Change Thyself,” encapsulates the “change” theme well. I love the second shot in particular, which captures the sensation of wandering and getting lost amongst a crowd — and the bustle of a street.
lucile de godoy

Thanks to everyone who joined this challenge!

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  1. I love that you do this. I wish I had the time to go through every one… But I love that someone takes the time to choose a few from the hundreds, and share them with us.

    I am especially thrilled to find this week one of mine among them. Thank you so very much for that.

    But thank you more for doing this.

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  2. It is encouraging to know that all the efforts put in by bloggers as they take on the photo challenge are acknowledged. A big thank you to the team who take time amid their busy schedules sifting through many entries to share them with us. It is helpful to see the different interpretations of the various photo challenges.

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  3. Thanks so much for selectioning my photo! Yay!!!!! Congratulations to the other chosen bloggers as well! These weekly photo challenges are so much fun, even when I’m not participating I like to browse through photos bloggers present for the various themes! Great way to know other bloggers as well! Keep up the great work, WP team!

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  4. Overwhelmed to be included in such skilled company – and I cannot put it better than Patrick and the others do – so grateful that these challenges are given us to inspire and set fire… and that you see us and help us see others too! Thank you, Cheri and WP!

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  5. Hi Cheri and many thanks indeed for including my vintage camera photo! Delighted to be included amongst these excellent contributions to another very stimulating WP challenge. I’m off to discover everyone else’s blogs now

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  6. I think it is a great idea that you take time to pick out a few of the entries to the weekly challenge. I like every one of the selection this week and it is a good way to visit other blogs. There are some talented photographers out there.

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  7. Hey thanks so much for this recap. My ‘take’ on change was more about philosophy than photography so chuffed to be included. I’m loving checking out the others you have selected too. Remember to ‘look up’ sometimes :). Thanks again

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  8. The incredible amount of creativity here astounds ~ amid so much technological advances, photography is still on the cutting edge becoming more creative and emotional. Inspiring to see.

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