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  1. Hey guys! i’m looking to get some feedback about my blog. I am always looking for new ideas and people to share my love of photography with, so I would love it if you came over and had a look around… and maybe hit that follow button.

    Joe :)Hey guys! i’m looking to get some feedback about my blog. I am always looking for new ideas and people to share my love of photography with, so I would love it if you came over and had a look around… and maybe hit that follow button.

    Joe 🙂

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    1. Photos are great! You have a good eye. Have you thought about posting in the details for each photo the camera settings for that specific picture? This seems to be pretty popular for other photographers to do. Just an idea. Good work!

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    2. I really like the simple premise of the blog and the consistent format that you use to publish your pictures…you have some great shots and they are fun to look through.

      My site is primarily focused on running but I have integrated a weekly picture post based on the weekly theme provided on The Daily Post, and it makes for a fun diversion.

      It doesn’t match your standards but you might like to take a look…I also want to generate better pics to support my overall theme so will keep an eye on your side for inspiration.



    1. I think it’s a good start but could perhaps do with some development. I’d also stick a line or something between the poem and your note at the end since it sort of bleeds into each other at the moment. I like the imagery of clawing at your subconsciousness.
      Keep writing.

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    2. hey visited and commented on your post 🙂 nice poem by the way… the melancholic in me felt ya


  2. Enjoy psychological thrillers? Good evening fellow bloggers. My name is Mark and I am about to start putting the finishing touches to my debut novel. I have also recently released my second short story works ‘The Carter Chronicles’ of which the second instalment will be out very shortly. Please stop by if you have the time and follow if you can. I need all the support I can get. Every ounce of interest is very much appreciated. I promise to take a look at your blog in return. Take care and happy reading! Mark

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  3. Hello swimmers. I am a normal teenager in south asian part of the world expressing my thoughts in my way that is writing and painting as for now. My thoughts and expressions are not shackled by the society and its norms. These are original straight from my heart. So welcome to my blog OPEN SHACKLES at

    Waiting for your response.

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    1. Hi Saloni, Great work. I really love the way that your blog is laid out. The pictures are great and really fit your articles. I especially loved the unsent letter and the mask, subjects most of us can relate.
      Keep up the great work!

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  4. Howdy Amigos,

    I recently sewed a Hobbes (best friend of Calvin) doll and started taking him on adventures with me. I wrote a post about the process and first trip, but want to get feedback before doing more Adventures of Hobbes pieces. If you could look over the first post and let me know what you think of the narrative style, I will be forever in your debt.

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  5. Hi all, it’s Leisel from geeky food blog Skill Up Skillet again. Can we just have a brief moment of honesty here, between us? I don’t really need advice-y things this week but I’ve had a bad last few days. If you’d be kind enough to humor me and check out my latest post I’d appreciate it. This is my 4th award nomination.

    Also, if you’re looking for a few blogging tips I’ve got those as well in the post. You are permitted to laugh. Here’s the link:


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    1. Hi Leisel,
      Great site, like the way its laid out. Congratulations on your 4th award nomination. One day…I loved the candy crush (mildly okay hugely addicted), love the snitches. Great work!

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  6. Greetings, fellow bloggers!It’s two to tango this Monday…

    First up, my piece on my equation with the Man Upstairs –

    And then, if I may, one on those thoughts inside your head which just won’t go away (which I’m sure we WordPressers are familiar with!) –

    One serious, one light hearted… both, up for review & comments! Have a great week ahead!

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    1. One of the most enticing pieces I have read in a while, I really enjoyed it you certainly have a way of painting a picture with words. Keep it up you have a great talent!

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  7. Hey all! I would love it if some people could read a few posts from my blog. I’ve been wondering if my posts aren’t…attractive, or exciting enough. Also, what do you think about the appearance of my site?

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      1. Yes, it’s very easy. Just write your story on your blog and add a link to the relevant challenge somewhere on your page. Then copy and paste your link into the page it takes you to when you click on the blue frog on my challenge page. Sounds like a treasure hunt, I know, but I promise it’s easy 🙂


    1. The concept behind your blog is brilliant! I would love to partake 🙂 I gave you a follow for it! If you could return the favor, I would be appreciative if you could take a look at my blog and give me some feedback. Anything sort of advice is welcome 🙂 Cheers!

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  8. Hello Swimmers! How is everyone today? Did you remember your towels?
    I have a couple of posts I would LOVE for everyone to see.
    I had the extreme honor in interviewing a fellow up and coming blogger. Here is the post.
    Also, I am hosting a new Event starting this coming Saturday. Please come take a peeksie!

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      1. I’m glad you like the idea. I figure there are so many people who do different things, why not tap into it. You just gave me the inspiration to add food/cooking to the category list! 🙂


    1. The interview was very kind and thoughtful of you to do that 🙂 I actually fell in love with your blog after browsing around to other posts and looking at your about page. Definitely giving you a follow 🙂 Please keep up the great work! Cheers!

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  9. Do you ever look back on your old posts and cringe when reading them? I’ve been working on a book based on my blog, and looking for material in my archives, and I’ve been so embarrassed by all the cringey mistakes I’ve made! Feel free to read more about my embarrassing revelations into my own blog, as well as my struggles with putting the book together. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

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  10. Hello my fellow bloggers! We are a San Diego catering company with a local food blog. We love to write about food trends, recipes, helpful tips, and ways to make your life, and the food you eat, better!! We love a good conversation and taking an active role in the blog community. Check us out and give us your thoughts, we would be happy to share the same with you. Happy fall!!!

    hint: If you like our stuff, we also have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, AND a Pinterest!

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      1. Thank you! The target audience is everyone not just foodies so I am glad it appealed to you, I love a good visually enticing layout that’s easily navigated. Happy you enjoyed it!! Thank you for your feedback


  11. I’m making a few changes to my blog, as far as content. I even have a poll going on to get an idea of what everyone would prefer to see more of. I’d love any feedback & feel free to vote in the poll. Even if you haven’t followed my blog you can vote on the type of content you prefer to see in similar types of blogs 🙂

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    1. Hi James, I really enjoyed reading your blog. You have an engaging style. As a RRT, I remember the first days of clinical (many years ago), your blog had me smiling. I know that you will be a great doctor, you sound very personable and your patients will appreciate. Keep up the great writing!

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  12. I post entries from my 1990s teenage diary most days and I’m potentially about to have an internet-deprived week in the wilderness. If you post regularly, do you put up a post when you go on holiday to say where you are, when you’ll be back etc – almost like an out-of-office thing?! I don’t normally post anything from nowadays but is that something I should think about doing so that regular readers (I have one or two) know I’ve not just given up?

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    1. Hey! There is a scheduling option in the posts so if you want you can post when your away too. Just schedule it for when you want it to post. You can even post you won’t be there whatever works for you.


  13. Hola! 🙂

    I’ve started writing about my experiences on coffee, mostly focusing on specialty coffee in the Philippines. Would love to hear your thoughts about the local coffee scene from wherever you are in the world. And maybe when you decide on visiting the Philippines, you’d be encouraged to try our young yet cool coffee culture.


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    1. I love coffee and relish in a great cup. Not easy when traveling the world, but sometimes I’ve sampled some amazing coffee. Best coffee in the world-Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper, Alberta, Canada


    1. It’s beautiful! Looking through the places you’ve been makes me so jealous! I’m also a fellow traveler but quite a new one at that. So I still have so many places to go. Definitely enjoyed your blog and the contents of it. I encourage you to keep up the great work 🙂

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    1. I love it! I also love to travel but I just started doing it. So there’s still so many places for me to visit. Looking through your site makes me inspired to keep exploring. I think you’re doing great. Hoping to see more 🙂 Cheers!


    1. Hiya lovely!

      Just had a look on your blog and it’s gorgeous! I love the design, I think the simplicity of it works well with your content (if that makes sense!)

      Your blog is beautiful and your posts seemed super, followed! 🙂

      Grace xx

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  14. Hello lovely bloggers!

    I’m a teenage girl who blogs about baking, beauty, fashion and my faith in God 🙂

    I’ve recently updated my theme and would love some feedback and help!

    I’m trying to figure out how to remove the pink dots at the top of the Adelle theme but can’t figure out how to do it! Please let me know if you do! 🙂

    It would be super kind as well if you could have a look at my blog in general and tell me what you think 🙂 I will be sure to return the offer and follow!

    Graciellen xxx

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    1. Well, those pink dots are going well with the theme! You may add more menus in form of categories and display your profile pic by using gravatar widget wherein you can have a small description about yourself along with social links. Rest I found your theme quite nice and colorful!

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    1. Hi, Celina. Just saw your blog. Theme is quite good. You may use widgets to fill the empty space in sidebar. This will enhance the beauty of your site. You may add twitter feeds, your recent post widget and many more options to explore there!! Good Luck and god bless!

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      1. It’s quite easy, just go customize theme option where you’ll see widget option on the left hand side. So, there you can have widgets on sidebar i.e. they will appear of left side of your site and if you select footer then they will appear on bottom of your page. As you will select them, you’ll get a real time view of how your site will look. Just experiment and you’ll understand it!

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  15. I’ve noticed that when I scheduled posts I seemed to get less attention for them than when I posted immediately after composing. Was it maybe the time of day I scheduled it or is this really a factor for exposure? Anyone have a similar case or idea?

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    1. Umm, I don’t knowabout scheduled vs instantly uploaded posts, but if you’ll go the stats page and look under Insights, you’ll get to knwo when your posts get the most reads (day & time). So maybe you can time them accordingly to maximise traffic?

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      1. I’ve considered it, except I might obsess over how many factors can influence it. One time of year, everyone’s going to school and checks their reader at such a time of day or such day in the week, America has fallback or daylight savings, so there’s a possible hour difference to consider there, and the world is round, so if everyone goes online at dinnertime, then no matter when you post it’s more likely to be seen by this timezone compared to that timezone…


  16. Hi all!

    Here’s this week’s Monday Munchie recipe: a tasty, fibre filled treat to try out:

    Also, is anyone else having problems sharing to social media? My posts still share but have started omitting the additional text that can be displayed alongside the tweet etc. So I’m having to manually edit and add in those all important hashtags!

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      1. Yes, well assuming they work, haha! They’ve been fine until today – thought I’d just not saved the draft correctly but when I went to edit, they are still showing as there.

        The post tags you have to put in manually – although it will bring up your most frequent ones from a list. But in the social media sharing box, you can write a little preview of the post and that’s where I add the hashtags etc.

        I’ll wait to see if it happens on my next scheduled post and if so, might have to contact admin / forums. Just wanted to see if there was a known adult after an update etc.

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