Photos We Loved: From Every Angle

Just a few photos that caught out eye.

Photo by TakeTwo. All rights reserved.

Recently, guest photo challenge host Shane Francescut asked us to photograph a subject from several different angles and share the results. Here’s a sample of the images we loved in response to “From Every Angle.”

Katharine Asals takes a comprehensive approach in “Angles on an August Lake” at Follow Your Nose. Not only did she take photos above the water and at water level, she also takes us below the lake for full effect. I quite like the unassuming gaze of this particular lake denizen. Check out her full photo study.

From an August Lake

Photo by Katharine Asals. All rights reserved.

Moving from water to land, we loved Doublewhirler‘s portraits of Max the Percheron. Each image conveys the immensity and strength of this beautiful horse without showing his entirety in the frame.

This week’s photo challenge of capturing a subject “from every angle” was perfect: it was all I could do to get his large thoughtful head in the frame. Backing up to get him all in the frame took me way too far from my subject for my liking. Instead I focused on his feet—the size of dinner plates, his soft, probing eye, and his noble profile.


Max the Percheron. Photo by Doublewhirler. All rights reserved.

At The Gravel Ghost, we loved Merilee Mitchell‘s portrait series of Jesse, “her friend in the desert.” The sharp focus in black and white captures a myriad of textures including Jesse’s grizzled salt and pepper beard, his tanned, lined face, bristly eyebrows, and big smooth smile. Be sure to check out Merilee’s full Jesse study.


Jesse. Photo by Merilee Mitchell. All rights reserved.

Flowers were a lovely and popular subject in response to “From Every Angle.” We enjoyed this floral surprise by the blogger behind TakeTwo. Each flower image features a miniature photographer navigating the petals in search of the perfect shot.


Photo by TakeTwo. All rights reserved.

The blogger behind The Best Years Are… captured potter Lambeth W. Marshall throwing a new pot. We love the juxtaposition of the spinning wheel against the firm yet gentle pressure of Lambeth’s clay-covered hands as she forms a new creation. It’s a delight to watch art unfold before your eyes in this photo essay.


Potter Lambeth W. Marshall. Photo by The Best Years Are… All rights reserved.

Interested in photography? We run a new photo challenge each Friday at noon, Eastern. If you’re looking for some photo inspiration, check out our past challenges.

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  1. So wonderful!
    I’ve always felt like it would be nice to see some highlights from the week’s photos, and indeed, they are marvellous! And all so different! And I am so very thrilled to be amongst them…. 🙂

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  2. I really have to say that this just made my day. I have a herniated disc in my back, I’m in pain and this has really given me a lift to be included with such amazing photographers. I cannot thank you enough to have included me!

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