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  1. Good morning writing friends, I have started a series of blog posts on the Hero’s Journey as I prepare for a trip to Lima, Peru, to illustrate how to use the Hero’s Journey, followingJoseph Dispenza’s book, The Way of the Traveler: Make Every Trip a Journey of Self-Discovery. Please read the lengthy post and let me know if it keeps your interest and if not, where it loses your interest. Are you intrigued enough to want to see the next four elements of the Hero’s Journey? See the blog post at
    Thanks for your time and effort!!


    1. Hi There! I love that you are from Denmark. I spent three months in Denmark after I graduated high school in Washington 🙂 My friend was an exchange student and I went to visit her for a long time. I loved Denmark, and your blogs remind me of life there. I am just starting out a blog too and don’t have much of anything on it yet, but I would love an advice, because your blog is really inspiring!

      Thanks xo


      1. I like what you’re trying to say but the first paragraph seems a bit clumsy to me, if you could find a way to move the section between the -hyphens – I think you’d find the post would work a lot better. Great start though, and keep it up.

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      2. I agree with Craig – your first paragraph is a bit awkward, but the rest is a fairly free-flowing rant. Might try considering who you’re writing to – when there’s a little less terror 😉 – your use of language is really good, though, so definitely keep going!


  2. Hi, I’ve been writing a few posts in a similar style, and I’m not sure if the structure is getting the message across clearly, or whether there’s something else I could try to make the content punchier and more engaging.

    My latest example, posted today, is here:

    Any comments on the structure here please, but feel free to add comments on the content to the blog itself.

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Hello. I am a new blogger looking for advice.

    I just started a blog focused on writing for the Writing 101 class. I also have a photo blog only two months old. I can feel already that I do not want two blogs.

    When the Writing 101 is finished, I would like to expand my photo blog to more topics than just photography.

    My question is what do I do with the second blog I do not want? Do I just delete it? Can I give the name to someone else?

    Thank you for your thoughts.


    1. One easy thing to do — and potentially useful down the line — is instead of deleting your site, simply turn it into a private site (meaning that only people you invite, if any, can access it). You can read more about privacy settings here:

      The advantage of doing this is that should you ever change your mind, your site and address are still there for you; nobody will see your site unless you decide to let them in; and in the meantime you could use it as a test site, where you try out new themes, customizations, and other features before activating them on your main (public) blog. You can read more about the advantages of having a test site here:


  4. I’ve just got into regular blogging and would love some feedback on my blog. I’m an actor and I’m writing about my journey as a drama school graduate. The links below!
    Hey, you could even through in a cheeky follow and I’ll be sure to follow back!
    Thanks everyone x


  5. Good evening world! Wherever you may be, I hope you are well. Part 3 of my new short story ‘The Carter Chronicles’ has just been released. Please stop by and check it out. Follow if you can! All comments are very welcome as always. I am trying to gain as much interest in my writing before the launch of my first psychological thriller novel. Your support is much appreciated! Thanks you, Mark.


  6. Dawson Creek and the Canadian Yukon…

    The celebrated author Jack London brought to life the wilds of the Canadian Yukon and

    Alaska. His real life experience in the Yukon gold fields at the age of 21 became the foundation

    for his writing. Famous titles of White Fang, Call of the Wild. Love of Life, Queen of the

    Yukon along with many other titles brought in time international fame. It brought many young

    adventurers out to the last great frontier.

    During the Gold Rush years it was a bustling a stopping point for resupplies for

    prospectors heading to and from the gold fields. These gold fields were located far and

    near in the expansive Canadian Yukon and the wilds of Alaska. Some legends have it

    that bartenders got rich from the gold dust that fell out of the drunken miners pockets.

    This precious dust fell into the saw dust as would be swept into the piles at the end of the

    night.. and set a side to be sorted later..

    Building the Alaska Highway was first discussed in the 1920’s . However its construction was

    began in 1942 after the attack by Japan on the Aleutian Islands. The highway was completed in

    1948. It addition to its strategic importance on national defense the hope was it was spur

    economic development.

    The town of Dawson Creek is an interesting colorful stop with a blend of old and

    modern. The town is a strong tourist themed destination that celebrates its colorful history.

    We didn’t spend much time in town. The step back in time happened a few hours out of

    Dawson Creek.

    We noticed signed for a gas station prior to pulling down the nicely snow cleared road. When

    I pulled the moving truck up to the gas pump we were immediately greeted by a sweet older

    blue healer cross. Unfortunately our own dog early on in our trip figured out how to break out
    of her crate. She had become very territorial over the truck and was quick to defend her temp

    new space. So I had the girls stay in the truck with the dog while I went into pre pay for gas.

    My mouth dropped open when I went in and the faint scent of the tanned hides met my nose.

    As I looked up and around there were several furs hanging up for sale along with some tourist

    nic knacks. The has trading post owner explained that several local friends still run trap lines as

    part of a subsistence life style that is still practiced along the area.

    After returning to the truck I sent the girls in to view the experience of the modern day

    trading post and look at the pictures on walls that showed what the seasonal life style of the

    local community embraced. It turned out this trading post was a ranch were visitors could

    leave the Internet and the fast paced life style behind and experience of life style almost


    One of the nicest part of this trip so far was the absence of frequent Internet access. It gave

    the opportunity for quality time as a family. The Alaska Milepost book became our computer

    and navigator. The maps and descriptions were accurate and it made it easier to connect to

    areas were driving through.

    Onward into the wilderness we drove. Each turn and curve brought an entirely new and

    amazing view. The valleys and fjords brought a new and inspiring connection to the expansive

    rugged pristine wildernesses lost long ago in the lower 48. The carving in the mountain sides

    brought wonder and amazement of the natural processes the ice bergs the that created such

    perfect semetry over the course of time in the mountains. ..
    I would love feed back on my blog. Like most people I am new to blogging. I would like to make it more interesting to readers. Its about loosing everything and starting life over in a new state


    1. Hi there! Please make sure you’re publishing posts on your own blog, not in the comments here. When you do, feel free to share the link to your blog if you’d like help or feedback.


  7. Our blog seems quite different from the others I’ve visited from the Pool. I’ve come here over the last couple of Mondays and waded about trying to get a feel for the environment and I’m wondering of I missed a memo? Our blog is really more of a foodie-type blog. I don’t like our current header photo, but my husband – who is the artist – is working on a replacement for me. Other than that, I feel like it has come together fairly well over the past few months. Any feedback on content or layout that would make it more user-friendly would be much appreciated!


    1. Hi there! I love the idea behind your blog and I love that you’re a foodie! Your writing style is nice and clear which makes it easy to read, but perhaps you would want a theme that allows the readers to read the first few sentences of the post so they have a clearer idea of what it will talk about. Your titles are quite clear but it would be nice to see a little snippet of the post text perhaps? Otherwise great blog 🙂


    1. One way is to ask the question you just asked. I am always looking for positive ways to encourage folks to speak up about things about which they are concerned. My reaction to those questions is to let them know that they have been heard and that there are some of us out there who value their contributions to community at large. That is what I am all about encouraging and building that “web” of common purpose that we as bloggers share with each other and the world.

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    1. Congratulations on starting a blog about your experiences. Having taught in public schools for 35 years, I have a different perspective about student interactions, but I can safely tell you that being bullied, picked on, and disrespected is exactly as you describe. Even with the bullying of friends and yourself, you still have to try to make it through the bully “minefield” unscathed, and that is a trick within itself. Stay strong, work on your strength and remember that one of the reasons bullies might choose to pick on you is because they are envious of how well you take things and understand why they are being such “creeps.” I appreciate your courage and your expression about yourself and your experiences. High school is one of the toughest places to get along with folks, but it can be done. If you need help, that is something that can be had with just a note.

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    2. I just read your post on high school and congratulate you on writing it too. You don’t seem to have set up “Like” or “comment” functions so I was not able to “like” it, but well done.


    3. I read your blog and I think you did a great job in expressing yourself. bullying is so sad and I wish I had more words for you, to help. I just hope you know how special you are (everyone is!) and you’re lucky to have good friends to stick by. keep blogging


  8. Greetings from Quantum Space! I am Richard with Views for Quantum Space: Universal Speculations ad infinitum. If you want to share your favorite “what-ifs” then is a place where you can do just that. Trying to post on a weekly basis, but sometimes things get in the way. Still we are trying to keep the conversations going and the speculations fresh. Join us and think about what might be…let us speculate together!


  9. Hi guys! I just published a new post about my travels in the South Island of New Zealand. Please check it out and any feedback would be great 🙂

    Alimento Mori is the insomnia born jolt of awareness that you will die. Although this sounds quite dark and morbid, for me it means living life in the moment as you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. For me it means that this is IT. This isn’t a practice life, or rehearsal for anything so we have to live it as bravely and as fulfilling as we can. My blog is one way I try to remind myself of that message, and also encourage others to live like that as well.
    Thanks in advance for any feedback! 🙂


  10. Hello, dipping my toe in the water. I am getting little to no support from my friends on my new blog and of course I am ready for feedback. I am not going to ask anyone directly, so now I am here. Please give my blog zerodarkthritysomething a look and let me know what you think, it is only 4 posts. Thanks!

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  11. Hi All! Wondering if anyone might be able to help me solve a bit of a problem? Somewhere along the line (not sure exactly when) but I seem to have lost my sidebar on my home page…it shows up on every other page…just not the home page that is a blog post page. It used to be there and now it seems to have disappeared. The only thing that I can think of that I changed recently was that I added some categories to to my custom menu…not sure if that coincided with the sidebar issue or not…that is all I can think of though.
    Anyway…if anyone might know what the problem is I would appreciate any help! My site is at
    Thanks in advance!


    1. If you click on your blogs homepage it will be in your internet browser address area at the top of your screen. For individual posts, click on the specific one you are looking at. Then the new address for that post will be in the browser line. I copy and paste mine from there.


    2. The simplest way to get your link is to go to your blog’s main page and click on the title of the post you want to share. Then, copy the address you see in your browser’s address bar — that’s the link.