Photos We Loved: “Today Was a Good Day”

High fives to everyone who experimented with Mesh galleries this week! Here’s a roundup of favorites.

Image of Upper Antelope Canyon by Andrew Seal, The Changing Palette

The Today Was a Good Day photo challenge inspired many of you around the world to share galleries of your ideal day, from snapshots of Arizona’s stunning Antelope Canyon to the adventures of hand-crafted monsters exploring London’s Kew Gardens.

Thanks to all who tried Mesh! You’re an active, enthusiastic community, and many of you love photography. You’re exactly the type of userbase we can rely on to test things, ask questions, and provide feedback. The Mesh galleries you created this week, and your comments about the experience, will help the Mesh team make it better.

Since this was a special Mesh photo challenge, I sifted through submissions and bookmarked standout galleries created with the app. As mentioned last week, you weren’t required to use Mesh and were free to participate as usual, but this time around I wanted to highlight bloggers who accepted this challenge and tested a totally new tool.

Andrew Seal, The Changing Palette

Andrew created several Mesh galleries for the challenge, including a photo set of Lower Antelope Canyon, a beautiful slot canyon in the American Southwest formed by erosion and flooding over time:

Helen, BeastieBlog

Lifelong craft addict Helen at BeastieBlog makes monsters called Beasties. In her playful Mesh gallery, a pair of Beasties is set loose in London’s famous Kew Gardens:

Mike Hardisty, Say It With a Camera

Photographer Mike Hardisty shoots the landscapes of North Wales. His gallery documents a walk through wild and rugged Snowdonia National Park:

Girl Astray

At Girl Astray, the blogger and photographer shares a day of kite flying in San Agustín, a small village in Colombia, in four images. The first photo of the little girl is a wonderful capture that pulls you in — you wonder what she’s looking at. The bright blue door trim is a lovely detail, too:

Dee Gilbert; Here, There, Everywhere

Traveler Dee Gilbert documents Reykjavik, Iceland, from Hallgrímskirkja Tower, from its colorful rooftops throughout the city to the snow-capped mountains in the distance:

Under a Pile of Photos

Recalling a hike back in January, the blogger at Under a Pile of Photos gives us a peek at a seven-mile trail in the Opal Creek area near Detroit Lake in Oregon. I love the snapshots of this icy wilderness:

Kae, Psalmboxkey’s Blog

Kae recalls a visit to Hydra, one of the Saronic Islands of Greece in the Aegean Sea, on a ship called the Star Clipper. These images offer a glimpse of her good day:

Ali Dunnell, Travels with My Art

Ali Dunnell shares a fun time with her family along the Indian Ocean, just north of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania. I like the palm tree silhouettes and action shot of her kids splashing around in the water:

Other great galleries

Thanks to everyone who took Mesh for a spin — I appreciate your experimental spirit! (And if you missed our introduction, feel free to follow the tutorial on your own.)

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  1. Simply stunning and amazing photos – Nature is a superb creator and we can only keep and convey the unique venues via memories, art and technology.

    Brilliant job! 😉

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  2. I’ve got to check into this – the sites I visited with MESH were fantastic. Smooth and had a great feel with the site (quick flow, professional look), and the one you have selected here in this post bring this out even more. Cheers!

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  3. Oh wow, thanks so much for featuring my Beastie adventure in your selection! I’ve really enjoyed looking through your other picks too 😀 And cheers for introducing me to Mesh, I’ll definitely be using it again!

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    1. I enjoyed your images — love the roof colors in the photos and I especially like the one with the street running vertically down the middle. I’ve never been to Iceland and have really only seen landscape images of the outdoors, so these shots of the city were refreshing.

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  4. Wonderful photos to show beauty around the world in all shapes. My parents went to Arizona and saw many rock formations similar to the ones in your photos, I do hope to go there one day.

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  5. I really wanted to try out Mesh, but I couldn’t seem to get it to work. I sent an email to support, but never rec’d a reply. Very disappointed as this sounded like exactly what I was looking for to share my galleries!

    I would still like to use it if someone could help me figure out what I am doing wrong!

    Gail “PupMom” Leonard Proud puppyraiser of Pawdrik (#19) Guide Dogs of America


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  6. I am not a huge fan of photography, but hats off to you!! this Mesh is outstanding. I am stunned by your talent. Moreover I you helped me to develop a new taste. Thanks for that and keep it up 🙂


  7. Thank you for putting together this wonderful wrap-up! It makes the challenge much more interesting and is a great way to get introduced to some great bloggers. I wish that each host of the Weekly Photo Challenge would do the same.

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