Photos We Loved: “Beneath Your Feet”

A roundup of favorite submissions to our recent photo challenge.

Image by Life in Frame

I always enjoy hosting a photo challenge — seeing my notifications light up with photo submissions never gets old!

Thank you to everyone who contributed images to the Beneath Your Feet theme. You shared many different interpretations, and while it’s difficult to select from among hundreds and hundreds of responses, I’ve chosen some highlights to share with you.

Wenjie at A Certain Slant of Light shared a distinctly patterned wooden floor in Casa Milà, one of Antoni Gaudí’s architectural masterpieces in Barcelona, Spain. I love the shapes and patterns on the floor, the sense of movement from the blurred foot on the left, and the various pairs of feet, which are naturally placed around the frame.

Many bloggers captured gorgeous textures beneath them, from the sand dunes at Koppie Aleen, De Hoop, in the Western Cape of South Africa (taken by the photographer at 4otomo) to the cracked ground at the Grotto near Kununurra in Western Australia (snapped by Helen Parish at Life in Frame).

Graham Lawrence shared a cool shot looking down a rocky cliff in Taishacho, Hinomisaki, Izumo, in Japan’s Shimane Prefecture. Over at Tasty Niblets, a close-up of a glacier is simple yet stunning. (What a beautiful shade of blue!)

Catrece at My Photographic Life used this challenge to reflect on her childhood and life thus far. Her colorful hopscotch image is very much a symbol:

With each day, the past becomes smaller, more distant. Just like the rough and incomplete markings of this hopscotch, our childhood becomes a far cry from who we are now.

The very ground we walk on can be a canvas to make statements and to express ourselves. Some submissions captured these messages. Here’s a sampling from Ruth E Hendricks Photography and Middleton Road:

In “Standstill,” Yi-ching Lin captured the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag while out and about in Transmitter Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn:

Many of you shared beautifully detailed floors and sidewalks from around the world. Take a peek at the artistic floor of the Palazzo Venezia in Rome, Italy; the smoothed stone sidewalk of Lisbon, Portugal; and a street grate in Hamburg, Germany.

I really enjoyed the final shots below as well. The first one, from Lisa Dorenfest, shows an unexpected point of view looking down on a person in a ship at sea:

Image via Lisa Dorenfest

This last photograph, from a gallery at J’s Eye, was taken from the sky deck at Willis (Sears) Tower in Chicago — 1,353 feet up in the air!

Image via J’s Eye

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Beneath Your Feet photo challenge! We’re looking forward to sharing more of your submissions in future challenges.

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  1. your theme certainly inspired an impressive collection of ground shots – obviously its a beautiful world down there – p.s. It’s good to see selected round-ups of the theme as there are too many entries to follow each and every one


  2. Great concept and some really interesting photographs as a result, I need to keep an eye out for these photo challenges I always seem to miss them.


  3. Thought I was a little loony–inadvertently took a photo that relates. Never occurred to me others might find the concept as fascinating. Some of these are really awesome! Thanks, Cheri!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Interesting idea, and some unusual and intriguing photography. It makes you think about where you are walking. I particularly liked the shots from Rome, Portugal and Hamburg. It’s a pity nobody from England sent in shots of some of our cobbled streets.