Last Call for July’s Blogging 101!

Thinking about giving Blogging U. a try? You have a few days left to register for Blogging 101.

Note: Blogging 101 and Blogging 201 are the same courses previously offered. Feel free to retake them, but be aware that we will cover the same topics. New blogging courses on intermediate/advanced customization are coming later this year.

July’s Blogging U. courses kick off on Monday, with the start of Blogging 101. Still mulling it over? Registration is open through Sunday evening, so you’ve still got time!

Blogging 101 is three weeks of bite-size blogging assignments that take you from “Blog?” to “Blog!” Every weekday, you’ll get a new assignment to help you publish a post, customize your blog, or engage with the community.

You’ll walk away with a stronger focus for your blog, several published posts and a handful of drafts, a theme that reflects your personality, a small (but growing!) audience, a grasp of blogging etiquette — and a bunch of new friends. The course begins Monday, July 6, and runs through Friday, July 24.

Blogging 201 runs later in the month, from July 20 to 31. It’s a two-week challenge that gives you the tools to define your brand, build your audience, use your stats to grow your traffic, and bring your older posts fresh attention. You don’t need to have completed Blogging 101 to register, although it makes a great foundation.

Please note that we ask you not to register for Blogging 101 and 201 at the same time; Blogging 201 assumes that you have some readers and have already accomplished a lot of what we cover in the 101-level course. Both courses will be offered several more times throughout the year.

How do Blogging U. courses work?

Blogging U. courses exist for one reason: to help you meet your own blogging and writing goals.

  • Courses are free, flexible, and open to all.
  • You’ll get a new task to complete each day, along with our best advice and favorite resources. Do them on your own time, and interpret them however makes sense for your specific blog and personal goals — we’re not grading you, we’re not checking to make sure you complete every task, and there’s no “wrong” way to use the resources we give you.
  • We’ll post new assignments here on The Daily Post each weekday at 12AM GMT. Each assignment will contain all the inspiration and instructions you need to complete it. Weekends are free.
  • Each course will have a private community site, the Commons, for chatting, connecting, and seeking feedback and support. Daily Post staff and Happiness Engineers will be on hand to answer your questions and offer guidance and resources.

Ready to register?

Registration for Blogging 101 is now closed, but you can still register for Blogging 201 with the form below.

Just fill out this short form! There’s no automated confirmation; you’ll receive a welcome email just prior to the start of your course. If you’re on a mobile device or reading this via email and don’t see the form, you can register with this link.

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  1. I’m super excited to be a part of this course. Can hardly wait for Monday to get here to see what the first assignment is. I even made a ‘special’ blog to do my posts on! I’m so new to this it makes me nervous sort of, anyone else or is it just me? Have a wonderful Fourth of July to all that celebrate! Stay safe, be happy 🙂 – Pat

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  2. Im signed up and ready, however I should have probably done this PRIOR to writing my blog. ha… well, atleast im writing. Sometimes its ok to put the cart in front of the horse. Happy 4th!!


  3. Oh no! I’m so sorry I might of accidentally registered twice I’m really sorry!


  4. Wow! I am so excited to learn. I can’t wait to work on my first assignment. Looking forward to an enriching experience in the field of blogging. 🙂


  5. I’ve been blogging for a few years-more about our personal things but hope to help others and keep family up to date. I want to do better. Am I a candidate for this?


    1. I registered for Blogging 101 last time and always got a message to ‘request access’ when I click on the Commons, but never figured out how to get access. I was also traveling a lot and got side tracked so I am registering again. Looking forward!


  6. I really do like how inspirational this is to get others to blog, I want to start as soon as possible and continue blogging about important things


  7. I’ve really been in a blogging mood, and am definitely excited for whatever this may entail. Let’s BLOG! ^.^


  8. Is there anyway the UI in customizations could be made simpler, and more user friendly? I am sure there is much I can pickup from Blogging 101 and look forward to the sit in.