Quick Tip: Add Social Media Sharing Buttons

Did you know? You can add social media buttons to your posts and pages using a few short steps, no code or design knowledge needed! Here’s how.

Our blogs are just one of the places we interact with people online. It makes sense to allow readers to share posts to their social networks โ€” Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

To customize your site or blogโ€™s sharing options, go to My Site(s) โ†’ Tools โ†’ Marketing, then click on Sharing Buttons. First, check off the locations where you’d like to display sharing buttons.

You can customize the call to action readers will see next to your social media buttons. Get creative! Type in a phrase that matches your site’s personality.

Next, you can customize which social media sharing buttons to include. Here, I’ve adding buttons that will allow readers to share to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pocket.

Be sure to click Save Changes. And, voila, sharing buttons at the bottom of your latest post!

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  1. I seriously love the addition of this widget to WordPress.com’s collection. Thanks so much! The only thing that would make it perfect would be the ability to select the genericon display size.

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    1. Yah, it worked! Thank you! I was able to add Twitter and Instagram! Have I told you lately how much i love your tips and conversations on your website? They are so helpful! Follow me on social media linked to my site thanks to you!


  2. @Michellew Still learning, but this social widget would be for those authors with a Facebook, Twitter, etc account, but what if a reader/visitor wants to share a post to Facebook? Do they just copy the link or can these share options work for them? If not, is there a different option?