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  1. Hey WordPress Bloggers!

    Been on this platform for seven years now and counting with this blog. We are currently curating a reading list on feminism in collaboration with a writer in India. Please take a look at this one post. We would like to know how we can make it more visually engaging – like how to make the link pop a bit more (or is this nice?), how to make the comments a part of the discussion, instead of waiting for them to scroll down all the way, and so on.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Warm love and peace,
    Chai Kadai.

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  2. Hello everyone,

    I am very new to wordpress and blogging and would love some feedback about my blog as a whole.

    Thank you x

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  3. Hi everyone. I would like to ask if some of you wouldn’t mind giving me a bit of (constructive hopefully) feedback on my new blog please? I’ve only been on here for less than a week, but already am feeling ‘out in the cold’. One day I had 26 views! but virtually none since. I know my page needs ‘prettying up’ with maybe some pics & a different theme and any help you could offer will be gratefully received. It says in the rules not to put my address, if I am right? So I suppose you just click on my name? Thanks anyway. I will also gladly offer my help if I can.

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    1. Hello…I would add pictures to posts, have a look around for themes maybe you will find one you like better…categorise your posts so it’s easier for your readers to navigate:)
      Most important of all…be yourself and start writing 🙂


  4. Hi guys! I run a music blog, but I’ve just started out. I’ve only had three posts so far, but I would like any feedback on how I am doing so far. Writing style, level of engagement, the layout as well. Thank you 🙂

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  5. Hi, I am new to blogging and I am very excited. Please feel free to share advice or suggestions about how you have made your blog exciting and interactive. Thanks and I look forward to reading your blog as well. Brenda

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      1. Hi and welcome to the community pool! Just wanted to let you know I’ve edited your comment to remove the link to your blog in your comment signature. That comes across as a bit spammy, as your handle links to your blog.

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  6. Hey! My name is Digby the cat and I write my own litle blog here on the internet about my life. Not only that, I also am trying to understand and learn all about this confusing internet world in, of course, my own perspective. This online world may seem no place for a cat and sure, this isn’t a thing a normal cat does, but over the year of blogging I’ve become quite accustomed. My blog is kinda like my journey figuring this all out. If you care enough to stop by and enjoy the journey with me for a ride, then sure– I promise you won’t regret it. I don’t do this self-promoting thing often (although I really should, I’m probably the perfect cat) which you’ll see because I have just a few dedicated readers on this site. And if you’re a catlita wanting maybe a “dm” (key internet term I’ve learnt over the past year meaning direct message, usually used on social networking site twitter) then definitely slide into that babe 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 I’m welcoming all cats and humans to my blog, so check it out if you want, I’ll assure you I’m a very interesting cat.

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      1. Why thank you, Dolly! I did, and I really feel for that post called Beauty Hurts. I know sometimes my incredible beauty hurts, too. Although of course my fur has been really ratchet (as you internets would say) recently so I haven’t been in too much pain. But usually always I am too beautiful that it hurts other people also. For example, I’ll be walking along and even though my furr is not the color type that usually glistens, it will, in the sun on rare occasions sending everybody around me blind. Anyway, I really appreciate your comment. Thank you Dolly, darling!

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  7. Hi all. I am an aspiring journalist/magazine writer and I’d love feedback on my blog. I’d also really appreciate anyone who could help me to add in a Twitter timeline or social media icons – no matter how hard I try, they don’t show up on my site once I’ve configured them! Also, how do you all go about setting up a logo, or special fonts for your headers? What do you think of the theme? Thanks! Hope you enjoy the content. Best wishes, Maddi

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    1. Your theme, Twenty Fourteen, allows for Twitter (and other widgets) to appear on the left sidebar and in the footer. Note that if you put your Twitter widget in the footer, you won’t see it without scrolling though all the posts you’ve written, as you have infinite scroll enabled on the site. To deactivate infinite scroll, head to Settings → Reading and uncheck the box next to “To infinity and beyond.” Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Save Changes button for your change to take effect.

      To have a Twitter timeline appear, you’ll need to drag the widget to the content area where you’d like to see it. (Go to Appearance → Widgets to do this.)

      Here’s more info on working with the Twitter timeline widget.

      For more information on adding your social media accounts check out this guide.

      For additional help, the best thing to do is give us a shout in Support.


  8. Hello bloggers! I have two questions, I recently changed a layout of my blog and in mobile view the last letter of the blog title is cut out is it just on my phone or everyone’s? And how do I fix it? Also, when I respond to the daily challenge weirdly the whole post appears to be in italics and I can’t change it back when I go to edit the post. Can I actually change it to appear normal? I didn’t learn yet how to create a ping back so I write the daily posts from the daily challenge menu. Any feedback would be great!
    Happy blogging 😉

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  9. Hi, I have just started blogging a couple of months ago and I am still torn about how to choose a good blog name. I’ve read lists about things to bear in mind and I ended up going with ‘Marriarty’ as a bit of a placeholder name because I wanted to get started with content. My blog is for arts, cooking (mainly baking), crafts and how to make posts. The name refers to my surname Marriott and ‘arty’ and its a play on worsd for Moriarty in Sherlock which I love. I love how it is personal to me but I don’t like how I might have to explain the connection and I’m not sure it is a good idea using my surname on posts. Do you think I should stick with it now it has been used or change it? Also, any suggestions for potential names? Here it is :

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  10. Good morning and a lovely Tuesday to you all 🙂 I just wrote my Life Tip Tuesday #5. Please check it out and let me know what you think about that advice! Any feedback is tremendous help as I’m a new blogger and would love to practice my writing :). Thank you guys!

    xoxo, Dolly

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    1. Hey Dolly,

      Your blog is a very positive read right in the morning. I especially liked your posts about letting kids roam free and relinquishing the need to control. Do create galleries when you are posting images. They allowed you to play around with tiled mosaics, circles, and square tiles (our personal favourite). For instance the posts on kids could have begun with the photograph of the leashed kid. Also if you are getting these images from other blogs, make sure to link to them. This will send pingbacks and eventually bring more readers to you.

      Warm love,
      Editor, Chai Kadai.

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      1. Hi, chai! Thank you so much for this feedback. It has been very helpful. Yes that was a slightly humorous post but one meant for us to question the society we are creating. Hm I’ll try to incorporate more galleries. How do you do that? Is it in the add media tab? You’re right I should have started with that picture! I’m getting these images from Google and Instagram. But thank you for the tip!


    1. Your poem is really good…very personal:) As for the blog, the layout looks good, but I couldn’t see a menu or an About page:) Was this your first post because I couldn’t see any other?
      You definitely can write so all you need is a bit of work on the functionality of the blog:)
      Good luck!

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      1. Thank you! 😀 I really needed this..I m new here so kinda don’t know what to do for the layout.. Thanks for the suggestions..Will try implementing it..Next piece is coming out soon 😀 Thanx again. 🙂

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  11. Hi everyone, I’m pretty new here so would love to get some feedback on my blog. I tend to write about everything under the sun, but mostly about movies, music, books and some fiction pieces as well. Pls let me know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong, so that I may improve the experience for the reader. Thanks!