Last call! Writing 201: Poetry

Unleash your inner Dickinson! Writing 201: Poetry begins on Monday.

Perhaps you already love writing poetry; perhaps you’re a poet and don’t even know it. Either way, Writing 201: Poetry begins on Monday, February 16, and we’d love to see you there!

Tell me more about this poetry thing…

Even though haiku
are all some of us can write*,
poems touch us all.

Writing 201: Poetry is a two week-course. Each weekday, you’ll receive an assignment with three parts: a prompt, a poetic form, and a poetic device. You choose which you want to explore (if any). An assignment might invite you to write a poem inspired by “forgiveness.” Then, you’ll have the option to write using a particular form that we’ll introduce and explain (say, couplets). Finally, we’ll throw in an optional poetic device for you to use (for example, a synecdoche). Try all three, or any combination of them.

For a fuller description of the course, head to Ben’s original announcement!

As the course progresses, we’ll move from relatively simple forms and devices to more challenging ones. Use, tweak, or ignore them as you wish. You can publish each poem on your blog, or not — also up to you. That’s it!

* “Us” means “me” in this poem. You’ll be able to do much more, because you’re taking Writing 201: Poetry!

The nuts and bolts

Learning and support
in a rich community’s
the core of B.U.

Writing 201: Poetry follows the same basic principles of all Blogging U. courses:

  • It’s free, flexible, and open to all. The course is aimed to help you meet your own blogging and writing goals while connecting you to a community of like-minded, poetry-loving bloggers.
  • We’ll post new assignments here on The Daily Post each weekday at midnight (GMT); you’ll also receive assignments via email. Each assignment will contain all the inspiration and instructions you need to complete it. Weekends are free.
  • Each course will have a private community site, the Commons, for chatting, connecting, and seeking feedback and support. Daily Post staff and Happiness Engineers will be on hand to answer your questions and offer guidance and resources.

How do I register?

The short form below
awaits your information.
So fill it out now.

(In non-haiku form: just fill out the short form below!)

Please note: You won’t receive an automatic confirmation message after submitting your form. You will get a welcome message with more details before the course starts.

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  1. Comments are disabled on Ben’s announcement! 😦

    So, here is what I wanted to say anyway. Lol:

    “I have signed up for this course and, although I have written some poetry before, this was during times of high emotional stress (a.k.a. “inspiration”).

    The work that I have been most proud of, was not written in English.

    I am looking forward to the class and hopefully I will be able to publish at least a couple of poems. Mostly though, I am just looking forward to reading some amazing poetry by others!

    Luckily, when it comes to any form of blogging, spectators are never unwelcome 😉 Lucky me!”

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  2. And what fun writing Haiku is! Really looking forward to this….if we signed up a few weeks ago, we are still signed up, yes? Looking forward to learning and having some fun 🙂


  3. do you know when the “welcome” email will come? I registered at first announcement, and I’m just a bit concerned that my registration “fell through the cracks”


  4. Just curious but I think I’ve registered twice and have not receive an email twice. Will the confirmation email be sent before the actual day of the poetry 201 or should I tell someone from the commons about this issues?


  5. Hey, just wanted to put a shout out to all of you aspiring poets. I have a monthly poetry event and this month’s party is going on now! Join us by clicking the blue button at the bottom of Memee’s Poetry Parties. Deadline to join is the 17th with voting beginning on the 18th. Winner’s announced the 20th. Hope to see you at the punchbowl!

    Happy writing!

    ☀ Memee

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  6. I’m hoping that after this course I’ll be able to turn out the kind of poetry that’ll get me the Poet Laureate gig – despite never previously writing any poetry whatsoever.