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  1. Hi all you talented guys I could really use some advice on my layout and font etc as I have only ever kept it simple – and as you will see very dark! – since joining three years ago! For me writing is the main focus but I admit to laziness rather than ineptness on the visual front! Any pointers greatly appreciated ! Thanks


  2. I just launched my blog, a few days ago. I’m keeping it pretty simple, but it will include more artwork as I go along. There’s a bad scan of a bad drawing (if you read the post, you’ll understand why) attached to one post now, and while the badness of the scan and the badness of the drawing are appropriate to the circumstances, I’m not thrilled with the layout- especially in regard to more serious drawing down the pike. If anyone would care to take a look and advise me on how to go about gaining a little more control over this, I’d appreciate it. And any other feedback you care to give would be welcome, too. I’m an artist, we know how to take crit, don’t be shy.


  3. I’m finally recovering from writing a three part series on my experience with domestic violence. It was exhausting to write, but necessary. The issue is commonly seen as strictly heteronormative; it’s time for that perception to change. I’m going to tackle something considerably more lighthearted soon enough, but for those of you who missed them, here are parts 1 through 3. It is important that the LGBT community finds its own voices heard in the public discourse of domestic violence and perhaps one day we will see a time where victims are not seen as embarrassments or wastes or regarded as anathema by their families and friends.





      1. Thank you very much Michele and thank you for reading! I was very committed to these pieces and they took a toll on me emotionally as well as artistically. I have not found it possible to write much, if at all, this week due to how much writing all three essays took out of me. Now that my mind is a bit more clear, I’m getting back on the wagon soon.

        Do check out parts 2 and 3 if you haven’t yet; I’m happy you liked them and that you even read them, as long as they are! 🙂


    1. Hello! I left a comment on your latest post. I enjoyed visiting your site and will come again soon!


  4. Hey fellow bloggers! I’m totally new to blogging. Please check out my blog and let me know what you think. I only have 5 posts but am working to get more content up. It is about minimizing toxins in the home environment, products we use, and clean eating. I also incorporated my love of essential oils into it. Is there anything I forgot to add to the design of it or tips to share??


    1. Also I can’t figure out how to link to “beautifully klean” when you click my name because right now it’s linking to an old blog of mine. HELP!!


  5. On a recent post about a pizza vending machine, I asked myself if I should be writing the plural of ‘pizza’ as the common English usage ‘pizzas’ or the correct Italian word ‘pizze’. I was born in Italy and speak fluent Italian so I struggle with writing the anglicised form (which is not a real Italian word at all). On the other hand, I think the latter might make me sound pretentious? Thoughts on this would be appreciated. Link below. Thanks.


  6. Hi everyone! I’m completely new to the wordpress community and this is my first visit here! I am desperate for some feedback (good and bad) about my blog-

    I am a mixed media artist and started my blog around a year ago now, but only really got serious with it a few months ago. I have a few followers but would love everybody’s feedback and advice on whether my posts are interesting and helpful to people and whether my my layout/ design is professional looking.

    I would really just like any advice on how I could improve my blog, as I am really wanting I grow my blog traffic. Thank you!


  7. Do you remember growing up and playing with all of the most wonderful toys that you have loved so very much? Well, as part of my participation in NaBloPoMo, I have just started a special series that takes a look back of some of the most wonderful toys of holiday seasons past! You are all ever-so-welcome to visit, and to relive your childhoods!-JW

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