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    1. Hi Ryan,
      Just a few pointers I would like to share:
      1) First interesting blog abut life… good going dude
      2) try putting some pics in your blog which will make it interesting to read
      3) Re-reading the posts before you publish or even after it will help reduce ghrammtical or spell mistakes. There are some.
      Happy Blogging 🙂
      4) Your About section is empty. Fill it with colors !!


      1. Thanks Arindam,
        I will definitely try to get some more work done on the profile. And no I didn’t re-read this time before I posted, I just wanted to get my first one up and start getting some tips on things to work on. Appreciate the feedback!

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    1. I’m a little confused- are you writing all this material? It seems to be all over the place. It looks to me as if you’re just ‘aggregating’ other people’s material, without any particular theme or anything. Can you give me idea of what your intentions are? What your blog is ‘about’?


      1. which blog are u referring to. I didnt get what aggregate means here. All the stuff are written by me and only me. The stories which I share of others, are clearly mentioned in the first line.
        Secondly, I am not a story writer, I write blogs on gadgets because I love gadgets.
        Thirdly, My intentions are to write what I love about and what I think someone may benefit from. It can be as simple as a new App or a beautiful story. I hope you are clear about my “intentions”….
        lastly, when u write about a gadget, you have to get the info from websites. You havent created the ipad. So we need to study before you write something. Its not an exam !!


  1. Need a suggestion 🙂
    I have two types of blogs.
    One is the technical one (mainly for programmers) and other is a generic one (can be read by all).
    I am a gadget freak and write posts on gadgets (like iphones, ipads, xbox etc). In which blog shall I post them? the technical or the general one.
    Nowadays gadgets are something everyone loves and I think putting in the generic blogs will be a bit more meaningful.

    Tech blog url:
    general Blog url:

    Please suggest !!


  2. Hi! I’d love too if some of you could give me some feedback about my blog and articles. I also would like to know if it’s possible to create some kind of sections because I have many ideas, but I had some problems in trying to do it. Thank you so much!


  3. Wow… I have read through and the wealth of knowledge I have gathered on here, loaded weapons have got nothing on me. Please, I would really appreciate insight on my blog. I need to know if I am on point or no.
    Thank you all so much.

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  4. So I’m needing some guidance. I’m taking journalism classes and journalism is much more formed and I feel like you work within a box. But when it comes to blogging there’s so much room for creativity, I feel like instead of being creative I’m just being unprofessional.

    Can anyone look at my blog and let me know what I’m up to, and opinions on my blog and my last post or two?


  5. Hey. I want some advice for my blog, specifically for layout. I want to know if I should change the theme or background, or if there are any widgets or things like that that I should add. We haven’t been posting often lately, so there isn’t much new content, but we’re working on it.


  6. The extrovert in me craves the attention and advisories
    The Introvert in me wants to stay off the radar
    But at the risk of taking a risk I’ll invite any feedback!

    Just be gentle, I’m a frog and the pond community lacks any decent bars to drown my sorrows, Ribbit Ribbit


  7. I’m a new blogger and haven’t really joined in the blogging community yet but feel free to check out my blog,I’d really appreciate it✨

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    1. I really like your theme, I think it works well with the type of blog you’re trying to achieve! Also you’re header is really nice (:


      1. Thank you very much for the comment. Would love to do more interaction but I don’t know how yet 🙂


    1. Is that irony? What I’m seeing isn’t colorful at all. But 1) I like that; and 2) it fits your sparse little posts. I enjoy the fact that you don’t ramble on and on, and just try to address the kernel of whatever you’re saying. Be more careful with spelling, though- it’s ‘bear’ not ‘bare’. Unless that was a joke or something clever, in which case don’t do that either, because it isn’t really working.


    2. Hi, Your site took quite a while to load- though that could be my Internet! Your blog appeared to be white only and had no colour to speak of? do you have any graphics/ images on the page? as i wasnt able to see any. Also as a reader I would of liked more information on your ‘about’ page. As a reader, I LOVE reading about people. Hope this helps 🙂

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  8. Ohhh… please, please, and please… can somebody please help me out? I would really love to know if I am doing this blogging thing right… I feel good, it feels good, still… it would be nice to know if others feel good. thank you guys…
    I’m not gonna do breakfast until I get a response.. lol


  9. Hello all,
    I run a charity blog to try and teach people ways they can donate to different charities that are either completely free or REALLY cheap.

    I would love some feedback on my posts. Let me know if you find them useful or informative:

    I’ll return the favor and give you some feedback as well! 🙂


  10. If I am honest. I am losing my love for it. I like to write short stories, to entertain people and as I have hardly any followers, I am starting to wain a little.

    Maybe I need to publish more?!?


    1. Hi Sarah Jayne – I can see you on Twitter, but not on WordPress. Once you’re back on WordPress have you thought about doing those things where writers meet up – I’m sure there’s a technical term for it! This kind of thing – a Wednesday Write In:
      Then you’ll be part of a group and you’ll have the benefits of being part of a bigger target for readers. We’re all needles in a giant haystack here, and sometimes it’s good to stick together.

      How long have you been writing your blog?


      1. Hi Sing English Better.

        I don’t understand why it is not showing up on WordPress. The links I have shared via social media are working, but not on WordPress?!? Will email them and find out why.

        I had never heard of the meet ups, would be great to participate in it. .Will definitely try the Wednesday Write In!

        I have been writing it for about 5 years but maybe, probably, not as constant as I should be. Will definitely change that 🙂

        Thank you x

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  11. Hello!

    I’m new to blogging in general and would appreciate any feedback. My topic is a fresh new take on Life and Football. Please give it a read.

    Thank you so much!

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    1. Hi Lisa – I didn’t see any clash between your voice and your topic. And the format looked good to me too. Your blog is very attractive and very easy on the eye. It feels like a well looked after home full of well chosen flowers. A welcoming environment for a reader.

      Loved the baby elephant, by the way.

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      1. Thanks so much for the feedback, Singh! A home is exactly what I’m shooting for… not just for my ideas but for those everyday heroes that can find support with each other.

        I am working more on finding a way to make it interactive, like imbedding a survey or something… the technology is new to me and it’s pretty slow moving, but my own metaphorical hill to climb! Which feels right somehow.

        I appreciate you very much and hope you’ll be back.



    1. Feminism, psychopathy and mental health are all interesting topics, and I think you’re on the way to having an interesting way to talk about them- and whatever else. I will now say the most irritating things that a young person still in school can hear: Proof read. Mind your grammar. Mind your spelling. I would strongly suggest that you write your posts off line, reread them, mull a bit, and take the scissors to them. And, if you’re going to engage with words qua words, take a moment and make sure you understand them. “Radical” for instance, comes from the Latin ‘radix’ meaning ‘root’, and a political radical is someone who seeks to deal with the root of a problem rather than its superficial symptoms.
      I apologize if this seems harsh, it’s not intended to be. It’s not the kind of thing I would trouble myself to say to anyone who didn’t seem, at base, like a good writer, and with potential to improve. I look forward to reading more of your blog.


  12. Hi all, since setting up my blog onto it’s own url i’m struggling to gain following and wasn’t sure if people could find the content or if the layout/style works.

    Would be great to get some opinions:

    And if you end up enjoying it, feel free to follow on Facebook and Twitter!

    Thanks in advance! 🙂


    1. What a fun blog! I love how you’ve organized your thoughts into different categories, and since I love tv and movies too (if I’m being honest, I watch entirely too much… ) I’m excited to keep an eye out for your new posts and opinions. Which leads me to my suggestion, I couldn’t find a follow button for your blog – I see them for all of the social media sites, but not for the actual blog, maybe make that more visible? Lemme know when you do and I’ll happily follow 🙂

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      1. Thanks for that – its actually something i’m looking into. For now you can always follow on social media or sign up for the email feed. Or i’m pretty sure if you are signed into wordpress you can click on follow on the top left of the page when you are on my site 🙂
        Thanks for the feedback!