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  1. OK, I hope I’m doing this right. The commenting, I mean.

    This has been driving me crazy! I know my fair share of programming languages, and I really don’t know what’s going on.

    The view on the left is the menu/navigation pane from the blog itself. The view on the right is while I’m editing the theme colors, etc. I want it the colors from the right but when I go to save it… it’s obviously NOT the same. The theme is Flounder.


  2. Hi, I just started my blog and was wondering if there’s anything specify that stands out to you guys to fix? I just want to make sure everything is reader-friendly


    1. I found the best way was to comment on other people’s posts giving feedback or simply sharing thoughts! Also using effective tags can help as well. Give it time though!

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    1. Read your post. While rants have their place, you’ll probably get a better following either by chronicling your life in Bali providing advice to those considering such a such a move. I’ve traveled a lot of places but Bali is one place I haven’t got to yet. Now I’m even more interested in getting there


    1. I like your writing style. I too write a travel blog, I think it’s important to find your own particular voice and supplemented with lots of pictures. Write about things people interested in your subject would want to know. Best wishes.

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    1. I love your blog! I really like the “what will you leave behind post”! You’ve got an expert way to hook your readers on. The only advice that comes to mind is maybe more pictures? I’m having that struggle too. I’ve been focusing on that. Love your blog though!

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      1. Thank you for stopping by!! And I will definitely keep that in mind. sometimes it’s nice to have something visual 🙂


    2. I took a look at your blog. Seems well written to me. I’d recommend fleshing out your about page. Readers want to know little bit more about who their Reagan. If you have a photo you’re comfortable with, they also like seeing who you are as well. Best wishes


    1. I love how you told your readers a bit about you. You’re extremely talented in writing and hooking your readers on! Can’t wait to see pics of your awesome villa! Def following!


  3. After just over a year of blogging I’ve revamped my site with a new theme. I think it looks great, but that’s not important…what’s important is what do you guys think.

    Does it work?



  4. Hey guys, I don’t know if anyone checks this place after we’ve milked this class dry, but I’m still in need of a blogging buddy. For guys, we could do a Starsky and Hutch kind of thing where we….okay, so that makes no sense, but I think we could riff a little. For women, we could do the classic “he said/she said” dichotomy. I’m open to ideas. I’m versatile (that means limber, right?). Regardless, I’m dependable for posts, certain enough.

    Also, starting this Thursday, I’ve got an event starting up. It’s called Dates of Horror (repeating every Thursday of this month) and asks for posts on your worst dating experience. You can help make it a real wang dang here:

    Let me know if I can help any of you out as well. Booya!

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  5. Do you think that Jeanne’s picture and Will’s blog roll on same (first) page is confusing? We use the custom theme CONNECT and want to know if we could do more with this layout.


  6. Hey Bloggers!
    I began my blog this fall and it is only getting views. I guess there is not much to say on it yet. When beginning WordPress is there any default setting that automatically restricts a user from commenting or liking on someone’s blog? If not, how can I check to be extra certain? Thank you!


    1. Hi Halim – I don’t know about default settings, but, reading your posts, they’re more statements than conversational gambits, so maybe that’s why you’re not getting comments.

      Actually, looking back at your blog, maybe the fact that your ‘leave a reply’ button is quite subtle and at the top of the page means that people don’t notice it when they’ve reached the end of a post. If they’re reading your blog on a phone, maybe they can’t be bothered to scroll back to the beginning to comment.

      One thing I’d say about making it easy on the eyes – if you paragraphed it a bit more you could separate your thoughts more clearly for your readers. It’s quite a substantial chunk of text at the moment.

      Maybe write a post that directly invites comments every so often. Once people have commented once and you’ve welcomed them in, they’ll be more likely to call again.

      Good luck with your blog.


    2. You can review all your commenting settings by heading to your dashboard, then going to Settings > Discussion. You can tailor your settings to be as restrictive or liberal as you see fit.