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    1. I think you’re handling your blog as a journal very well. It’s an interesting journey you’re on and it’s quite clear you’re discovering what your life is like along the way. Keep it up, and keep your chin up too.

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    2. I left you a comment on your blog. Nice and thoughtful writing as always. I LOVE your “Lovely blog award”…that heart is so pretty. You’re doing great.


    1. There are a lot of free online courses or tests. Just google them.. It’s what I usually do when I’m trying to learn a language. 😀
      My personal suggestion however, is read story books. Plenty of them. They don’t have to be complex books. Just simple ones. They help so much and they’re more entertaining than an actual “learning” process.

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    2. Hi rachelmjkim! I love your question! Sometimes, as writers, we tend to shy away from asking this question. I like Perdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) for easy access to many formatting and citation questions. For basic a basic grammar resource, I recommend “Rules for writers” by D. Hacker& N. Sommers. If you can get your hands on the 7th edition it is the most updated (I think). Good luck and keep writing!

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      1. …and the proper usage of commas and semi-colons! She has a podcast too, so you can listen to her off of itunes for free on an mp3 player 🙂

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    3. I’m no grammarian (so take my advice with an enormous bucket of salt.) There is a hilarious grammar book, which is also informative and easy to read, entitled ‘Grammar Snobs are Great Big Meanies.’ It is loaded with political humor, and if you lean to the right, it might not be your kind of book. On the other hand, if you love snarky jokes about Carl Rove, you’ll love the book.

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    1. I think it’s a great concept! I enjoyed reading it and I love when your younger self just goes “Oh.” That is suchhhh a little kid thing to do. You are a very thoughtful writer so you are!

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    2. I liked it! Short and sweet and reflective. I’d imagine some comments/topics/wisdom discussed with your younger self are universal and applicable to us all…


    3. I like the idea of it but as a reader I would prefer either a different tense and/or a more conversational format. Reading “I’d” do this and “I’d” say that every sentence is not nearly as imaginative and creative as placing the reader there as a fly on the wall . This could be a cool time warp. Just my two cents.

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    4. Hi!
      I think this is a really great post -I might actually have to copy you! There are so many things I would love to tell 8 year old me -mostly not to have regrets and just get on out there and do things out of your comfort zone.
      Thanks for sharing 🙂
      I’m still a new blogger so only have a few posts, but so far I’ve mainly blogged about my day/something I’ve seen or done. Your blog has encouraged me to just write about anything I want, it doesn’t have to be somewhere interesting I’ve been/done.


    5. Very clever concept. Made me think of what a conversation with an 8 year old me would be like, and that motivation to think makes this particular post successful. Well done


    1. The images are breathtaking, but the site took a long time to load. I don’t know if my wireless connection just bogged down (it does do that all on its own sometimes,) but you might see if you can decrease the file sizes on some of your images without losing the visual impact, or to disperse the images across various pages. Of course, if nobody else has a problem, then it was just my internet connection.


  1. Hi there,
    Just had a new one up, and doing something a little more free flow without much planning – a kind of catching up kind of post.

    Feels a bit off to me, like it’s not really me since I tend to plan more before I write, might be counter-intuitive for me. Anyone got any thoughts? I understand that you may have to read other posts for comparison, though.
    I’ll check back in about a few hours as it’s just past one in the morning over here.

    Cheers, all.
    And thank you for your kind attention to my rambling.


  2. Please read and give some feedback. Link your blog and I’ll be glad to do the same. Feedback really keeps me going! http:/


      1. I like your blog a lot. Especially “today has been canceled”. I have felt that way before and it’s not fun. Not so much now but after I went through a lot of things. If you read my blog you will understand. Remember, tomorrow’s a brighter day 🙂


  3. So Blogging 101 is over. My blog site has gone through a complete make over. May I invite you to have a tour and comment/suggest improvements. My site address is:

    Thanks in advance.


    1. I think it’s a very well put together blog. I have been thinking of starting a 2nd blog for something like this. You give me some good ideas 🙂


  4. Hey guys & girls, I just published a new article “To the Moon & Back,” in which I simply talk about yesterday, but also some self-esteem stuff. I would really appreciate you checking my blog out and I’m happy to give you feedback too.

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    1. Took a look at your post. While this is your blog and therefore your rules, bear in mind that while most readers liberally use profanity themselves, many don’t prefer to read it. Just a suggestion


    1. I love your style! I’m trying something periodical out myself about vanishing bus stops but i find stories seem to get less attention then other posts? DO you find something similar?


      1. I’ve had more success with fiction on my blog since starting Snippet Sunday earlier this year; I think people don’t like to invest too much time in reading fiction on the web. Some of my flash fiction pieces have been well received though, including The Cold Man. Perhaps a serial might work for you?

        Thanks for commenting and for reading!

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    2. I think the format is a great idea, if you could cut them to less than 500 words, that would really be fantastic. I like your writing and the story, and the shorter length is definitely a plus for me. I enjoy looking at other people’s blogs and posts but have limited time, so I find myself passing over what may be great posts because they’re just too long.


      1. Thanks, I’ll take that on board. It can sometimes be difficult to keep short stories to under 500 words, especially in serial. Most parts so far have been 500-700 words.

        Thanks for commenting 🙂


    1. Hi Bianca, I read some of your posts. Very inspirational. I’ve been feeling some of things you’ve been feeling too, regarding your job(or should I say, ex-job) and wanting to write. I went through that phase myself, and sticking with my passion for writing is finally working out. So, just keep at it!

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  5. Hey y’all, back again for more reviewing work! Do let me know if you need someone to review your blog/post! I will check em out as soon as I am available to!

    Cheers for awesome wordpress community!

    Your pal,
    David Long

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      1. Love your blog! The layout and look is just smooth and sleek, but most importantly, your content! I love your writing style because of the way you express yourseld. I think its really engaging 😉

        Keep up the awesome work and please, write that book!

        Your pal,
        David Long

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      1. Hey Hazelnutpie, I just went through your blog and here are my comments:

        – love the layout, its unique background and use of color is just different and very outstanding, imo anyway

        – I absolutely adore your writing style! I am being honest here. Your writing is one of the most captivating that I’ve read for awhile and I am really glad to have you coming on and joining us here in wordpress and sharing it with us. Awesome 😉

        – one thing I’ve noted though, I couldn’t seem to find an archive page for your blog but it might be due to me browsing your blog via my mobile phone but anyway, if you’ve not included the archive page/side widget, I’d highly recommend you to do it because it allows your readers (old and new) to follow up on your older posts.

        That’s all from me, hope it’s been helpful! I feel that you can really do something awesome with this blog and hence, I’ve followed you to watch your progress and of course, for more hazelnutpie 😉

        Should you have questions you’d like to ask, feel free to just respond here or send me an email on

        Cheers! Stay awesome 😉

        Your pal,
        David Long


      1. Hey Shreya, here are my thoughts:
        – You got a great blog going, love the content, topic etc. Just awesome!

        – Blog’s layout looks great, in fact, feels professional BUT I do have something which I would like to point out about this..
        Your blog looks sleek but in my opinion, it doesn’t really suit your style. I feel that your theme should be more bright, off-beat and happy-go-lucky instead of the current one but regardless, it might actually just be me lol.

        – Love that great personality, love what you and your site is all about. My visit was definitely an awesome experience. Keep up the good work 😉

        Should you have any questions, feel free to ask!

        Your pal,
        David Long


      2. Hmm, I’d say choose something more colorful and vibrant. Something that you feel, expresses your personality.

        I got to go for now so I can’t browse through the “Theme Catalogue” so maybe you can try fishing out a few and try them out for yourself?

        Once you’ve settled on one that you like, let me know by responding here and I’ll come back to take a look later 😉

        Your pal,
        David Long


      3. Shreya,
        I’m quite new to this blogging business myself, but it seems to me that you have a pleasant, conversational sort of style. The ex-teacher in me wants to encourage you to tighten up a little bit- it’s all very well to wander as you write, but there are places where going back and giving things a trim might help. A teacher of mine used to tell me, “You’re not being paid by the word,you know,” and as much as I would like to be, that’s probably something worth remembering. On the other hand, many of the professional bloggers and on-line article writers I come across do appear to be being paid by the word, so perhaps this is not such great advice after all.


    1. Hi David,

      I’m very new to the world of sharing my thoughts online in a structured manner. I’d love it if you could check out my blog & give me some feedback. It shouldn’t take you too long… there are only two posts so far! 😉

      Thanks very much!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey lyndrealynch, first, congrats on starting your blogging journey here on wordpress, I hope everything has been fun and hopefully, insightful for you!

        I just read your posts and reviewed your blog and here are my thoughts:

        – I like your posts on how you share your thoughts and insights on things. It’s definitely one of your strong points that will help you garner readership.

        – I noticed that your “About Me” page is still incomplete, but I’m sure you’d work on it soon, considering that you’ve just started blogging!

        I always stress to new bloggers on the importance of the “About” page because it’s one of the page that actually tells your readers who you are and what your blog is about. Most visitors go to a blogger’s “About” page immediately after arriving to get to know who’s writing the content of the site so I implore you to try and complete that page as soon as possible!

        – Something else I like about your blog is that it’s simple and easy on the eyes. I recommend using some photos/images for your future posts to catch potential reader’s attention!

        All in all, you are making good progress bud!
        If you got questions you’d like to ask, please, fire away! I’d love to help in anyway that I can.

        I definitely want to read more of your content again so be sure to keep updating 😉

        Will be looking forward to your next post bud!

        Again, welcome to the club!

        Your friend,
        David Long

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    2. Hi David! Thanks so much for this offer! I have been writing on and off for a while and am still trying to find my voice as a writer. Any advice or feedback you have would be very much appreciated!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello Haley, thanks for writing in! In my opinion, you’ve already found your voice! I love the way you write. It’s sincere, it’s passionate and affirmative. Very inspiring in its own way!

        You use quotes from the Bible (Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not exactly religious) which I find to be really powerful and me, as a reader, can really tell how devoted you are in your beliefs and that is just beautiful.

        I feel that you are doing really well and I wouldn’t ask you to change your writing style.

        You can always try playing around a little with your writing. You don’t have to just stick to one style. After all, it is YOUR BLOG and you can do whatever you want with it lol! (Nothing that goes against the rules, of course!)

        ‘Followed’ you for more inspiring content in the future. Be sure to keep updating your blog bud. A lot of people will benefit from it 😉

        Your friend,
        David Long

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      1. Hey Lacyjarvis, thanks for writing in! Just went through your blog and these are my thoughts.

        – Your blog is good. It expresses clearly what you stand for as an individual and that is one thing that not everyone can do with such precision and passion. I can really tell just by reading, what sort of person you are. Well done here!

        – Now, something about your post being long. You weren’t kidding! I was really impressed while reading, which is good. However, I was also overwhelmed by the volume. Its awesome that you can write this much but you got to take your readers into consideration as you write because you are writing for them to read.

        Hence, you have to ask yourself this: ‘Who are you writing for?”

        Teens? Working Adults? Retirees? I’m not sure which but you have to take them into consideration and ask yourself further questions like:

        – “Do they have the time to read?”
        – “Are things easy to absorb for them?”

        My advise to help counter this issue? Split your long post into a two-parter. Or three. You get my point lol.

        Not everything in a topic has to be discussed fully in ONE post so if you can filter out which subject has the potential to be made into another discussion for another post, why not? You’d have another topic ready in hand to write about anyway 😉

        – You mentioned something on having a pretty narrow audience due to your topic. In my opinion, you got a GREAT blog going and I feel that the issue isn’t in your content but rather, your blog’s layout.

        There’s a few of things to consider here.

        1. Length of post.

        As mentioned earlier, too long of a post can drain a reader from being an eager puppy to a sleepy pup.
        You got great content but not everyone has the energy to stick it through till the end everytime!
        Before you post something, try asking yourself “Will people be able to read through this post without feeling overwhelmed by the length?”

        2. Your blog’s appearance.

        Frankly speaking, I feel that the current theme and look is a WASTE on your blog! You need to spend some time to revamp and decorate it! I recommend something relaxing and bright. I recommend these because its the feeling that I got while reading, comforting and inspiring.

        Look at your blog this way. It’s like your home and your and you want people to visit this wonderful haven which you’ve spent so much time constructing. Every time you have a reader visit, you’d want them to stay and check out what you have to offer them right?

        Will they stay if your home doesn’t exactly look nice and appealing or comfortable to be in? Chances are, no.

        Try doing something about the appearance and I’m sure you’d get more interest and attention to your blog 😉

        3. Lack of images.
        This contributes to the looks of your blog. I’d suggest you to use images for your posts to illustrate the topic of that post to give your readers an idea on what’s coming up ahead after reading the title. Not only does it help make things look better and gentle on the eyes (It’ll look “Less wordy”) but also it’ll create some more anticipation to what your post will be about.

        Using images in your posts grabs attention from the WordPress feed as well so why not utilize it, right?

        4. Interacting with community.

        If you haven’t been doing this, I’d recommend you to try it! A simple first step is to start with the bloggers on WordPress!

        Interacting with the community is something that needs to be done in order to grow your blog and not many bloggers do it because they feel that they don’t have to.

        They have the idea that as long as they have great content, people will automatically come crashing through to their blog to read their content which is just wishful thinking in reality!

        I was one of them so I can guarantee you that traffic and blog readership just doesn’t work that way!

        Fact is, you have to get your butt out there and get your content known to people! That is how people get themselves and their work noticed!

        I mean, how are you going to get your work noticed and recognized by people if all you are going to do, is just stay in your cave all day, convincing yourself that you’ve made a great discovery which everybody needs to be informed of but you don’t go out there and inform them?

        They wouldn’t be informed!

        Try visiting other blogger’s site and read their content. Talk to them and let them know your opinion of their work. In return, you can ask them to review yours as well! Some may and some may not reciprocate but if you happen to get those who don’t, it’s fine! Life goes on! Almost everyone do respond well though!

        It’s not easy to garner readership and it can be very time consuming but hey, if you want readers, this is something that you’d have to do! As long as you interact with the community, you’d start to see a rise in readership. That I can guarantee you. Provided that your contents are awesome. I feel that yours are.

        Phew! So that is all from me! If I notice anything else of importance, I will tell you about it if you are interested to hear it haha!

        I want you to know that you are doing great and I am glad that you’ve been writing for so long and continued till now even though you don’t have a lot of audience.

        That is definitely not something everyone can do and it says something about you and the purpose you have for this blog.

        Love what you’ve been doing, love what you and your blog is all about and I want to see your blog flourish for sure. I feel that your blog can help benefit a lot people in their lives so I hope you will keep up the awesome work.

        I will be watching your progress and I am definitely looking forward to your future posts. Cheers!

        Your pal,
        David Long

        P.S. If you got any questions, do feel free to ask!

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      1. Hey random1558/Gen, I just went through your blog and here are my thoughts.

        I want you to know that I love what you and your blog stand for and I really, sincerely appreciate you for doing this. No doubt, people have benefitted from your blog for sure.

        I feel that everything looks great. The site looks vibrant and full of energy, which I think, suits you and your blog a lot.

        The only thing that I felt missing is that there is no “Archive”. I would recommend for you to add that so that new readers can browse through your older posts easily instead of having to keep scrolling down from the homepage!

        Everything looks great and I feel that you are doing a divine job here so keep it up bud! I will definitely want to see more of your posts in future!

        Cheers for awesome blog 😉

        Your pal,
        David Long


      2. First of all, I have to thank you for all this. Thanks for taking the time to read my posts and for the feedback, I really appreciate that. (:

        Second, I have a page were I have my best posts, I don’t know if you saw it, it’s right next to my “About” page … It says “The best of me”, but I’ll work the part of the archive better, promise.

        Thanks again for your opinion, pal!

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  6. Hey! Would love some feedback on my blog. I’m in my 4th month of blogging.
    Comment with some feedback and I’ll read your blog in return (if you don’t comment, I won’t know you visited my blog and therefore won’t be able to visit your blog)! 🙂 Thanks so much!


      1. Thank you for the positive feedback!

        I very much enjoy your writing style. 🙂 It’s humorous. Keep writing! Also, I read your “Who Am I” page and I want a minion too. 😛

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      2. Haha! Lol. 😛

        Many people have said that to me and I’m so happy that I’m almost getting giddy to find all you beautiful minion lovers! 😀

        This what I love about blogs. You get to meet so many people having mutual interests and likes.

        Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

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    1. Hi, I have just read your post and I enjoyed it so much that I had to like it. I am an aspiring author and as I am writing my first novel I am of course worried what people will think when I hopefully finish it. Your post has definitely encouraged me to just write because that’s exactly what I want to do. thanks 🙂


    2. I have to say- this post is amazing. It is so just… absolutely true. SO true. I can relate. And it is good of you to fight for what you want. That is the only way to do things right if you ask me. Well done.

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      1. Thank you so much! That is what I try to do with my blog. Help people overcome their fears when it comes to writing, as I try to overcome mine too. I’m really glad you found it useful!

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    1. Hi there,
      Before commenting on your blog I’d just like to say I really like you as a person (based on the facts you mentioned on your About Page and I felt we have some things in common. 🙂

      Your blog seems interesting. The post on Halloween-I’ve already commented on it and for the blog as a whole-It’s lovely. 🙂



      1. Thanks for such a lovely comment. I’m glad you liked the short story I wrote for Halloween and I really appreciate the feedback. Hopefully you will enjoy my future blog posts 🙂


    1. Wow, your theme is awesome! :O

      Loved the blog layout and the post about physical traits being used as material for judgement.

      And it’s an utmost pleasure to find fellow Indian bloggers on wordpress.

      Loved your blog.
      Keep Going. 🙂

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    2. Took a look. Congrats on reaching 50 followers. Don’t let anyone discourage you about that. I’ve been blogging over a year and am only at 143 or so. Keep writing because you love it. Those who love it too will find you

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  7. Hey all,

    I’d appreciate it if you all could check out my blog. I am currently a PR student learning about the world of PR. On this blog, you will see posts that are class assignments. If you could give me feedback, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you, Josh


    1. Interesting posts. Your circumstances make for some great material. Turkey is an amazing place. I wrote a post about the fascinating region of Cappadocia. If you ever get the chance to visit there you’ll love it


  8. Hello to all. It is Picture Book Month, and, throughout the month of November, I am hoping to collect comments and stories about people’s favorite memories, quotes, or shout-outs, illustrating how a specific picture book impacted your life. I’ll draw one name, from those who leave a comment, to win a print copy of my new children’s picture book. I will also donate a copy to a local children’s charity. Please check out the post here:
    I look forward to hearing about how a favorite picture book moved you. Thank you!



  9. Just looking for some bloggers on a similar path as I am. is all about becoming green, kind, healthy, conscious, and balanced 🙂 It’s a very young blog so I’m still trying to find my voice and my purpose as a blogger. Wanting to build a community of people who want to become better just like I do, too 🙂 Please take a look around and let me know what you think! Open to suggestions, constructive critique, and kind encouragement :p Also, I’m currently doing #NaBloPoMo and having quite a bit of fun with it.

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    1. Hi!
      I think your blog is really cool, and yes you are funny.

      Getting a nice traffic requires quite a lot of time and effort – at least that has been my experience. So participate in these little ‘pools’ and try to explore other blogs that appreciate your comments and likes. It becomes mutual 🙂

      Best of luck!


      1. Thanks, stay tuned for a new post today! The poem was kinda filler. Also, feel free to contribute an incredibly stupid tutorial request (see the other How tos for guidance) so I don’t have to keep making them up!